Massie Black Labrador Retriever Female 3-4 Years Old ID #2730

August 16, 2022

Massie had another busy day of naps and exploring. Her nose is not as runny today and she is coughing less. We have been giving her Manuka honey on a graham cracker. Massie wasn’t sure what it was but quickly discovered it is delicious. She continues to get braver and more adventurous every day. She definitely loves sleeping in my bed. Ang (FS) was home sick today and Massie took a long nap with her. She has a great appetite and is adapting to our routine. She has also convinced Al (FD) to share the couch. Massie likes her creature comforts. We did discover her love of chasing rabbits tonight.  She was very interested in the deer in the back field but did not attempt to chase them. The unusual thing is she doesn’t bark, at all.  The boys (FB) love to bark and carry on in the evening, she just looks mildly amused at them. We had a cookout on the deck and Massie loved being outside. She explored every inch and then parked herself by my feet. Another successful day.

August 14, 2022

Hello to all. Massie has started settling in and is a love bug. black Labrador Retriever She also has developed a cough, congestion, and a runny nose.  We are resting and pushing fluids.  I cannot get more than 3 or 4 steps away before she scurries up to me. This is an improvement from yesterday, it was only 2 steps away. She has picked up on house rules. Very smart, using verbal positive reinforcement only.  Very eager to please. We have started working on heeling on leash. Massie likes the cats, loves the boys (Foster brothers), and ignores the chickens. She is off to a great start!

August 12, 2022

Hello to all from Massie!

black Labrador RetrieverI was sprung from the shelter today. I took a long car ride to my foster home. I met my foster brothers and they are very friendly and welcoming.  I booped noses with one of the cats and decided he was fine. I met Angela (human sister) and fell in love. I ate a good dinner and laid at Ang’s feet.  I like foster mom and dad but hope Ang doesn’t get out of my line of sight…more than 2 feet away and I panic. I have obviously lived in a home before and was loved and cared for. I decided a nap next Ryder (FB) would be perfect, at Ang’s feet of course.  I still don’t understand why wrangler (FB) keeps running into me…mom says he is something called blind. More tomorrow on my settling in.

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