Mickey Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 2 Years Old ID#2759

yellow labrador retrieverMickey, a handsome young yellow labrador arrived at Brookline as an owner surrender. It was a very hard decision for his family to let him go, but due to some personal difficulties they had to make this choice. His family only wants the best for Mickey, so they have trusted Brookline to find him a home that can provide all the love, and exercise that Mickey needs.  Mickey is a friendly, playful, quiet, and loving young labrador.  He is also cat, and dog friendly. Please read Mickey’s foster blog from the bottom up.

yellow labrador retriever

May 14, 2020

This weekend will mark Mickey’s 4th week with me as a foster dog. It’s amazing how much can change in just 4 weeks—the one you didn’t know last month is now the one who greets you with a smile and a wagging tail in the morning, random doggie kisses during the day, and sleepy cuddles on the couch at night. How did I get so lucky?

yellow labrador retrieverOver the last month, Mickey has settled in and adjusted very well. He can’t wait to eat his breakfast and will run to the fridge where he knows it is. He also knows which cabinet houses the dog biscuits and will try to guide me there with his eyes. It often works 😊

yellow labrador retrieverMickey thinks everyone is his friend and he loves to play with other dogs we meet in the neighborhood. He’s decided that squirrels should be chased from the backyard and enjoys watching them from the kitchen before bolting into action. The foster care package was enthusiastically received but if he had to choose his favorite toy, it would probably be the tennis ball—Mickey cannot get enough of playing fetch with a tennis ball. When he brings the ball to you, it’s the cutest thing.

yellow labrador retrieverMickey listens well and stays by my side when getting the mail or newspaper; he happily comes when called. He can pull on the leash while we’re walking if he sees something exciting like another dog, bunny or squirrel. We’re still working on the occasional jump-up when greeting people. Mickey excitedly jumps in the car for rides whether to the gas station or to the vet for a visit.

yellow labrador retrieverMickey is a sweet, loving, innocent soul whose happy nature is contagious to anyone he meets.

April 23, 2020

Today, Thursday, April 23, 2020, marks Mickey’s fifth day in his foster home. Mickey has done very well all week long, and each day he gets more comfortable in his new setting. After sleeping all night quietly in his crate, Mickey waits for me to get up even when I hit the snooze button on the alarm clock. He’s excited to start the day, and eats his breakfast very quickly. After breakfast, Mickey wants to explore the backyard, and do his business. Mickey has had no accidents in the house.

Since I am working at home during the COVID situation, Mickey and I take a walk in the morning around the neighborhood. He happily greets new people, and other dogs. Sometimes, Mickey gets excited, and jumps up to say hello. Mickey has a very cute, and funny “play with me” dance when he meets dogs. He doesn’t seem to understand that all dogs might not want to play with him. Mickey walks pretty well with an EZ Walker harness, but does pull sometimes when he gets interested in something. Over the last few days, Mickey has become more confident in exploring the backyard. The first day, he wouldn’t leave my side; if I started toward the house, so would Mickey. Now, he explores all corners of the backyard, taking in all the new smells, and sounds. After a morning walk, Mickey settles in while I get to work on my computer, and conference calls.

yellow labrador retrieverWhile I’m working, Mickey has been pretty good with occupying himself with his toys, taking a nap at my feet, or looking out the glass door watching for any squirrels, birds, or bunnies. Sometimes when he thinks I’ve been working long enough, he comes over to get some loving attention.

yellow labrador retriever

Mickey loves toys, and he’s not picky or fancy—a plain tennis ball can provide hours of fun for him. Sometimes when he plays with his toys, he gets into a “play bow” pose. And the silly, sweet boy sometimes likes to lie in the pachysandra.

yellow labrador retrieverMickey LOVES food!  His table manners are not the best when I’m eating. Mickey gets very close to me, and licks the air trying to take in all the great smells, and hoping to get lucky and grab a bite. Something for us to work on. Since Mickey is a tall boy, he could be a counter surfer if left alone with temptation. But Mickey is smart, curious, and eager to please so he will learn quickly!

Mickey is a sweet, loving, big-hearted boy, and it has been a joy to be his foster mom.


April 18, 2020

It’s been a little over 3 hours since Mickey arrived, and he is already settling in here.

yellow labrador retrieverHe ate his dinner quickly, took a nice walk, and played fetch in the backyard.

yellow labrador retriever

He’s really enjoying playing with a tennis ball.

yellow labrador retriever He also seems to like to play fetch from the couch to the family room.

yellow labrador retrieverYes, he’s a couch boy 🙂

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