Mandy Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 6 Months Old

April 26, 2019

Chocolate Labrador puppy Mandy chilling outMandy turned 6 months old this week. It is amazing how quickly they grow. She is currently 41 lbs. I get asked how big I think she’ll be when she’s full grown, and I honestly don’t know. My best guess is that she’ll be on the smaller side for a lab as she’s been consistently smaller than most labs her age.

Mandy had her follow up with her surgeon yesterday. He was very pleased with her results and the fact that she’s still leak free. So are her foster parents!Labrador Mandy with her best buds on the beach

You may remember that Mandy had a pretty nasty bladder infection and we know she is prone to UTIs. He collected urine and is running a full urinalysis along with a culture to make sure everything is all good with little Mandy. We should have the results by the middle of next week. Fingers and paws crossed that she gets the all clear!

Chocolate Labrador puppy Mandy hanging on the beach

Mandy recently had a beach outing. This was her first time seeing the ocean. She loved the beach and enjoyed a nice snack of some sand!😝 The waves however were a little intimidating and she scooted back up to the beach every time they crashed on the shoreline. Such a puppy!







April 23, 2019

Meet & Greet Mandy chocolate Labrador puppyCheck out Mandy retrieving sticks thrown into the stream.

Mandy will be attending the Meet & Greet at PetValu in Greenville, DE on Saturday, April 27th, from 2:30 to 4:30 pm.


April 1, 2019

Chocolate Lab Mandy snoozing in the sunMandy continues to heal from her recent surgery.  She got her stitches removed, which means no more cone.  We’re all happy about that!  She’s still on restrictions, but has a little more freedom.  The doctor advised slowly ramping up her exercise as she heals.  You tell that to a puppy! 😂

The good news is that she’s been leak free and dry since the second surgery. No more diapers!!!  She’s still straining some when urinating, but the doctor said this is normal and will decrease as she heals.  She does have a bladder infection.  Her doctor called it a “nasty bug”.  She is on an antibiotic for it, she’s handling it well.  Once she finishes the course, the doctor wants to run another urine culture to make sure its gone, as he said it’s a stubborn infection.  She has a follow up on 4/25 for that.

Per her surgeon Mandy will absolutely need to go through at least her first heat prior to being spayed.  Her body needs the estrogen to keep the sphincter tight.  Then assuming she’s still leak free, she could be spayed.  There is a chance that will cause some incontinence in her, so the decision on whether to leave one ovary or to do the full spay will need to be made.  Dr. Sadanaga explained that leaving one ovary continues to give her the estrogen, but they would remove the other ovary and the uterus.  This would mean that she would never get pyometria, as that is deadly, but it would make her continue to have heat cycles as she would have one ovary producing cycles.  She would not be able to get pregnant though.  The other option is the full spay.  This would remove the estrogen and increase the likelihood of spay incontinence, but again there are no guarantees.  This would also decrease the chances of mammary tumors as each heat cycle increases the chances of that.  There are pros and cons to each one.  Nothing is ever easy.  All of this is TBD at this point.

Other than her medical stuff, she’s doing great.  She’s teething a lot.  She’s taken to giving me her teeth as they fall out.  I have quite the collection now!  This is better than some of the things she “gives” to me.  Stinkbug and mutilated earthworm come to mind!  She’s such a lab, put it in your mouth first and then decide if it’s edible!😝

Chocolate Labrador puppy, Mandy - my oh my -- look how I have grownShe sleeps all night quietly, sometimes a few little whimpers when she first gets crated, but then she settles.  She’s whimpering at the back door to let us know when she needs to go to the bathroom.  Good girl!  She’s happily, very happily, eating all of her meals.  She loves to go for rides in the car and is great in the car now.  She’s still quite the “barky” dog in general.  She has a voice and knows how to use it!  She loves other dogs and really enjoys her foster fur-siblings. She loves to snuggle with them and her foster parents.  And of course, she’s just adorable!  Check out the side by side of her first day in foster care to the photo taken this week.

