Maxwell Smart, Black Labrador Retriever Mix, 1 year old, Male

black labrador retriever mix swimming
Summer Time Fun

Black Labrador Retriever laying on a wood floor

Maxwell is a male Black Labrador Retriever mix. He is a young and active dog that was found as a stray and taken to a shelter.  Maxwell had surgery for a torn ACL on April 5th.  On July 2nd he had his last follow-up with the surgeon who said Maxwell is completely healed and able to resume normal activities.  Maxwell is now available for adoption and excited to find his Forever Home!  Could it be with you?

Black Labrador Retriever looking out of the corner of his eye

March 21, 2018


My name is Maxwell Smart. If you are wondering how I got that name, it’s because I’m foster dog #86 for my foster moms. Get it?  86Maxwell Smart. Okay – if you are too young to remember the show “Get Smart”, ask your mom and dad about it. If you are old like my foster moms, you will know that I am a very clever, secret agent fighting KAOS!  FM says that sometimes I create chaos, but she doesn’t realize that’s all part of my secret plan!

So while I was out working on a secret mission somewhere in Philadelphia, something bad happened.  I ended up at a shelter and the staff there think I was hit by a car.  I couldn’t tell them exactly what happened because it’s top secret.  I don’t want to get in trouble with the Chief.  But they were right that I got hurt – a broken bone and maybe some other stuff. I was really brave, though, and didn’t complain. I still ran and played and wagged my tail.  But sometimes I limped or held my paw up so they knew something was wrong.  The shelter staff asked the Brookline folks if they could help me out and they said yes.  That is how I ended up at my foster home.

I’ve been at my foster home for about a week and a half now.  There are two other fur-kids here:  Floyd, a 6 year old Black Labrador Retrieve laying on a rugLab mix, and Brewster, a 1 year old Lab.  I get along great with them. I love to run and wrestle with them.  My FM’s haven’t been letting me do that as much since I got my x-rays done.  The doctor said I should limit my activity because of my injuries. Bummer. I still really want to play!  FM’s said it’s hard on them, too, because I get a little crazy when I can’t run and play.  They said they are not looking forward to me having surgery and being on restricted activity for a LONG time.  How do they think I feel?!

Anyway – I don’t want to think about that. Let’s focus on the good stuff.  I’ll tell you a little about me – and I do mean a little because, secret agent, you know?  I’m about a year old and I’m on the smaller size. I weigh about 50 pounds. But FM’s said I’m really skinny and I can afford to gain a few pounds.  Sounds good to me because I love to eat!  I’m a Lab mix – the vet thinks I may be part Boxer because of my underbite and my size and shape.  Wish I could tell you for sure… but, top secret stuff!

Black Labrador Retrieve eating a carrot
FM gives me these things called carrots. I haven’t quite figured them out yet.

I love people!  I’m very friendly and I love to greet everyone I see.  I walk well on a leash most of the time – except when I get really excited and then I pull a little. Okay, a lot.  FM said I would probably do much better on a front clip harness so we’re going to try that out.

I’m almost housebroken.  I was living on the streets, so I kind of need some brushing up on this.  But FM says I’m doing good.  I’ve had a few pee accidents in the house, but as long as FM gets me outside on a regular schedule, I’m good.

I love to snuggle.  I like to curl up on the couch with FM.  She likes it, too.  Except when she is trying to do something and I keep nudging her arm for pets. Oops.  Good thing I’m so cute!

I’m crate trained and go into my crate when FM tells me to.  (I always get a treat for going in.  Don’t tell FM, but that’s the real reason I go in!)  I’m good in the crate and never complain.  Okay, maybe I whine a few times to make sure they don’t forget I’m in there.  But that’s not bad, right?

