Max #32 Black Labrador Retriever Mix 8 Years Old ID #3264

January 7, 2024

Max has been a busy guy since our last update. He had a chance to take a field trip to our local pet store.Black Labrador Retriever mix  He eagerly went inside and was excited to explore everything and meet anyone who would talk to him! He was a good boy.  He sniffed all of the tempting treats but he didn’t help himself to any of them!  An employee stopped to give Max a treat in exchange for a paw shake.  Black Labrador Retriever mixMax happily obliged!  Max was even kind enough to stop for a photo opp.!Black Labrador Retriever mix

We also took Max to another foster house to meet the one and only Tucker!  They have a nice fenced in yard and are pros at introducing dogs to one another! Tucker wasn’t in the mood to play much but he did help us to see how Max does with other dogs.  Thanks, Tucker! Tucker and Max sniffed one another with both tails wagging.  Max chased the ball when it was thrown to him but, Max really wanted to play with Tucker!  Tucker barked at Max to let him know that he didn’t want to play, and Max submitted. Black Labrador Retriever mixHe went on his way sniffing around in the yard and was happy to be petted. Max is always excited to meet other dogs when we go for walks.

Max also had a chance to meet the neighborhood cats from outside their screen door.  He’s curious about them and really wanted to go inside to find out what these cats were all about. Max didn’t bark at the cats but he did paw at the screen door to show his curiosity!  We didn’t go inside.

Max is a love bug.  He wants nothing more than to snuggle up with someone in bed or on the sofa.  I don’t allow fosters on the furniture in case their future owners don’t like that.  My college age daughter just couldn’t resist.  She allowed Max to sleep in her bed while she was home.  I do have to admit they looked so adorable snuggled up together.  Black Labrador Retriever mixNow that she has returned to school Max is back to sleeping on his dog bed.  He’s a go with the flow kind of guy!

We love Max!  He’s going to make a family so very happy!

December 28, 2023

Max has had a fun week!  He recently received a gift box from Brookline and had so much fun playing with new toys.  He loves things that squeak!  Thank  you, Brookline friends!

If you’re a dog with the name Max at Christmas, you certainly need to have a visit from none other than The Grinch, himself!  Max happily obliged for a picture since the Grinch’s heart had already grown 3 sizes that day!

Labrador Retriever and the Grinch
Max with Grinch

Max met a houseful of new people over Christmas and he loved each and every one of them.  He was happy to meet new friends and was receptive to all  of the extra attention!  We drove over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house on Christmas evening. Max is so good in the car. He sat on my daughter’s lap the entire drive. He is a 64 pound lap dog. He enjoyed putting his nose out the window.  He explored Grandma’s house and settled in for the night for the Christmas festivities.

I wasn’t feeling well the day after Christmas and spent most of the day in bed.  Max snuggled up next to me and kept a watchful eye on me.  He was probably the most excited that I allowed him up on the bed!

Max enjoys getting brushed and going for walks.  He saw a cat out our window and was very curious about that little critter.  I will cat test him and let you know what he really thinks of them!  Max is heading to the vet on Friday.  Come back for an update!

December 20, 2023

Max is settling in nicely. He enjoys walks in the neighborhood. I have him wearing a gentle leader and he walks pretty well.  His pace is a tiny bit faster than I would like it to be, so I have been treating him when he walks next to me.  Max has shown some interest in other dogs.  When he sees a dog in a neighbor’s yard, he will stop walking to look at the dog or pull a little to go over to greet them. We have not introduced him to any other dogs, but I will update you when we do!

Max loves to chase balls and toys down the hallway with my son!

He has also been putting two paws on the sofa to see if he will be invited to join the humans.  When we tell him “off” he obeys and goes to his own bed close by!

Max has an interest in people’s food. He stares at us while we’re eating but he doesn’t bark, counter surf, or paw us for attention.  Such good manners!

Max needs to have his vaccinations updated. He has an appointment scheduled for  the end of the month.  I bet he will charm all of the ladies at the vet’s office!  He hasn’t been snooping for his Christmas presents… that should make Santa happy!

December 18, 2023Black Labrador Retriever mix

It rained cats and dogs yesterday at our house! Max was not a fan of going outside in the pouring rain before bed, but I don’t blame him! This morning he was a trooper and walked around the block to do his business even though it was still raining.  He didn’t sing.

Max fell asleep on his downstairs bed last night and was content to stay there the whole night.  I wasn’t worried about leaving him downstairs alone because he has shown no signs of wanting to chew anything that isn’t his.  He slept next to a pair of shoes and the laces weren’t touched!

Max hasn’t been eating his food without some encouragement. I know he will eat when he is hungry and he’s adjusting to a new home… I can’t help but sit next to him on the floor to encourage him to eat something while we chat about our day. He does love to chew on bones, especially if there is a little bit of peanut butter inside!  We left him alone today for about 1.5 hours. He took his bone into his crate like a champ! Max has been such a good boy! We’re lucky to be able to share our home with this sweet guy!

December 17, 2023

We met Max for the first time on Saturday. He was great in the car and even rested on his bed as we drove over an hour home.  He enjoyed playing with new toys and going for a long walk around the neighborhood.  He knew what was coming when he saw the bath water running and he turned and walked away.  A few pieces of a milk bone persuaded him to get a hair washing and now he’s squeaky clean!  Max has been so friendly and enjoys attention but doesn’t demand it!  He slept next to us on his bed last night but I did wake to hear him walking around the house. I hope as he gets more comfortable with us so he will be able to sleep through the night! He’s a 64 lbs sweetheart!

November 16, 2023Black Labrador Retriever ix

Max is an 8 year old Black Lab Mix who is looking for a new home due to a change in circumstances at his current home. He is very friendly and loves to play. His owner would like him to have a fenced yard, and an owner that has time and energy to devote to him.  Max is very obedient, and crate trained, but he is completely reliable on free roam in the house.  Black Labrador Retriever mix

Note from Max:Black Labrador Retriever ix

My name is Max, and if you are looking for a loyal companion you might want to give me a serious look. I know lots of commands, and I can keep myself entertained with my toys. I like to go for walks, and I love to run zoomies in the yard.  You wouldn’t believe how fast I can run.

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