March 26, 2019

Mandy was released from the hospital today, eight long days after her surgery.  She quickly became a staff favorite at the hospital and many of the staff came out to say goodbye to her.  We have a follow up for her on Friday to get her stitches out, so I’m sure she’ll be seeing her fan club again soon.

She is urinating on her own.  She’s doing lots of small frequent urinating, which means lots of trips outside, but we’ll take that over the diapers any day!  She must be taken out on leash as she heals.  That’s ok, she’ll just get lots of practice with her leash walking.  So far, so good with no leaking.   We have to continue to monitor that, but we’re all optimistic that the surgery was a success.

She was great in the car for the hour long car ride home.  Her foster fur-siblings were waiting for her back at the house.  They were all thrilled to see each other!  We kept everyone separated to allow the craziness of the reunion to wear off.  I’ve just brought all of them in the room together.  Pepper and Colin were very interested in Mandy’s new smells.  Mandy was very interested in trying to lick their faces.  Her cone kept getting in the way!  Then they all just settled.  Good labs!

We plan to have a quiet evening in and allow Mandy to reacclimate to her foster home. I think she’s happy to see everyone, including her toys and chewies!   Keep those fingers and paws crossed for Mandy’s new leak free life!

March 25, 2019

Sweet Mandy chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy after surgeryWell, it’s been a very up and down week, medically speaking, for our

Beautiful Mandy Labrador Retriever post surgery wearing a conelittle foster pup Mandy.  She had her surgery on Monday 3/18/19.  Things went well, but then a few days later when they removed her urinary catheter, she was unable to urinate on her own.  The doctor made the decision to reinsert the catheter.  This made her much more comfortable and allowed her urinary tract some extra time to heal.

Chocolate Lab puppy Mandy wearing the cone of shameWe’ve been visiting her throughout the week.  On Friday, she was very sad and urinating blood through the catheter.  That broke my heart, but the doctor told us this wasn’t uncommon and not to worry.  Then the next morning, she was feeling much better.  The blood had cleared up, and her spirits were back up!  She was a wild child when she saw us and while we did our best to keep her calm for the visit, it was sooo nice having a crazy and happy puppy greeting us.

Today her urinary catheter was removed.  She is urinating normally on her own.  They need to keep her at least another day to make sure everything is going as it should, but things are looking good so far.  Keep sending that mojo!

March 19, 2019

Here’s a post-surgery update from Mandy’s foster mom:

chocolate Lab Puppy Mandy happy to see her foster momI went to visit Mandy at the vet hospital today. She was happy to have familiar company. She was more alert than I thought she would be for a pup just 24 hours post major surgery. She is on pain meds, which help to keep her comfortable, and antibiotics.  She also has the catheter in for her urine output for a few more days. They have it stitched into her tail to stabilize it.  Poor girl looked like she was going to wag the stitches out when she was wagging her tail to greet me.

She was excited but nothing too crazy, which is good because I didn’t want to get her too worked up.  She gave lots of kisses, and chewed my fingers a little.  I admit that I allowed her to do this as she’s teething and she has the cone of shame on, so I gave her some leeway with this.  Normally we’re working on less mouthing with the foster pups.Mandy female chocolate Lab puppy post-surgery

Mandy chocolate Lab puppy wearing the cone of shameI didn’t stay too long, as I know she needs her rest, but it was nice to see her.  Her incision looks good, it’s bigger than I thought it would be.  There was a minor concern this morning with her urine output being too low, but that seems to have leveled out.  We will continue to get daily updates until she is ready to come back to foster care either Thursday or Friday possibly.  Again, it’s too early to know for sure yet.

Mandy already has a fan club at the vet hospital.  They too can’t believe how big she’s getting, but they all agree that she’s totally still a puppy.