FM says I should be honest and tell you about the “chaos” part, too.  Sigh. Okay. So I am pretty young so I still act

Black Labrador Retrieve play bowing
Hey Brewster, Let’s Play!

like a puppy sometimes.  Yeah, sometimes I chew on things I shouldn’t…. like shoes… and blankets… and FM’s arm… I just like having something in my mouth.  When I haven’t been able to run and burn off energy, my mouthy behavior increases.  I don’t chew hard and I sure don’t mean to hurt anyone!  FM says I just need to learn that people are not chew toys.  On the plus side, I have a soft mouth and I take treats really gently!

I’m going to be at the Meet & Greet on Sunday and I sure would love to see you there!  Stop by and say hi!  Just be careful not to blow my cover, okay?



Black Labrador Retrieve sitting at the veterinarian
Being a brave boy at the vet’s office!
Black Labrador Retrieve with his head out the car windo
On the road again!
Black Labrador Retrieve sleeping with a rope toy
Night Night!









Notes from Foster Mom:

Maxwell continues to do well. He’s a very sweet 1 year old boy with lots of puppy energy and puppy habits – like chewing! He was clearly having pain in his front left leg and his back right leg.  The staff at ACCT thought he had probably been hit by a car before being brought in as a stray. He had a full set of x-rays done on Friday evening. The vet said Maxwell has clearly experienced some kind of trauma. The x-rays showed the following:

  • A non-displaced fracture of the front left leg (distal radius at wrist joint). The fracture is 80% healed. Nothing needs to be done for it other than limiting Maxwell’s activity.
  • Possible partial avulsion fracture of both patellar (knee) tendons. Our Vet is not 100% sure if what he sees on the x-rays are avulsion fractures or just that the growth plates in those bones have not closed yet. Since Maxwell is young, it may just be age appropriate growth plates.
  • Probable ligament injury in the right knee with some instability. May require surgery.

Maxwell is currently on restricted activity…did we mention that puppy energy? We have a consult with an orthopedic Vet on Monday to see what he recommends. We are hoping that surgery won’t be needed, but are expecting that it may be needed.

March 27, 2018

Hi!black labrador retriever laying on the floor with his tongue out


Thanks to everyone who came to meet be and the other foster dogs on Sunday.  I really liked meeting everybody – humans and dogs!  FM said I was a really good boy and I made her really proud.


FM wasn’t sure how I’d be with kids because there are no kids at my FM home.  Well, I showed her that I love kids and I was really good with them.  And you know what?  I think they loved me, too.  And they were really good with me!  They petted me and let me give them kisses.  Kids are pretty cool.

black labrador retriever getting pets from three children black labrador retriever giving kisses to three children

I liked all the big people I met, too – especially the ones who were handing out treats.  I love treats!  I was so full, I could barely finish my dinner Sunday night.  But don’t worry, I managed!

I was really tired when we got home so I took a nice nap.  By dinner time, I was ready to play again!

black labrador retriever licking the face of another black labrador retriever
Never too tired to play!

Monday was another big day for me.  I went to see another doctor – an orthopedic specialist – so he could check out my legs.

black labrador retriever looking at a door
Waiting for the doctor to come in.
black labrador retriever sitting at a door
So what do ya think, Doc?

Well, there was good news and not-so-good news.  The good news is that the fracture in my front leg is healing nicely and the doctor said it will continue heal fine.  The not-so-good news is that my right knee has a torn ACL.  The doctor said this is in a chronic stage so it didn’t happen when I got hit by a car – or whatever happened to break my front leg.  Doc said I need to have surgery to fix it.  I’m not sure what that means, but I’m sure it will be okay.  I’m a brave guy – have to be in my line of work!  But then the doc said something really scary – I will have to be on RESTRICTED ACTIVITY for 10-14 weeks after surgery.  YIKES!  No running in the yard?  No jumping on the couch?  What’s a dog supposed to do?  I can handle surgery.  But this restricted activity stuff is gonna be tough!  My FM’s said it’s gonna be hard on them, too.  Not sure why.  Maybe they were just trying to make me feel better.

My surgery is scheduled for April 4th.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!



