Mindy Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old

September 26, 2019

Hi! Mindy here, checking in for my first blog entry on my own. Foster parents said it’s time I start speaking for myself. They have to nudge me a bit to try new things, so here goes …

Chocolate Labrador Minday attending Braxton's Harvest FestivalI went to a foster event last Sunday. At first, it was super intimidating. I wanted to go home so badly. All the noise and new people, new smells and things to investigate–honestly, it was overwhelming. But I settled in eventually, especially after meeting some very nice families. Turns out, everyone was really nice to me and said I was pretty and petite. That made me feel good, so I even tried the old sales job on one nice young couple–ran right up and started giving kisses.Chocolate Labrador Mindy enjoying some pets from admirers

I really am so fortunate to have wound up in this foster situation. Life back on the farm was odd and confusing, so I am glad to be done with producing litters. That’s just too hard, and now I get a chance to live a fuller life. At the same time, this whole big world is a lot to consider. I’m taking my time, but boy, is all this stuff interesting! Cars, stairs, inside living, soft beds, air conditioning. I’m learning it’s all great stuff, even the leash walking. Actually, I think I really like that part. Gives me time to stretch my legs a bit and explore new smells and sounds.

I am currently living with two older dogs, a boy, and a girl. They’re both around 9, so, honestly, they’re a bit lazy for my tastes! But they’ve taught me to chill a bit and they’ve certainly been helpful in showing me the ropes. Stuff like, when mealtime is, how to walk on a leash, how to butter up the humans and get affection. In my next home, it might be nice to have some other resident dogs, but I don’t think that’s going to be absolutely necessary. I like these humans I’m living with, especially when they sit with me and pet my back. And food. Definitely don’t mind the food … especially cheese. Oh my goodness do I like cheese!

My foster parents forgot about one tiny, teeny, eensy-weensy thing about my general health. Turns out my fur and skin are a little dry. They’ve been giving me fish oil and coconut oil in my food pretty regularly, and it’s gotten better (I’m definitely less itchy now). And they said they are going to try an oatmeal bath this weekend, which should help.

What else? Well, I’ve been thinking a little about what kind of home I’d like to live in. One on the quiet side would be nice. I’ve met some human children in my journeys, and don’t have a problem with them. I have been around cats on the farm but I don’t remember being too interested and if they’re anything like the squirrels or rabbits we’ve seen on our walks, then, whatever. My foster sister gets all hyper, ears tuned back, tail straight as an arrow when she sees a cat, a rabbit, or a squirrel. And I’m like, what’s the big deal? She’s funny like that, I guess.

Other than that, I’d sure like to continue with the leash walking. I have a yard now, which is nice for doing my business and burning off some energy. Can I get on your furniture? Since coming into inside living, I’ve come to appreciate couches and beds, but I got to say, I have a really nice dog bed that I like to lie in, too. Maybe if you let me crawl up next to you on the couch for special occasions? Oh, and my foster parents said I still need to work on my manners a little, so some soft training would be nice. I’m not really interested in learning tricks and the like, but I seriously don’t know what they mean with all this “sit” stuff.

Well, that’s it for now, I guess. Still figuring stuff out, but I’ll be sure to check back in soon.

Until next time, paws and wet doggy kisses,


September 22, 2019

One week in and Mindy continues to be an absolute delight in our house. Her adaptability and resilience are shining through, and we are starting to see the emergence of a sweet little love-bug.

Mindy has integrated in with our dogs with no issue. We have stayed consistent on leash training, and she is getting easier and easier to walk. No pulling, although she does like to dawdle. Not surprising, really. After all, there are so many new things to smell and investigate! And Mindy is certainly curious about this whole big world she is being introduced to. We have not yet begun to work on other commands, but that will come in time, after Mindy is a bit more comfortable.

Perhaps the most surprising development is that Mindy is coming up to us to deliver kisses and ask for pets. She likes to lounge with us during downtime, but instead of laying on the hard floor, she has found herself a comfy spot on the couch. She has also learned that she really likes to snuggle up on her dog bed. We are very proud of the fact that Mindy has already conquered steps and no longer seems to be frightened at every little noise; but the best thing to see is that Mindy is coming out of her shell. It’s a true delight to see a bit of personality emerge, including doing zoomies in the yard and figuring out that people are here to love her. We have also noticed that Mindy has a soft whimper that she lets loose often. Can’t say its gotten any more or less consistent over the past week, but she just seems to cry a bit for no real reason; perhaps when she feels she is not getting enough attention or when she is confused. But it’s hardy anything to be concerned about.

chocolate Labrador Retriever on dog bed

Health-wise, there are no issues to report with Mindy. She is currently on an anti-fungal to treat an issue in her ears, but if that is the sum total of what this girl has to deal with, she is lucky indeed. She LOVES cheese so it has been easy to give her pills.

Incredibly Mindy has not had ONE single accident in the house. She is also learning to potty on her leash walks. Go Mindy!
All in all, we are so pleased with Mindy’s rapid progress. We anticipate there may be small moments of regression to come, but these will be taken in stride, and will most certainly be balanced out by all the positives.

Mindy will be at her first adoption event today at Braxton’s Animal Works in Wayne, PA.

September 14, 2019

Welcome to Brookline, Mindy! Chocolate Labrador Retriever

We are still getting to know one another, but we can already sense that Mindy is a sweet baby girl desperate to find some stability. Based on what we have been told, her foster home is her fourth place of residence, although we are not sure she has ever experienced living inside a house. We have been told that she was exposed to cats and young children in her previous home, but at this point, we just are not sure how she does with either. Time will tell …

What we do know is that this sweet pea is already adapting surprisingly well. Car rides are a source of stress, and she does not like being crated. Which is actually fair—all of this is so new, and given all the tumult she has been through, it’s really no wonder that new things are disorienting. Yet, there is no reason to believe she won’t adapt. That said, Mindy has met both of our resident dogs without issue. Also, we have started leash walking, and Mindy has taken to it quite well—no pulling and moving along with very little need for prompting. We expect her to learn to walk on leash quite quickly, and every indication is that she will come to love her walk time.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Mindy’s first and second stop after coming into rescue were the vet and for a much-needed bath. We are happy to report that she checked out with a clean bill of health. Mindy is not spayed yet, and our vet advised waiting a few months to allow her uterine and mammary tissue a chance to return to normal. So the delay is more a surgical preference than for any medical reason. She weighed in on the small side, about 68 pounds, and it looks like she has a few pounds yet to shed. Some good food and regular exercise will help that. Bath time was uneventful, although we did discover some chaffing around her neck, possibly from her collar being on too tight in her past life. We’re not sure the hair will grow back, but we have started her on fish oil and coconut oil at mealtime, both of which should help the health of her coat.

We will continue to update this blog as we learn more about Mindy and as she settles in a bit more. Our first impression is that Mindy will blossom into a great addition to just about any family situation.

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