Mandy #4 Silver Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old ID #3136

Silver Labrador RetrieverMeet Mandy!


Mandy is an almost 5 year old, silver breeder Mama who just arrived in foster care from the farm.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

May 30, 2022

Mandy is settling in so well to our home and our routine. She is such a laid back lady. She’s learned a lot from our resident dog as she’s adjusted to life indoors.
Silver Labrador RetrieverWe have 3 little humans in our house, ages 6-8, and I’m pretty sure the adoration is mutual.

Mandy spends much of her day lazing on the couch. She sleeps upstairs in bed with us overnight. And she is easily crated when we aren’t home.
Silver Labrador RetrieverShe is really good on a leash and barely reacts to passing dogs. She’s reliable house training with humans who take her out consistently!

Mandy is currently looking for her furever home where she can love and be loved. Silver Labrador Retriever

May 18, 2022

Mandy has been with us for almost 2 weeks now and she has settled right into our routines. This girl is SMART! She loves people and affection.Silver Labrador RetrieverHer house training is going well. She won’t ask to go out yet, but as long as we take her out in a timely fashion, she is doing her business outside. She has had an occasional accident, which is to be expected.Silver Labrador RetrieverMandy is doing amazing on leash. She isn’t reactive to the other dogs and doesn’t pull. Each day she does less and less zig zagging. She goes into her crate much more easily and barks less when we leave.Silver Labrador RetrieverWe did start carrying Mandy up and down the stairs so she can sleep near us. She was whining and barking a bit at night because she wanted to be near us. We are also trying to teach her how to use the stairs. This is always a bit tricky for the farm girls, especially because ours are hardwood. She is getting better with help coming down, so far.Silver Labrador RetrieverNow that Mandy has settled in, she has a very calm disposition and she has claimed the couch as her own!Silver Labrador RetrieverMandy is learning the sit command and will master that with reinforcement! She quickly learned that counter surfing is not allowed. Did we mention she is smart? She does like fetch also!

May 11, 2022

It’s been a few busy days since we’ve updated about Mandy! She is settling in so well after a confusing first few days for her as she enters life off the farm.Silver Labrador RetrieverWe realized that Mandy is in heat! So we cancelled her spay appointment. She’s doing great though. We got her in to our vet for a though exam. Mandy has some bilateral hair loss, but the vet suspected  it was because she is a Silver Lab, which is common with this color lab. The vet ran some blood work to rule out an underlying cause, and everything came back with a clean bill of health!Silver Labrador RetrieverMandy does weigh in at 95 lbs, so we are going to try to limit the treats and watch her food intake. She should get at least 10 lbs off. Mandy doesn’t mind her size, but she doesn’t realize her weight and tries to be a lap dog sometimes.Silver Labrador RetrieverTo summarize, Mandy is HAPPY! She wags her tail. She sleeps all night in her crate. She’s going potty outside. She loves to nap on the couch. She does like to chew but is quickly learning what is acceptable and what is not. She responds to her name and “come” and “no” or “drop”. We are working on “sit”. She’s doing great on a leash and enjoys her walks!

May 8, 2022

Silver Labrador RetrieverMandy is settling in nicely! She slept quietly in her crate downstairs from 10:30-7:30.
Silver Labrador RetrieverWent went for a 45 min walk first thing. She did very well on a leash. Some zig zagging, but no pulling or attempting to chase other dogs or squirrels.
Silver Labrador RetrieverWe spent most of the day out back doing yard work. She was very calm and quiet following us around.
Silver Labrador RetrieverSo far she’s spent most of the evening asleep on the couch with my 8yr old.Silver Labrador Retriever

May 7, 2022

Silver Labrador RetrieverMandy is a 4 year old Silver Lab who weighed in at 95lbs today when she got updated with her shots. She is a happy girl who’s tail wags non-stop.Silver Labrador RetrieverDespite the rain, Mandy has had a wonderful first day of retirement! She did GREAT in the car. We sniffed the front yard and took a small walk around the block with the resident dog and then played out back for a bit in the rain.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe enjoyed some snuggles on the couch, but didn’t brave the stairs yet. Mandy did really well in a crate when we left for a few hours in the late afternoon.Silver Labrador RetrieverWe plan to get to know her more tomorrow and take a nice long walk once her new harness arrives.

(Note the resident lab is also a Silver Lab. Mandy has the bright green leash and collar).

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