Milo Black Labrador Retriever Male 9 Years Old

April 20, 2021

Hiya! Milo here. I know some folks may think, “Oh, he’s 9 years old – he’s a senior” but listen – I don’t know what they’re talking about! Yes, I have a grey chin (I’m pretty sure many of you reading this may have some grey chin hairs, too), but I am definitely young at heart (and have the energy to prove it).

Remember the snow we had this past winter? I do! And boy, I loved it. See?black Labrador Retriever

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I’d love to be able to go for daily walks, or maybe a hike and a little splash in the creek on the weekends? Want somebody to keep you company while you do yard work? I’m a great companion! Want to play ball? I catch pretty well, but I’m still working on my curve ball. I can even pull you along on a bicycle if you’d like – I’m up for anything. I never stop learning – that’s how I stay young.

I’m a gentle soul and really hope to meet someone who will welcome me into their heart and home. Might that be you?

Hope to hear from you soon!black Labrador Retriever

Peace and pawprints,


April 19,2021

Hello! You know when people say, “Labs are the best dogs”? I’m the Lab they have in mind! Patient, loveable, and loving, I just want to be with people, get some belly and ear rubs, and go for walks. If you want that Lab, I’m your guy.

My mom says I have the gentlest soul (even when I was a puppy). I love people! There’s a little baby here where I live now and I’m very gentle with her and her 12-year-old sister, but my parents are very busy and feel they can’t give me the time and attention I deserve.

Milo was accustomed to having free run of the house, sleeping upstairs and being part of the action, but he presently spends his days (and nights) in a finished basement and, weather permitting, hangs outside in a fenced in yard. He enjoys sniffing his neighbor canine buddy through the fence, and is unfazed by other friendly dogs he meets on the occasional walk in the neighborhood.

Milo is housetrained, quiet, and will happily occupy himself with toys and chews when he gets appropriate attention and interaction. If he’s bored or lonely, he has been known to chew up some household items; however, this shouldn’t be an issue once he’s able to see that he isn’t alone and can be part of a family again.

Milo LOVES chewing on bones, retrieving tennis balls, and savoring Kong pupsicles (frozen PB is yummy!), but above all else – he WANTS to be with Labrador Retriever When given the opportunity, Milo loves splashing in creeks, easy hiking in the woods, and even pulling a human buddy on a bicycle behind him. Milo likes riding in the backseat of the car and is easygoing at the vet’s office and at the groomer.

Milo is a young* 9-year-old Lab who NEEDS to be part of the family and included in daily living activities. He is currently being treated for Lyme disease (doxycycline oral meds daily) but is otherwise UTD on all vaccines. Milo has suffered from occasional seasonal allergies (his paws get irritated) so his adopter should be aware that they may flare up Labrador Retriever

*Aside from a distinguished grey chin, Milo doesn’t appear 9 years old: he moves well and easily (no apparent pain or arthritis), is spry and peppy. He is bright, alert, and eager to go. He pulls quite a bit on leash, but is manageable with a harness and gentle correction.

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