March 5, 2019

chocolate Labrador puppy putting her best face forward Foster Mandy is now 5 months old and 33 pounds.  She is growing and getting bigger every day!  She had her laser surgery to reroute her ectopic ureter a few weeks ago.  We were in a wait and see while she healed to determine if it was successful or not.  We had the follow up with her surgeon recently. Unfortunately, it was not completely successful.  While she has had an amazing reduction in the amount of urine she is leaking, she is still leaking some.  This makes her prone to UTI’s, which is not ideal, especially for a pup with one compromised kidney. Her surgeon explained after her laser surgery that this was a possibility.  The ureter left a tunnel in her sphincter which is allowing the urine to continue to leak.  She will need to have a surgery to repair the tunnel and tighten the sphincter.  This should solve the leaking for good. The doctor wants to allow her to heal a few more weeks before going in for the second surgery.  That is scheduled for Monday, 3/18.  We are all hopeful that this surgery will be 100% successful and Mandy will live a leak free life!
chocolate Labrador Mandy chilling with her best buds
Other than her leaking, Mandy is doing great.  She is completely house trained and signals by whimpering at the back door to go out.  She is crate trained and will run into her crate as soon as I pick up the treat.  She adores her foster siblings and loves to play with them.
chocolate Labrador Mandy cute as a buttonShe is great in the car now.  She used to be fussy in the car, but now she just settles in the back quietly for the ride.  Good girl Mandy! She still doesn’t love the leash, as she really prefers to be able to go and do what she wants to do, but she’s getting better everyday.  She knows “sit” and “wait” and we’re working on “come”.  That goes back to her wanting to do what she wants!😝 Stay tuned for updates about Mandy’s surgery. Some Brookline mojo couldn’t hurt!
February 12, 2019
Mandy was able to be discharged today.  The staff was all sad to see her go, but she was thrilled to get back to her foster home.  She’s got sent home with some meds.  She needs to wear the diapers too while she heals.  That’s ok–we’re used to it!Chocolate Labrador Mandy is cute as a button The first thing I noticed is that she can hold a lot more urine in her bladder now.  She urinated outside right when we got home.  She had a “normal” dog pee.  It’s always just been a small amount of urine outside with her.  Prior to surgery, half of her urine just leaked straight out.  Now the urine is all going to her bladder rather than half in and half straight out. She also had a nice bowel movement.  It’s the little things we get excited about post surgery here!  She must be leashed walked only while she heals.  No running or jumping.  Basically no fun for puppy Mandy, but it is necessary. Mandy has a follow up with her surgeon on 2/28.  Fingers and paws crossed we have a dry visit! February 11, 2019
Update from Mandy’s foster mom:
Chocolate Lab Mandy in her fancy pants
I just got off the phone with Mandy’s surgeon.  She was able to have the laser procedure today.  The surgery went well and Mandy is recovering. That’s great news!  Now we need to wait and see how successful the surgery was.  The concern is that the ureter went through her sphincter and caused a sizable tunnel.  We need to wait and see if the tunnel left behind will continue to allow the urine to leak out.  He said there is a 50% chance that it will, and of course, a 50% chance that it won’t.  We all have our fingers and paws crossed that it won’t, but the next 2-3 weeks of recovery will let us know. If she continues to leak, her surgeon will need to go back in and do a sphincter repair procedure.  Right now she is in the hospital recovering and being monitored. She will be coming back to foster care in a day or two.  We’re hopeful this procedure was a complete success for Mandy, but we’ll know more as she continues to heal.  She will need to wear diapers for a few more weeks as she heals.  This will allow us to see how much she does or doesn’t leak as she heals.  Keep sending that Brookline mojo! February 5, 2019

Mandy wanted to update everyone.  She is now almost 15 weeks old.  We haven’t been to the vet lately, not a bad thing if you ask me, but she probably weighs about 25lbs.  She is just about big enough for her ectopic ureter surgery now and it is scheduled for Monday 2/11/19.  We’re all crossing our fingers and paws here that she is a candidate for the laser procedure and that it is a huge success.  We’ll know more after the 11th.

