Maple Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 12 Weeks Old ID #2939

October 11, 2021

Our little Maple girl is doing wonderful and she’s growing before my eyes. I still think she will be quite petite, she’s a little bit over 20 pounds at 4 1/2 months old.

She had a possible adopter and they did some research which indicated that she could possibly be a Borador, a border collie/lab mix. She does have that adorable Labrador face and runs so quickly like a border collie. I’ve had puppies before but she is on the more active side for sure! The family unfortunately had an allergy and couldn’t adopt Maple so she is still available!

In the mornings she has a great run through the woods and around the creek, we would love to find a home where she could continue her off leash hikes. She is not going to do well being a backyard dog and she will be best matched with an active adopter like her foster momma.

The rest of the day she alternates between sleeping, playing with her toys which she loves, and sprinting around the living room. She is very entertaining to watch and has such a love for life.

She is a great eater and everything she does she does full out! Running, playing with toys, eating, so engrossed in the moment; there is a lot that we could learn from animals.

Being a puppy, she will get into things so if not being watched she will need to be in a crate or at the least gated when unattended. She likes her crate and goes in there easily; she sleeps all night long without a peep.

September 20, 2021

Hi it’s Maple! I’ve been splashing and playing and doing lots of puppy things, just having the best time! Foster mom says I’m ready to go to my forever family so I am officially up for adoption.

This week I went to a sitter when foster mom had to work a long day. She thinks I’m too young for camp so someone on our pack walks now watches me if foster mom has a long day at work. She is really nice and she also has a cat! I growled at the cat but pretty much stayed away so she thinks I would do well with cats especially since I’m so young.

I love the company of other dogs but would probably do best in a household with a younger dog or no other dogs. My fur brother is so tolerant but I do get on his nerves since I am so playful and I chew his ears and paws. The younger dogs I have met seem to be better with me but I love being with all other dogs.

I will need some training on the basics, we just started training a couple days ago on how to greet other dogs without jumping on their faces. Next, we are going to work on sit and stay and once I get adopted, I will need to continue.

The people at Brookline are helping me find a forever home so please fill out an application if you’re interested in meeting me!

September 12, 2021

Maple is doing great and is a sweet puppy who likes to cuddle but is also full of action!black Labrador Retriever Mix

She has been with us a little bit over a week and her puppy energy is so refreshing! The world is a big and wonderful place with lots of fun things and places to explore.

Maple has been going on pack walk’s, hikes, and swimming for the past week and what a time it’s been!

We would love to see her with a family that has another dog or would allow regular interaction with other dogs. She also loves being outdoors so a family that will give her access to woods and a stream would be ideal.

She is very active and even after our morning hikes she tumbles around in the living room and plays with the toys from her box. She loves squeaky toys, crunchy toys, all kinds of things. When we can’t watch her closely into the crate she goes as she will get into non-doggy Labrador Retriever Mix

What a great spirit she is, full of light and love!

She will be put up for adoption in about a week. Coming soon!

September 6, 2021

Maple has been with us for one full day now and she is just a bundle of sweetness. She’s very curious about everything so we have to watch her constantly. She wants to know what everything is, what everyone is doing, and what everything tastes like!black Labrador Retriever Mix

She has been eating great, we are working on house training. She is desperate to interact with resident dog Tanner but he is not very happy about our new addition. He just sits and sulks now but she barely seems to notice! She is always playing with something being a sock, a glove, or one of the many dog toys around here. We have been giving Tanner extra cuddles Labrador Retriever Mix

She’s very active and today she chased a squirrel over a pile of logs piled up about 4 feet or so in the woods. She also splashed around in a stream with Tanner and our pack walk black lab friend, Macy.

She does not like baths in the backyard at all! I don’t think she likes the sound of the hose. Yesterday when she got a bath, she yelped so much the neighbor came out. black Labrador Retriever MixOtherwise, she seems to love everything we have done.

Here she is pictured with a Labrador Retriever Mix

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