Mocha #10 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID#3060

chocolate labrador retriever Meet Mocha!  This super sweet six year young chocolate Labrador Retriever just arrived from the same farm as foster, Bojo.  Mocha has had a lot of puppies, but her breeding days are now over.  Mocha is learning about living life in her foster home.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

Mocha is now available:

August 17. 2022

Hi All Mocha here.

I just took my first vacation ever!chocolate labrador retriever I went to the beach and had a wonderful time and had so many new experiences. I was not crazy about the sand and was confused by the waves. I did however love the bay! I was not a fan of the water until I saw my foster brother in a kayak and decided I would join in the fun. I shocked myself with my brave feat, but was not going to miss out on the fun! I ran into so many people and they all loved me. I made many dog friends as well. I did great on the car ride and got a special treat for being so good. I was not interested in any of the birds, but very interested in crabs and loved fishing. I got to go to restaurants and loved the smell of the food, but just sniffed and used my manners.

July 30, 2022

Fully recovered from her spay and mammary biopsy. All is well!

She continues to befriend everyone ( dogs and humans) she comes in contact with. She has a great routine and is just so lovable. She has very little interest in playing, but loves running. She learns quickly and follows directions. If I tell her to stay, I can leave the door open and she will not step foot outside until I say free. We are packing for vacation and can’t wait to see how she does in a new surrounding. We are going to introduce her to the water as well. In the meantime, she had learned to dance! Her favorite time of the day is snuggle time.chocolate labrador retriever

July 20, 2022

Mocha continues to thrive! chocolate labrador retrieverShe has now been spayed and mammy biopsy is negative. She loves her walks. She gently approached everyone she meets for attention. She has had many encounters with other dogs and just loves to play with them. No issues with the fireworks, but not a fan of the vacuum.

July 2, 2022

Mocha continues to thrive! Happy, loving and so wonderful.chocolate labrador retriever She just spent 2 days with my Grandchildren, not sure who is more exhausted from playing, walks and trips to the creek.

Apparently, Mocha is the champion frog and turtle catcher. We were in awe when we saw her scoop up a frog, we had no idea it was there and gently put it in the water! At bed time she would not leave the grandkids room. During the night the youngest got up to use the bathroom and she came running to get me. This week she is scheduled for her spay

June 11, 2022

What a beautiful angel we have here! Each day she is becoming more independent. She has mastered so many things, walking on a leash, house training, sit and stay.chocolate labrador retrieverShe loves people, especially children. My Grandson gave her a middle name that is so fitting Mocha Marshmallow. She can read people and follows their ques.chocolate labrador retrieverAs you can see, she is not allowed on the furniture, but has claimed one couch for her own. She is not crated at all and there has never been an issue.chocolate labrador retriever

June 5, 2022

We are beyond thrilled with our first foster experience. Mocha has stolen our hearts. She is so very sweet and loving. From day one, she just wanted love and affection.

She is so easy to train because she just wants to please you. She is walking well on the leash. She has mastered sit and stay.

She loves people and tends to take their ques. My neighbor is 90, and when Mocha see her she goes over and sits quietly next to her. With teens and kids, she does the happy dance and wants pets and belly rubs.

She has free access to the house and no issues with that. She is a great night sleeper and does snore and tends to dream and makes silly noises. She gets along with other dogs extremely well, cats and loves everyone! We have never heard her bark. House training is going great, only 1 accident in day 1. She is on a schedule and manages it perfectly.

May 28, 2022

Mocha had such a wonderful first day. She was treated to a spa experience, and came out smelling like a rose. She is so sweet and lovely.chocolate labrador retrieverMy plan was to keep her confident by starting her out in one area of the house and open up additional space as she felt comfortable. The plan last about 30 minutes. She has full access of the house as has no issues.  She had no issues meeting her new foster brother, “the cat.”chocolate labrador retrieverMocha is eating and drinking, and glued to my side. She is treat motivated and we are working on basic commands. Mocha was able to master the steps with no carpet.

No accidents inside the house at all, and she did great on a small lead, walking.

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