April 4, 2018

Hi Everybody,black dog sitting looking up

Things are going well here in my foster home.  Last weekend we had a bunch of company for Easter and I was a really good boy.  Well, except for when FM found one of her shoes in the backyard covered in mud and chewed a bit… what can I say?  I like shoes!  FM’s nephew was here for the weekend and I thought he was really cool.  He’s 10 years old and we got along great.  He has a bunch of energy and he loves to play, just like me!  FM says that my forever family should have someone young and energetic (either human or canine) for me to play with!

black dog with a red ball in his mouth
Let’s play!




I was supposed to have surgery tomorrow, but we got a call from the hospital today asking if we could push my surgery back to Friday.  There was another dog that went to the hospital today and he needs the same surgery I’m having.  That dog is in much worse shape that me and needs surgery immediately.  Of course I said that guy can have my spot.  I’m in no hurry to have surgery.  After surgery, I’ll be on restricted activity for 10-14 weeks!  No running with the other dogs.  No chasing balls.  No wrestling.  FM says it going to be hard on ALL of us.  I think it’s going to be hardest on me, though, cos I LOOOOOOOOVE to play!

I might not be able to share “playing” pics for awhile… so here are some to hold you over!

black dog with a large red ball in his mouth standing
Wanna play ball?
black dog with a large red ball in his mouth running
Catch me if you can!










I sure do love to play, but I’m not just some silly knuckle head.  I’m really smart, too.

black dog with a serious thinking look sitting
This is my “serious thinking” look!

FM says I’ll have to play mental games to tire me out after surgery when I’m not allowed to run and wrestle.  Maybe I can learn some new things that I can show off to my forever family.  That would be pretty cool.

Wish me luck on Friday!








Hi Everybody!

Black Labrador Retriever being carried by a women
I could get used to this kind of service!

Surgery is over and I’m home from the hospital.  I’m still feeling a bit woozy, so FM gave me a hand getting out of the car.

My doctor said surgery went great and all the nurses said I was a very good patient.  I loved everybody at the hospital and made lots of new friends.  FM said I have to go back to visit in 5 weeks.  I’m looking forward to that.  While I’m there, the doctor will check out my leg to see how it’s healing.

FM says it will be a long time before I’m allowed to run and play with my buddies.  For now, I have to hang out in my crate.  BORING.  But I’m still feeling kind of sleepy so it’s okay for now.  Besides, FM comes in to visit and snuggle so it’s not so bad.

black labrador retriever in a dog crate with a women
Snuggling with FM.





When we got home from the hospital today, there was a package on the front porch.  FM said it was for me!  It was from my buddy, Cheri (a Brookline volunteer), and the Fur Angel Blessing Blanketeers.  They sent me a blanket to wrap me in warmth, love, and prayers.  It’s really soft and warm and has dinosaur skeletons on it.  Cool!  They also sent me an Eeyore stuffie, some toys, a St. Francis medal, and a cool tag with my name on it!  I sure feel loved!  Thanks Cherie and the Blanketeers!

two dog ID tags black labrador retriever laying on a dog toy









Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.  I think they helped!  I have one more favor to ask… could someone who remembers “Get Smart” please have a word with my foster moms?  See I mentioned that, since I’m a secret agent, I might need to use the “cone of silence” sometimes.   I’m afraid there’s been a terrible misunderstanding.

black labrador retriever laying in a crate with a cone on his head and a shaved leg

This is NOT the cone of silence!!

I guess my FM’s don’t know much about secret agent stuff.  I have so much to teach them!



April 21, 2018

Hi Everybody!