Other than that, Mandy continues to do very well here.  She loves her foster fur siblings, especially her new foster brother Bodhi.  He’s her new favorite toy!  He outweighs her by about 55lbs, but it doesn’t intimidate her one bit.  I’m letting the “kids” have their fun now, because once she has her surgery, she’ll be on lots of recovery restrictions, which means no romping or wrestling.  At least until she heals.
Mandy is still a vocal puppy.  She lets her displeasure known by barking and/or whimpering.  She wants to do what she wants to do and if you don’t agree with her, she makes her argument with/at you!  It doesn’t get her anywhere, at least with me, but I think she feels better just getting it out.  She’s doing better in the car.  Just a few barks now until she settles.

She’s still working on her leash skills.  That’s one of the things she doesn’t like.  She wants to go where she wants to go and the leash gets in the way of that.  Slowly, but surely with this little feisty one!

Mandy will be making an appearance at the Pet Valu this Saturday 2/9/19 at 3801 Kennett Pike, Suite A100, Greenville, DE from 1-3 pm.  She would love to see you and get some Brookline mojo as this will be her last appearance before her surgery on Monday.  Love and little licks from Mandy!!!

January 25, 2019
Mandy and her foster parents met with the surgeon yesterday.  We got some possible good news from the doctor.  Mandy may be a candidate for a laser procedure rather than having the abdominal surgery.  The laser surgery is a much less invasive procedure, which would be wonderful for Mandy.   There is still a chance that once the surgeon gets in there with the scope, that she may need a full surgery, but he won’t know for sure until he can see her urinary tract with the scope. Mandy is still too young/small for this procedure.  However, with the way she’s steadily growing, the doctor anticipates that in 2-3 weeks, she will be ready for the surgery.  So we know we have a few  more weeks of puppy diapers, but that’s ok.  We’ll do what we have to do to make sure Mandy has the best outcome possible. two black and one chocolate Labrador Retriever looking out the door The kidney that there was previously a concern about is doing well.  It may not be functioning at 100%, but it’s still functioning.  That is good news too.  Her other kidney is functioning well, so that helps too.  She’s also currently finishing up an antibiotic for her recent UTI. Mandy continues to be a happy puppy here.  She loves playing with her foster fur-siblings.  Now that she’s a little bigger she’s learning to wrestle with the “big dogs”.
She continues to do well with her house training too.  Since one of her ureters works perfectly normally, she is still able to urinate like a typical lab.  She just leaks constantly from the other ureter. Mandy loves toys, and antlers,  and bones and anything she can put in her mouth.  We recently found her playing and chewing on a frozen earthworm in the backyard.  Gross Mandy!  She has an independent streak in her and will let you know when she’s not happy with the current situation by barking and/or whimpering.  She’s proven that on the car rides!  After about 10 minutes or so though, she typically settles.  We’re hoping this will continue to improve with more car rides.
January 23, 2019

Mandy is now 13 weeks old.  She continues to do well in foster care.  She has a consultation with the surgeon to discuss her ectopic ureter surgery.  Well, I guess she won’t really be discussing it, but her fosters parents will.  We will hopefully know more after the consultation.

Currently Mandy is on an antibiotic for an UTI.  Not surprising considering what’s going on with her urinary tract.  She’s handling the antibiotics well.  She happily takes them twice a day dipped in peanut butter like a good lab!  She got her second round of puppy vaccinations and was microchipped this past week.  Of course everyone ooohhheed and aaahhhed at the puppy in the diaper. Mandy loves other dogs and recently had a play date with a Brookline alum.  The two female labs had a blast running and playing and wrestling.  She also met the two young resident children and was wonderful with them and their parents too. Mandy is growing so fast and is now, just about 20lbs.  She’s still a little peanut next to the big dogs, but she doesn’t notice.

She sends everyone her love and licks and perhaps a few nibbles.  She is part shark since she’s still a puppy!

Stay tuned for another Mandy update once we meet with the surgeon.

