Marley #11 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 3 Years Old ID #2770

black labrador retriever mix

Marley came to Brookline after his owner had to move unexpectedly, and was not able to take him along.  His owner described him as a sweet boy who has alway been a bit cautious of new people, and things. He is a bit shy when meeting new people, but once he feels comfortable is very affectionate and loves to play with toys.  Marley is looking for someone that can help him overcome some shyness, and build his confidence. Please read Marley’s blog from the bottom up to learn more about him.

May 12, 2020

black labrador mixIt’s been just over 4 weeks that we have had this sweet boy.  Overall, he is feeling much more comfortable each day.  He rarely goes into his crate which I believe is a good sign.  When we are not home, he will stay on his bed in our bedroom.  He is completely house broken, and has not had an accident. Marley will hold himself for a long time if he doesn’t feel secure enough going outside. For example, if there’s a lot of activity outside like lawn mowers, or just people outside, he sometimes won’t go out at all.  He likes to sleep in a little late, so there are mornings that he will sleep till 8 am which I think is pretty good!

black labrador mixProgress is slow with Ron, but there is improvement everyday.  He will now lay next to Ron while he is working, even if I am in the kitchen or another room.  This is progress for sure.  However, Ron still can’t take him outside from start to finish. I need to lead him to the backdoor, and then Ron will take him outside. Most of the time, Marley will look for me, and hesitate a second, but will continue on so Ron can take him for his nighttime walk. I am sure that this will continue to improve … no rush for this sweet boy.

black labrador mix

April 21, 2020

I’m happy to say that Marley is doing very well, and adjusting nicely.  He is comfortable with all the women in the home, but still shy with Ron.  There is progress for sure such as, if Ron is sitting, Marley will approach Ron, and allow him to pet him.  The other day, Ron was able to get on his leash. He wouldn’t move once it was on, but as soon as he saw me, we went right out.

Marley is housebroken, and will let us know when he has to go out.  He spends less, and less time in his crate as he is feeling more at ease, and will rest, and sleep in open areas of the home…Another great sign he is fitting in.  He plays by himself too, so he is comfortable enough to let his guard down, and play with his toys.  He’s very well behaved too.  He is not destructive, or too high energy. Other than him being afraid, and not liking men, he’s the perfect dog.

April 16, 2020

I’m happy to report that Marley is doing very well.  He has adjusted nicely into our home, and feels comfortable most of the time.  He has bonded to me, and our 13 yr old teenage girl, Kaylee.  Kaylee spends a lot of time with him, walking him, and playing with him.  He is still hesitant, and wary of the man of the home.  When Ron enters the room, Marley will either go in his crate, or he will bark or growl for a very short time before he settles down.  The barking/growling gets less, and less as he gets more comfortable with Ron.  Once Ron is in the room for a while, Marley will eventually relax, and either play with a toy, or fall asleep in the same room (not in his crate).  His body language is very casual, and relaxed which is a great sign.  I don’t think it will be too long until Ron is able to interact with him, and pet him.  He is eating well, and has not had an accident in the house since day 2, but I think he was stressed from the new environment.  Marley is a good dog, and very lovable.  He loves being pet, and will give you his paw when he wants more pets.  So, so sweet!  We are enjoying him very much!

As I was about to hit send, Marley walked over to Ron, and let him pet him!!  Amazing really!!

April 13, 2020

Marley moved in yesterday, and is doing well considering how shy, and afraid he is.  He has been in his crate most of the time, resting and sleeping. The door is open so he is going in, and out as he pleases.  His food, and water bowls are near the crate for now so he has easy access.  As he gets more comfortable, I’ll move them into the kitchen. Marley shows no signs of anxiety such as excessive panting, and/or drinking too much, and is not cowering when he is in his crate.  His body language is very relaxed.  Marley is cautious when he comes out to investigate but doesn’t seem stressed.  He’s eating, and accepting treats. When I take him outside, he does his business.  When my husband came downstairs this morning, Marley barked, and growled for a short period of time, and then settled quickly.  Marley’s crate is in the living room/dining room area which is where my husband is working. Apart from the initial barking when he first came downstairs, Marley seems to be okay with his presence.  I think this is all very positive, and I’m happy with how Marley seems to be adjusting so far.