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted.  My FM’s have been hogging the computers getting ready for Brookline’s Spring auction.  They said it’s an online auction where all you peeps (and your pups!) can get cool stuff.  And all the money raised goes towards vet bills for Brookline foster dogs – like me!  They say my surgery was pretty expensive… so please try to help out, okay?  The auction runs from April 27th to May 4th.  You can check it out here:

Now to tell you what I’ve been up to.  Well… not much!  A whole lot of this.

black labrador retriever shaved leg on dog bed


And also some of this.

black labrador retriever dog bed antler

I know.  It doesn’t look real exciting.  But the good news is I’m feeling GREAT.  I’m ready to run and jump and chase squirrels and climb trees!  But FM says it will be a long time before I’m allowed to do any of that.  It’s been three weeks since my surgery.  My leg looks good.  And I don’t have to wear that silly cone anymore!  But I’m still only allowed to go outside on a leash to go potty.  And then it’s right back to my crate. It’s kind of boring, but FM’s try to keep me entertained.  Sometimes they sit in the pen with me and give me loving.  But sometimes I have so much energy pent up, that I start to jump on FM and chew on her.  I don’t mean to.  I just can’t help myself.  FM can’t wait until I’m allowed to run and play again.  Neither can I!

maxwell black lab snufflel mat
Everyday I’m snufflin’!

My Brookline buddies have been helping me out, too, sending me cool chew toys and antlers and things to keep me busy.  Dee made me this awesome snuffle mat!  FM puts my kibble in it and I have to “hunt” for my meals.  It’s pretty fun.  I pretend like I’m out in the wild…or doing some secret agent stuff where I have to find the stolen goods!  I think I get more food this way, too.  I must because it takes a lot longer to finish my breakfast and dinner.

Want to see me in action?  Check this out!

Maxwell and his snuffle mat

Today I got a package from one of my secret admirers!  Maybe it’s from another secret agent.  Hmmm…. I wonder if 99 sent it??  There was no note so I don’t know who it was from.  But it’s a really cool “Dog Twister” puzzle that FM will fill with treats and I get to solve the puzzle and find the treats.  I can’t wait to try it out!  Thanks to whoever sent it to me.  FM says I really need things to keep my mind active.  Not sure why she says that…. but she usually says it after I go crazy chewing on her arm!

I go to see the doctor again in two weeks.  FM hopes that I’ll be allowed to do a little bit more after the doctor takes x-rays and checks out my leg.  I might be allowed to take short walks if everything looks good.  I sure hope so.  I love taking walks!

Maxwell black lab antler 2I guess that’s all for now.  Back to chewing my antler!







May 19, 2018

black lab on blanket
Chillin’ on my prayer blanket

Hi Everybody,

Wow!  It’s been a long time since I updated everybody.  I haven’t had much computer time lately.  I kept trying to phone in an update, but every time I pick up FM’s shoe to make a call, she takes it from me.  What’s a pup to do?!

Anyway, I’ve been spending all my time recovering from my surgery.  I’m doing great!  I think my blanket from the Fur Angel Blessing Blanketeers is really helping!  It wraps me in blessings… and it’s pretty comfy, too.  My leg feels great and I’m ready to run and jump and play.  FM says not yet….. but soon.  When is soon?  I hope it comes fast!

It has been 6 weeks since my surgery.  I was supposed to see the doctor at 5 weeks, but he was out of town.  He’s super busy this week because of being away… so I will go see him next week.  But there is still GOOD NEWS.  I am allowed to go for walks now!  Just short walks…about 5 minutes to start… but I get to be outside and see the world and smell the world!

black lab looking up
Can we go outside now?
black labrador retriever face head tilted


I love to be outside!


FM says I’m good on my walks, but I’m really strong and when I see something exciting… watch out!  She says I’m much easier to handle when I’m wearing a front clip harness.  I’m a smart boy and I want to make my people happy. So I know I could learn to be really good on my walks.  I love going for walks!


black lab on leash
Let’s’ go!

You know what the best thing about walks is?


You humans look around and say it’s such a pretty day.

But us dogs…. we take it all in.  We look.  We listen.  Sometimes we even taste.

But most of all… we smell!

SNIFF..SNIFF..SNIFF….AHHH… Nothing like it!