January 12, 2019
chocolate Labrador puppy Mandy outsideMandy, the now 11 week old puppy, has an appointment with the specialist to figure out what is going on with her internally.  Unfortunately, the ultrasound showed issues with her kidney that we didn’t know about. We have already run more testing to get a better picture of her issues. Hopefully, we’ll have a plan of action soon.Mandy rescued Labrador Retriever with her bunny Until then, Mandy is being her typical puppy self.  She’s growing so quickly, but is still quite petite.  I’m not sure if this is just based on genetics, or if her medical issues have something to do with it.  She was 15 lbs this week when she was at the vet.  We saw another yellow lab pup there that was only 1 week older than her and he was 27 lbs! Here’s the link to their meeting: chocolate puppy Mandy chilling with ColinMandy is really enjoying the resident dogs here.  Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mandy lying on the resident dogShe is learning our routine and now goes willingly into her crate for a treat.  Good girl Mandy.  She usually settles quickly, but sometimes will give a whimper or two.  Much improved from her first nights of howling and crying and barking in a crate.  Slowly, but surely! chocolate Labrador Mandy wearing a diaper and chilling on her bedMandy still wears her diapers.  Who knew doggy diapers were soooo expensive?!?  We may have to do a fundraiser just for her diapers!  😉 Everyone that meets her falls in love.  Who doesn’t love a puppy though?!  We’ll update more after her appointment with the specialist on Tuesday.  Wish Mandy luck and send some more of that Brookline mojo!
January 5, 2019

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppy in leavesMandy, the now 10 week old puppy, had her ultrasound yesterday.  She has the shaved belly to prove it!  The nurse said she made a lot of noise when they sprayed her belly with the alcohol to prep the area.  I’m sure it was startling! All of the staff and doctors came out to see the puppy in the diaper.  She was a hit, not surprising!

The results of the ultrasound confirmed what the vet suspected.  Mandy does have an ectopic ureter.  She also has one normally functioning ureter, which is good.  The other bit of information we were able to learn based on the ultrasound is that she has one kidney that is not functioning properly.  It is, not surprisingly, on the same side as the “bad” ureter.
The kidney issue may be congenital, or it could be from the ureter draining improperly.  Some further testing is needed to determine if there is an infection and to check her kidney functioning.  Either way, she will need surgery to correct the ectopic ureter.  She may need surgery to remove the kidney. This is TBD at this point.
Aside from her leaking urine, Mandy continues to be a happy puppy here.  She is not intimidated by resident labs, Pepper and Colin. two black one Chocolate Labrador Retrievers
She cracks me up when she barks right back at them, all 14lbs of her!

She really likes to snuggle with her people or her doggy foster siblings.

We had a HUGE breakthrough two nights ago.  Mandy crated and did not bark, howl or cry!  Woo-hoo!!!  We all had a good night’s sleep.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppy sleeping

She is eating and drinking and playing well.

Since she has one functioning ureter, she’s also working on house training.  She’s doing very well with that.  It’s just a little more complicated as it involves removing diapers and getting her outside.
Stay tuned for more Mandy information and keep sending that Brookline mojo!
January 4, 2019

 Meet 9 week-old Mandy, who was surrendered to an animal hospital due to incontinence. The Vet’s preliminary diagnosis is recessed vulva and possible ectopic ureter. Mandy will need an ultrasound to make an official diagnosis and then will likely need surgery to correct the issue. Her ultrasound is scheduled on 1/4/19. Until then, she will be wearing her “fancy pants,” aka diapers, as she leaks urine constantly. Poor little girl! 

She had a big day today. She got a bath when she got home because she smelled like a cross between a barn and urine. She smells much better now! She is very vocal. We’re hoping as she settles, that will subside. chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppy sitting
She’s also very curious and as you can see, ADORABLE! Stay tuned for Mandy updates. If you’d like to send her some of that Brookline MOJO, that couldn’t hurt either! The ultrasound cost is about $400 and we have no estimate yet of the potential surgery costs. So, anything you can contribute to Mandy’s surgery is greatly appreciated.

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