Mocha Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female

July 16, 2019

Wow, what a busy couple of days!   I’m settling in and loving my increased exercise.  My walks are getting longer, and FD had a hard time keeping up with me when I see someone I remember and want to go so.  I even gallop now.  It feels great to stretch my legs.  My stamina is increasing, and I tire them all out!  I just want to keep going.  Sometimes I forget I have arthritis.   I’m still stiff when I get up, I guess I always will be, but I loosen up in no time. FM calls me a gentle giant.  I just love to love.   Snuggle with me and I’m a happy girl.  It was so hot last weekend, FD set up the sprinkler to water the grass and we all had fun running around getting wet!

I ended up with a bath…I wonder if it was planned?  No mind, it was fine, and I had a blast rolling around in the grass…yes I roll now!!!  Foster dad brushed me real well, and my coat shines in the sun!  FM thinks in a few days she will start looking for my forever home.   I told her I would like to someone that would like to keep me company when I go for walks.  I much prefer a medium to larger dog.  Cats are OK!  I’m afraid of little ones – I can’t get out of their way fast enough, and if I fall, I could hurt my R leg again – that is the one I had the TPLO surgery three years ago.

yellow and chocolate Labrador Retriever

July 11, 2019

Wow what a fun couple of days!   I just love my foster family and FM thinks she has a gravitational pull since I am always near her!  I just love to follow her around, especially when she is in the kitchen. She needs to be really careful since I can’t get out of her way quickly.  I whine if she is upstairs and I’m downstairs, but I’m sleeping upstairs now – all night, and only need a leash to get me down.  As soon as someone attaches it to my collar, down I go!

I haven’t had an accident in the house at all, and now I have the run of the house.   I never venture far from FM 😉   I let FD clean my ears – I was so good, he got all of that stuff out of them and now I am more comfortable.  I got the best treat afterward!

It is still hard for me to get up after a long rest, but my foster family is so patient, they just wait, and I get going after a few steps.  It’s just a touch of arthritis.   Once I’m moving, there is nothing that stops me.  I know how much FM loves to go on walks, so I make sure she gets lots of them.  All I do is go to the door, or woof and she has the leash on me and off we go.  Most of the time I don’t even have to do anything, but we love our walks!   I’m up to a half of a mile with no problems – it takes me about 20 minutes for that half mile, but she is patient.  I can’t go too fast, and some of the walk is up hill – but I make it!  We do that twice a day and then take shorter walks other times – sometimes I don’t want to go home, and just keep walking.  FM reminds me that as far as we walk, we need to walk that far to get back – I get so involved sniffing, sometimes.

I’m all done with my antibiotic, and FM can’t even see where the scratch was.  My fur sister and I get along, but she doesn’t know how to play – I’ll work on teaching her how to toss toys in the air and catch them.  Here are a few pictures.  I’m hoping for a forever home real soon!

Oh, I almost forgot – someone from Brookline named Carolyn send me a BEAUTIUL collar; what do you think?Mocha

Love Mocha

July 8, 2019

Good morning!   I’m feeling so much better today.  When I saw my foster mom come down the steps, I ran right to her, and let her love me up.  She took me out, and I walked .4 of a mile, again!    The doctor thinks I should loose around 20 pounds, and I am well on my way.  I still feel a bit stiff when I get up after a long rest, but I loosen up in no time.  My foster home does not have a fenced in yard, so we walk and walk and walk…. I ate my breakfast and played with my toys this morning!  chocolate labrador retrieversLast night we snuggled on the floor and spooned.  I don’t mind if she rubs me now.  It feels good to have someone close to me again.  My friend, Cheyenne, and I enjoy just being close to each other.  We are never far apart.   My ears need a bit of attention, and maybe I’ll let foster dad clean them up later.   I am still taking an antibiotic for the lesion on my belly near my nipple.   I’ll check back in a few days.  Here is a pic of me and my bestie, I’m the one on the left.  No cats here, but there was one where I used to live. yellow and chocolate labrador retrievers

July 7, 2019

First night under my belt.   I’m not certain this is the right place.  All of my stuff is here, but these humans are not my humans.   I slept downstairs and the female human slept on the sofa – she said she did not want me to go upstairs just yet, and I didn’t go outside before bed so she wanted to be nearby if I wanted to go out – which I did at 4:30.  She and I went for a long walk (.4 miles).

  I was tired and before I knew it, I went upstairs with the rest of the humans.  I slept well till about 8:30 and they wanted me to go down stairs! Wait, what?  NO WAY was I going.  I enjoyed the kibble, they used to tempt me, but I was just too afraid – OK, maybe it was tenderness in my back legs.  My friend, Cheyenne, was eager to show me how to do it, and I just got too tired watching her come up and down the steps!  The human gave me rimadyl, and then someone by the name of Auntie Sue told the human to try my leash.  I gave in and trotted down the steps to my waiting breakfast!   YUM.   ANOTHER walk…?   Even though the walks are not too fun, the new smells are very interesting, and I thanked the human for giving me as much time to sniff as I wanted.   I started to wag my tail again.  I guess it’s not too bad.



July 6, 2019

It’s a rough day for me.  All of my family was crying, but then these two humans helped me in a Jeep and drove me away.  I’m scared.  I hurt my leg getting in the jeep and wouldn’t get out.  Then my friend, Cheyenne, got in with me and showed me how to get out!   Thank heavens for friends.   I’ll write more tomorrow, for now, I just want to figure out why all of my stuff is here?



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