On my first walk after surgery, FM said I sniffed every inch of the curb from our house to the corner.  Of course I did!  I had a lot to catch up on!


black labrador retriever sniffing in garden
Take time to stop and smell…
closeup black lab sniffing


I learned so much on that walk.  I know more about what’s going on in the neighborhood than FM!

I’m going for 3 to 4 walks a day now.  Each walk is only 5-10 minutes, but as my leg gets stronger I can go for longer.  I’m doing really well – no pain or limping from my walks.  There was only one day that I was limping a little bit… but that was from something else when… well… I just kind of lost my mind.  Couldn’t help myself.  FM wants to fill you in on that.  But before she does that, I want to share a few more pictures …. to remind you of how cute I am… so you will remember what a good boy I am….and that everybody loses their mind once in a while!

black lab in garden
Me looking cute in the garden.
black labrador retriever sitting in grass
My profile shot.
black labrador retriever sitting in grass
Me rockin’ the head tilt.










Okay, here’s FM:

I took Maxwell out one night right before going to bed.  We were standing on the front lawn and he was looking off into the blackness.  The next thing I knew, I felt like my arm had been pulled off my body, I was on the ground, and I was no longer holding Maxwell’s leash.  I felt a second of panic since all I could see was black… and my black dog had just taken off.  I screamed “MAXWELL!”… and within a second or two his sweet little nose was in my face.  GOOD BOY, MAXWELL!  I don’t know if he came right back because of the (panicky) tone of my voice, the fact that I was on the ground, or just because he’s a good boy.  But I was very grateful that he did.  Maxwell was limping a little bit the next morning, but I think I was hurting a lot more than he was.  Thankfully, we are both okay.  And yes, Maxwell, you are very cute!

Thanks, FM.  I love you, too!

That’s all for now!


Maxwell Smart

June 2, 2018

Hi Everybody!


black labrador retriever mix standing tongue

It was a big week for me.  I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon.  It’s been 8 weeks since my surgery.  FM says it feels more like 8 months and I have to agree.  It’s been a LONG time being stuck in my crate.  But I’m being a really good boy so I can get better and be allowed to run and play like a pup is supposed to!  I’m being a really good boy.  I go right into my “room” after my walks and I hardly ever complain.  But boy do I want to be allowed to get on the couch and run in the yard again.  FM says if I keep being a good boy like I’ve been, I’ll be allowed to do all of that soon.  I don’t know when “soon” is, but I hope it comes fast!

I had fun at the doctor’s office.  First the really nice vet tech came in to see me and my FM’s.  She asked how I was doing and I said SUPER!  FM’s answered some questions for her while I tried to jump on her and give her kisses.  (Oops…I’m not supposed to do that jumping thing… but I forget when I get excited… and I get really excited meeting new people!)  Then the vet tech lady said she was going to take me in the back and get some pictures of me.  I was game because I

black labrador retriever mix sitting at door
Waiting for the doc to come in.

love to go for walks and see new places and meet new people.  Off we went.  When we came back, she told my FM’s that I was a good and that I had to say hello to every one I saw.  Yep, I’m a friendly guy and it would be rude to NOT say hi to everyone.  Then she told my FM’s that the doc would be in soon to look at my pictures and see how I’m doing.  I couldn’t wait to see my buddy, Dr. Franczuszki, again so I sat by the door and waited for him.

x-ray of dog knee
Wait.. that’s ME??

When Dr. Franczuszki came in, he said my pictures look great and he showed them to my FM’s.  I don’t think they really look like me…. what do you think?  I was kind of confused.  But if Dr. F is happy, I’m happy.  And Dr. F was happy.  He said I am a about 75% healed.   All my “hardware” is where it’s supposed to be, I have good range of motion, and my muscle mass is returning.   He said I can go for longer walks now – for 10-15 minutes 2 to 4 times a day.  I vote for 4!  I love my walks!  Dr. F said it’s important for me to walk slowly to increase the use of my bum leg.  That’s fine with me because I love to sniff and explore and take in everything as I walk.  FM says I’m very curious and observant on my walks.  This morning I heard a crow making noises.  I looked around until I found him sitting on the roof.  Then I watched him until he flew away.  I’m very observant of squirrels and bunnies, too.  FM says I’m a little too observant sometimes!  Sometimes she steps in front of me to block my view because it’s really hard for me to not chase squirrels and bunnies!

