Mandy #5 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 3 Months Old ID #3301

April 4, 2023

Mandy had her visit with the vet today. The waiting room was a little scary for Mandy so I picked her up while we waited to check in. She is a solid little girl and, in fact, weighed in at a healthy 30 pounds! The main reason for the visit was to have Mandy’s recessed vulva examined. In a nutshell, the vet said that although Mandy’s vulva is indeed recessed, it is not the worst case she has seen, and she was able to “maneuver” the area in a way that she said was a good sign.  Her recommendation was to allow Mandy to go through her first heat which often helps improve a recessed vulva.  The main concern with female dogs with recessed vulvas is that they can be prone to UTI’s.  The doctor said the only time it becomes a concern and may require surgery is if the UTI’s become chronic and/or unmanageable.  Some dogs with recessed vulvas never get a UTI! Keeping a dog at a healthy weight and helping to keep the area clean (a simple baby wipe swipe) are also ways to keep any issues to a minimum.

Each day we learn a little more about Mandy:

1) Overall, Mandy is doing well with crate training.  She doesn’t LOVE the crate, but she sleeps really well in it overnight and is fine in it during the day in the same room with our Brody and Lexy. We did find that Mandy is not happy to get left behind in her crate when foster mom takes the big dogs for a walk.

2) Mandy has started enjoying short walks with foster mom too and is doing really well on leash.

3) House Training is ongoing…

4) Mandy knows her name, sit and come!

April 1, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever

Beautiful, sweet 12-week-old Mandy joined our family on March 30, 2023. At first she was a little overwhelmed when meeting our two labs, especially our chocolate Brody who is young and very energetic.  But, it only took her a short while to feel comfortable and start playing.

We have some work ahead of us with potty training but we’re already starting out at about a 50% success rate. So far, Mandy is eating well, and she is sleeping through the night in her crate next my bed (which is a nice surprise). She loves all the different toys that she is finding around the house. Yellow Labrador Retriever She and Brody love playing chase and tug!Yellow Labrador Retriever  Mandy has her appointment with the vet on Monday to evaluate her recessed vulva.

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