Millie #3 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 4.5 Months Old ID #3205



Yellow Labrador retriever

August 30, 2023

Millie here I just wanted to show you my gymnastic skills.

I am also the queen of all toysYellow Labrador Retriever

I am going to make some family very happyYellow Labrador Retriever

August 28, 2023

Millie here , I have had a very busy weekend. FM brought home a nice boy puppy named Ronald to stay with us for a few days until his new Foster Family could pick him up.

Labrador Retriever

I can assure you I did not give him one moment of peace.

Yellow Labrador Retriever
Ronald left Millie right

We played ALL day long. After my FM took Ronald to his new family I had my lunch and FD said Millie it’s time to see if you can swim!

I ran, jumped ,swam and acted like a nut ……I loved it 🥰

Here are a few pictures of me so you can see my cuteness.

I am exhausted I need a nap before dinner ……. But have no fear I will be ready to roll again shortly 🤪Yellow Labrador Retriever

August 23, 2023

I wanted to go swimming and no one would fill my pool ……… so I took matters into my own hands.Yellow Labrador retriever

Tuesday was vet day I had to get a checkup and  vaccinations the vet  said I was perfect 🤗 I weighed in at 38 pounds.

This is me getting a box of goodies from some very generous people 😀

I am a girl that likes her toys.Yellow Labrador retriever

I went for my first leash walk yesterday and hung out in the front yard .

FM said I did a pretty good job for never walking on a leash before. Then she wanted to take some pictures of me because she said I am so pretty.Yellow Labrador retriever

August 19, 2023Yellow Labrador retriever


My foster parents tricked me ! They ask me if I wanted to get in the little pool ….. me not knowing what that was said heck yeah! As you can see in the video

I was frolicking in the water with FD and then my FM appeared with a bottle in her hand …. She said I was stinky and she had gotten some special shampoo for me. FM said I was the best dog she had ever given a bath 😊 she said now  I smell fresh and clean.

My new favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch. FD and I fell asleep 💤 on the couch last night for 6 hours. FD took me out when we woke up at 2 am and I did my business and went into my crate and slept without a peep until the morning. Watch out Brookline we have another special puppy in the works 💕

August 18, 2023

Millie here, wow I have had a very busy day…a very nice lady picked my mom and I up from our farm and brought us to her home. My foster Mom and Dad were waiting for us and they were so excited to meet my Mom and I.Yellow Labrador retriever After a few pleasantries foster Dad had to pick me up and put me in his big truck for the ride home. I was such a good girl for that long ride but I did have a few tummy problems …. My foster Mom said that was ok and put a towel over it and said she would have Foster Dad clean it up later. I am at my new home and I am a little scared so I have been hanging out in the back yard with my Foster Dad . I found a great hiding place under the lounge chair . Yellow Labrador retrieverFoster Mom said I can chill under here for a while. Foster Dad told me he would sleep downstairs with me tonight In case I get scared.💕

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