Maxwell black lab looking up
You getting all this, FM?

Anyway, back to my doctor update.  FM mentioned that we have a pool and asked if I can get in it.  Dr. F said YES!  He said swimming will be great rehab for me.  I didn’t know what a pool was, but everyone seemed happy so I was happy, too.

Dr. F also said to keep giving me my medicine because I clearly need it. I didn’t know what that meant, either, but I always get my pills smushed in a yummy treat so I was happy about that, too.  [Note from FM: Maxwell gets a sedative to help keep him calm during his recovery so he doesn’t re-injure his leg.]

black lab sitting
Listening intently to Dr. F.


So everything was going great and I was really happy… until Dr. F said to keep doing what we’re doing… and come back to see him again in 7 weeks.  7 WEEKS?!  I can’t run and jump for another 7 weeks???

UGH!!!!  7 weeks is almost as long as 8 weeks and remember how long 8 weeks was?  I’m going to lose my puppy mind!  FM says it will be okay because I’ll get to go for longer walks and get to swim.  I sure hope she’s right!

I tried out the swimming thing yesterday.  Not so bad for my first time!


See everybody in the pool!


Maxwell Smart

P.S. – Come out and see me at the Meet & Greet tomorrow!


June 23, 2018

Hi Everybody!

Happy summer!  I think summer is my favorite season because I’m getting the hang of this swimming thing… and guess what?  I really like it!  I don’t need a life jacket anymore and I don’t need FM to help me get in.  I go in all by myself and retrieve tennis balls.  Check this out!

FM says soon I’ll be allowed to swim without the leash attached.  That’s when I’ll be allowed to run around the yard, too!  I can’t wait!  When is “soon”?

I see Dr. F. again on July 2nd.  Maybe that is “soon”.  I hope so.  FM says he will take more pictures of me to see if my leg is completely healed.  After that, I’ll be able to start looking for my forever home.  If you think that might be your home, make sure you get your application in!

My other favorite thing to do, besides swimming, is going for a walk.  Me and FM have met so many people and dogs on our walks.  It’s really fun!  My buddy, Dave, was so excited to meet me.  The second day we saw him, he came running down the driveway saying “I have to get my dog fix!”  He sat down in the driveway so I could climb in his lap.  He was petting me and making funny noises on my head and I was giving him lots of kisses.  His wife said, “We have a dog, you know!”  Dave mumbled something about a 3 pound Chihuahua and me and FM giggled.  My buddy, Angelo, got down in the grass with me and let me climb on him.  Angelo’s wife was kneeling down planting flowers so I climbed into her lap.  She laughed really hard!  I made doggie friends, too.  I really wanted to run and play with Moab, the chocolate Lab, but FM wouldn’t let go of my leash.  My buddy, Shredder, is a huge pit bull.  He has the biggest head I’ve ever seen.  He’s a mellow dude, though.  We like to sniff each other and just hang out.  FM says I’m fun to walk because I’m so curious about everything and so happy to see everyone.  If I hear someone walking behind us, I try to stop so they can catch up to say hi to me.  FM doesn’t always let me wait form them, though.  She says something about having to get back to work.  Boring.  Evening walks are the best because FM isn’t in a hurry and we get to socialize more.  I love to socialize!  I sure hope my forever family enjoys taking walks and meeting people and pups!



July 1, 2018

black lab on porch
This is awesome!

Hi Everybody!

Happy July!  I don’t know about you guys, but I love this warm weather.  On one of those really nice days, FM felt bad for me being stuck in my boring crate while she was working.  So she moved her “office” to the screened porch and she let me hang out there with her!  It was great to have a change of scenery.  FM brought a big dog bed out for me, but I don’t know why.  It’s not like I was gonna sleep when there was so much to see and smell!

