Marley #12 Black Labrador Retriever Male 2 Years Old ID#2761

black labrador retrieverMarley is a gorgeous 2-year-old black male lab.  His family had a lot of changes over the past year including some health issues.  While his family loved him dearly, they knew they could not provide what he needed, so they surrendered him to Brookline. black labrador retrieverMarley lived with another dog, a cat and two kids in his previous home.  He is currently staying at Kamp with some other Brookline fosters to brush up on his training.  His trainer reports he’s doing very well and slid right into their routine.

Marley is now available for adoption:

March 24, 2022

Marley is available and  still looking for his furever family.  He is good with dogs, cats, and kids.  He would do best in a single family home with a fenced yard for daily exercise and playtime. black labrador retrieverMarley is a sweet and affectionate dog, who loves people and children. His previous owner had two young girls that he was very good with. They also had a cat and an older dog that he was fine with. He could live with or without another resident dog. He likes other dogs as long as they are not overly energetic, and jumping on him labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverHis leash skills are very good on either a front clip harness or gentle leader. You can walk him on a flat collar as well but he will he’ll pull a little bit more. He can be a little uncertain when meeting new people or new dogs, but he warms up quickly. He does get excited when he sees other dogs and may pull or bark, but he is very easily redirected with treats. His trainer has been working a lot on walking him around other dogs and people, and letting him meet them when he uses his good doggie manners.  He’s very smart and willing and loves to please.  His trainer said she’d love to adopt him if she had room in her home for one more!black labrador retrieverMarley is also athletic and could do any sport that someone might want to do. He does the agility obstacles. He is great in the car and is more than willing to jump in anyone’s car if he sees the door open!  Marley does still jump a little bit when he’s excited to see his people and wants to hug them!

March 16, 2022

Marley is still looking for his forever home. He’s doing great at Kamp and is a staff favorite, of course! He will need a family committed to working with him to continue his training and to reinforce it daily. He will also need daily exercise. Since he is still working on his leash skills, he would do best with a fenced yard. He loves to run and play fetch, or keep away if you’re game!  Here is a video of Marley working on his leash skills today.

Marley is doing fantastic meeting and playing with dogs off leash while at Kamp. He enjoys hanging out with other dogs, both big and labrador retriever black labrador retriever

He got to have a play date with Moose, a chocolate lab puppy!

Marley loves his people, but may take a few minutes to warm up to new people. However, once he knows you, he loves affection. He is happiest touching his people, even if it’s just a paw or his head on your lap. He’s very affectionate. He is very food motivated, he’s a lab after all, so training with him goes very well. He will repay you with his loyalty and maybe even a few licks!black labrador retriever


March 9, 2022

Marley continues doing well with his refresher training at Kamp.  He is enjoying the daily exercise and training.  Marley has always craved direction, so he’s doing fantastic with his trainer.  We both commented that Marley truly wants to please!black labrador retrieverHe got to go on a walk in the neighborhood with a new friend Bear from daycare. black labrador retrieverMarley loves having the space to run around, so a fenced yard will be important for Marley in his furever home.  He is very athletic and would likely do amazing at something like agility or nose work labrador retrieverMarley also loves affection.  He is such a snuggle bug.  He enjoys being touched by his people!black labrador retrieverStay tuned as Marley will be looking for his very own furever family soon!black labrador retriever

March 1, 2022

black labrador retrieverHello!  This is Marley reporting in from Kamp.  I think I am going to have a great time here!  Today, I got to run in the yard with a fun new friend, Biscuit (pink collar).  We played chase and boy is she fun to play with. black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverThen she showed me what I need to do to get some great treats from the great trainer here.  The trainer said I did a great job with my sit! black labrador retrieverBiscuit told me that there are a lot of great dogs here that like to place chase, and that I’d probably be meeting them all real soon.  I hope that they have balls here too because it’s fun chasing them!


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