April 12, 2020

Despite lots of time and patience, Marley continues to have problems with one of the foster’s resident dogs.  There have been several scuffles, and it’s not always clear what is prompting them.  So it was decided that Marley needs to be an only dog, which I’m sure is absolutely fine with Marley!  This very skittish little guy has blossomed under his foster’s care, and will undoubtedly continue that with his new foster.

April 10, 2020

black labrador retriever mixMarley is continuing to get more comfortable in our house with my husband and son, and with my two resident dogs.  Marley felt comfortable enough to let my husband put on his leash.  He was still a little tentative but much better than when he first arrived.  Even though there still have been a few unexpected disagreements between our resident dog, CJ and Marley, they seem to be doing fine and enjoying each other’s company, particularly outside. We are working on reducing Marley’s accidents in the house.  He still has had a few, but they are getting further apart. Marley has had a new behavior of chewing/licking his paws develop.  We are not sure if it is seasonal allergies or a reaction to our dog food.  I ordered his prior brand of dog food, and it is scheduled to be delivered today so we will see if that helps.  We are currently giving him an OTC antihistamine, which our vet recommended for our resident dog, Tina, for her seasonal allergies.  I think it is probably seasonal allergies because both Marley and Tina started the itching/licking last week. We got Marley his own personalized L.L. Bean dog bed, but he didn’t like it until I moved it right next to my side of the bed! Marley is a sweet boy who is making steps in the right direction.

April 1, 2020

black labrador retriever mixI am so happy to report that Marley has really settled in!  I’ll admit that on Sunday morning, day 8, my husband and I were talking about letting Brookline know that we weren’t able to keep Marley as a foster. There were too many accidents, questionable behavior with our dogs, our dogs were feeling put out by this little bully, and it was all too stressful for us.

black labrador retriever mixSomehow, Sunday was the turning point for Marley.   There were no accidents, and he was friendlier with our dogs. Monday was better still. Tuesday, was the best day. All three dogs were playing together in the house. Although it made work conference calls a little more difficult, it was so nice to have and hear three happy dogs, wrestling and playing with each other!

black labrador retriever mixMarley is getting used to my husband and son.  Yesterday, he let me husband put his leash on.  And once he warms up, he lets both pet him.

Marley is enjoying chewing tennis balls, kongs and nylabones.   We haven’t seen any destructive behavior.

March 28, 2020

Marley is getting a little more comfortable each day, but still very skittish around my husband and fifteen year old son. He loves our teenage labrador retriever mix He was happy to get his box of goodies from Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue, and shared his bounty with Tina, our resident black labrador retriever mixblack labrador retriever mixMarley, and fellow former homeless dogs, Tina, a black Labrador from Brookline, and CJ, a labradoodle from Main Line Animal Rescue are getting along well outside.  There has been some bickering in the house, but we are working on getting everyone settled, and comfortable in the labrador retriever mixHe stopped to smell the daffodils on yesterday’s labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix

March 25, 2020black labrador retriever mix

Marley is enjoying playing with the Kong, nylabones, tennis balls, going for walks, and playing in the yard.  He would chase squirrels if given the opportunity.

Marley really is working on getting comfortable with the activity in our house.   When he gets startled, he sometimes tinkles.  For example, I poured cheerios in a bowl, somehow the sound of the cheerios startled him, and he tinkled on the floor!   Marley seems to have long periods of time where he is comfortable, but then gets labrador retriever mixMarley loves our teenager daughter, but is more hesitant with my son and my husband.  He is getting more comfortable with our resident dogs.  Marley so far has been a good boy and has not gotten into anything that he shouldn’t. At night, Marley is sleeping in his labrador retriever mixMarley is a sweetie.

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