Marley Yellow Labrador Retriever Male, 11 Months Old

August 23, 2018

Marley remains seizure free!  He is now primarily eating dry kibble with a little bit of veggies and doing great!    He is such a sweet boy and doing great with the other dogs in the house, other dogs in the neighborhood and kids!   He still prefers walks over doing his business in the yard, so we are really having to stay on top of that, as he will go in the house before going in the yard.   That is a first for us!  But,  I could really use the exercise so it’s a win/win!

August 14, 2018

We are anxiously awaiting  the phone call from Nonantum today,  in regard to getting Marley’s test.  If we don’t hear today, we will call tommorrow as I am sure Dr Rhodes is busy on her first day back from vacation.   We have not experienced any type of seizure or seizure behavior in the 2 weeks that we have been fostering Marley.
He is a happy and playful pup and a huge cuddle bug and very smart.    He has kindly taught the other dogs how to get the lid off the food can, which is now bungeed shut.  And, he has figured out how to walk down the steps to the pool and take a quick swim; which he now does every time he goes outside.  We are learning; ” No pool, Marley!”   He does train well,  he knows to sit and wait for his food before diving in and we are getting better with jumping on counters, just not so much on jumping on people when they enter the house.    All the dogs continue to get along great and they all take turns playing with him.

July 31, 2018

Yellow Labrador Retriever looking upMarley went to the vet tonight to start the process of figuring out why he is having seizures. Since he’s so young (10 months old) and the previous owners stated that he’s been having them since they got him in March, the vet is fairly sure it is a congenital issue.

After examining Marley, getting some history and reviewing a video of Marley’s seizure with the previous owner, she believes that Marley may have a liver shunt. She wanted to run some blood work, which we got back tonight and it all looked great. This may seem counter intuitive, but since Marley is not currently having any seizures, this still fits with her diagnosis. The next step is to run an ammonia test with a dose of ammonia for Marley. This should tell us if what the vet suspects is truly the case for Marley. Until then, the vet recommended feeding Marley a low protein diet, as it’s the protein that is the problem with a liver shunt.

The vet is recommending 1/4 cup of chicken based dry kibble, filled out with lots of veggies and some rice. This should help control and/or limit Marley’s seizures.  Marley’s meals are harvested from his FMs’ vegetable garden which is bountiful this time of the year.

July 29, 2018

Yellow Labrador Retriever in the carRESCUE RIDE. The very handsome and friendly 10-month-old Lab, Marley, made his way into foster care today and met his 4 foster fur siblings. They all got along wonderfully!

Marley had been having seizures with his owner. Tomorrow he sees the vet. We are hoping we’ll get some answers as to why he’s been having seizures or at least a plan of action to help Marley. Welcome to Marley and his foster family, who will be fostering for the first time for Brookline!!!

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