FM moved an ottoman over to the window (screen) so I could look outside.  Now we’re talking.  I had a great view from here. I really

black lab looking out window
What a great view!

enjoyed watching the world outside.  I only got “too excited” and almost went through the screen once.  It was when I saw Ma (the nice lady next door) giving treats to Floyd and Brewster.  Can you blame me?  It was MA!  And TREATS!

black labrador retriever on ottoman
FM hooked me up!

FM went inside and got a treat for me so I wouldn’t miss out.  It was yummy, but just not the same.  There’s just something special about getting a treat at the fence.  Sort of like getting ice cream from the ice cream truck!  You know what I mean, right?

Me and FM are still enjoying our walks.  The other day a neighbor asked FM if I am still a puppy.  FM said yeah, I’m only a year old and still have a lot of “puppy” in me.  He said he could tell.  He said I have that “puppy curiosity”.  I heard curiosity killed the cat, but I never heard anything about it harming a puppy.

black labrador retreiver face close up
Loving the outdoors!

So I guess I’m okay.  FM says she likes to watch me check things out on our walks.  I notice everything!

Tomorrow is my big day.  I go to see Dr. F. again.  FM says he will (hopefully!) say I’m all healed and allowed to run and wrestle and play and BE A DOG again!  I sure hope he says all of that!  Wish me luck!






July 2, 2018

black Labrador Retriever walkingHi Everybody!

Today was a great day!  I went to see Dr. Franczuszki.  He took those funny pictures of me again.  Then he told me and my FM’s that I’m ALL HEALED!  No more restrictions.  I’m allowed to run and play and do all those fun things!  Dr. F. said I should gradually return to my wild ways.  He said I shouldn’t go to the dog park for 5 hours yet.  Yet?  You mean someday I’ll be allowed to go to the dog park for 5 hours?!  Awesome!  But for now, I’m happy to be able to romp in the yard and chase Brewster.




P.S. – Now it’s time to find my FOREVER HOME!!  I’m available for adoption!



Hi Everybody,

I have some really big news!  Last week, my FM’s said they were going to visit someone.  They said I could go with them.  I was really excited because I love to ride in the car and I love to make new friends.  Then they said they wanted me to eat the cat!   What?!  I get to eat a cat?? I’ve never tasted a cat, but I was game!  Imagine my disappointment when I realized my FM’s wanted me to meet the cat – NOT eat the cat.  Oh well – it was still a ride in the car and making new friends so I was happy.  When we arrived, we met two really nice ladies.  I liked them right away… and I could tell we would be good friends… but I could also tell there was something else about them – just wasn’t sure what.  My FM’s spent a long time talking to the ladies while I played with the toys they had.  One of the ladies was on the floor with me the whole time, petting me and playing with me.  I told you there was something really special about them.  I got to meet the cat.  Her name is “Abby, Abby, Abby, NO!”, but they call her Abby for short.  I was really excited to meet her, but my FM’s said I did a good job controlling my

black lab on floor
Me and my Mom!

self.  Me and Abby went nose to nose.  My tail was wagging like crazy and I gave Abby a kiss on the head.  I had a feeling that me and Abby would be good friends.  Today, my FM’s told me that the ladies were approved to adopt… and they want to adopt ME!  How cool is that?  I think they are part of “Control” because they knew all about the Chief and Agent 99 and even my shoe phone!  I think it will be okay for me to share some of my secret agent stuff with them.  We’re going to go to school together and learn all kinds of neat stuff.  They asked my FM’s if they ever keep in touch with the families who adopt their foster dogs.  My FM’s said they love to do that and the ladies – I mean my MOM’s – said they would love to do that, too!  So I will get to stay in touch with my FM’s and live with my M’s!  I feel like the luckiest secret agent in the world!


Maxwell Smart

Agent 86






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