Mojo Chocolate Labrador Retriever, 12 Years Old

August 28, 2018

Mojo (Mo) is a 12 year old, 120lb chocolate lab. He is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. He has a bit of arthritis so a home workout too many steps would be a plus, although he’s been navigating my hardwood stairs with a little assistance. His arthritis is being managed with a twice a day pain reliever that will run about $30/mo.

He would be best suited to a low key, quiet family that spends time at home and doesn’t run around too much. He’s good with kids (currently living with a 4 and 6 year old). He was reported to like other dogs at the shelter and lived with one in his previous home. He’s also great with cats, but will get into their food (and litter box if unsupervised!!).

Mo likes slow, short walks, car rides, sleeping, chew toys (LOVES toys – the more stuffing, the better!!), chewing on ice, chasing balls (but only once or twice, he runs out of steam quickly!!) Did I mention sleeping?! Mo loves to nap!! And he’ll do it just about anywhere!! He may have arthritis but it won’t stop him from climbing up on sofas or even someone’s bed (we had a bit of a Goldilocks situation at my house!!).

Mo isn’t much of a barker but will definitely let you know if someone’s at the door or if he thinks he’s being neglected. It’s unclear how many commands he knows, he’s very selective in when he chooses to comply but he’s so well-mannered it hardly matters! He loves to be wherever you are and is always excited to see you, even if it’s been 5 minutes. So if you’re looking for a slow paced companion to snore at your feet no matter where or what you’re doing, Mo is the dog for you!!

August 1, 2018

chocolate labrador retriever and girlMojo (Mo) is such a good boy!!! We had family in town over the weekend and he met so many new people, and didn’t have an issue with people running in and out. He does have an alert bark if someone comes in the house that he’s not expecting but warms up quickly (he’ll make a TERRIBLE guard dog!!). He does react to other dogs and I’m not sure if he’s just excited…he doesn’t seem upset but he’s very hard to hold when he see another dog and he barks like he’s shouting at them. He wants very badly to get to them!! On the other hand, he’s also fairly easy to distract if you catch him in time, before he gets too worked up 🙂

Mo has finished most of his medications and is really struggling with his arthritis. Once the pain medication was gone, his mobility and ease of navigating the house was severely impacted. He has an appointment with the vet this Friday.  Speaking with them it seems likely they’ll leave him on some sort of pain management for the long haul.

Mo really likes being outside especially if that’s where the family is. We spent most of Saturday outside and the poor guy was absolutely spent!! It seemed to take him several days to recover from all the excitement.chocolate labrador retriever laying in the grass with tennis ball

Speaking of excitement, he’s finally figured out how to use his dog bed!!! My children aren’t thrilled as they’d gotten quite used to spending time on it and now they all have to share 🙂 We’ve also discovered that he prefers someone to fetch his toys AND hold them so he can chew. Big baby…chocolate labrador retriever laying on dog bed

July 24, 2018

 chocolate labrador retriever sleepingMojo continues to settle in and adjust to life in our sometimes crazy house. He stayed home alone all day yesterday with a quick 20 minute potty break at lunch and did fabulous! He’s helping me work from home today 🙂 He slept in my kiddos bedroom last night and they were so excited to see him there this morning. I thought I heard thunder in the middle of the night, but it was actually just Mo, snoring away 😉 He hasn’t had any accidents, loves to play (in small spurts), and even occasionally gives in to my requests to “sit” or “come”. He still doesn’t have much of an appetite so getting his evening dose of medications in has been a struggle.

July 23, 2018

Mojo might be the most chill dog I’ve ever encountered! He stayed home alone for about 4 hours yesterday and did fantastic. He barked for a few minutes after we left but quieted down quickly (yes, I stuck around to creep!!). He was gated in the kitchen again, which I’ve learned he does not appreciate! Fun fact about Mojo – nothing will rouse this dog after he’s decided its bedtime!!! He goes down with the sun and will refuse to move until he’s good and ready, and at 130lbs there’s no budging him! I intended to make his bedroom in the kitchen but quickly learned that he’s more than capable of deciding where to sleep and last night be chose my bedroom floor. And this dude snores like a freight train!!!

The shelter said he had an enlarged prostate and that he will likely need to go out every few hours or will have accidents but I couldn’t get him to go out that often to save my life. We went for a quick walk yesterday but his kennel cough and collar are proving to be a significant hurdle. He’s eating a little more which is helping get some of his medicine down but he’s still coughing quite a bit.
The only behavioral concern I have is his barking. He seems to bark when he’s excited, I think?? But it’s very loud and constant, you can’t get him to stop. My kids run for cover and plug their ears when he gets going! Luckily his stamina isn’t what a young pup’s would be and he runs out of steam after a few minutes.

July 22, 2018

Mojo (the girls and I have been calling him Mo) has settled in nicely. He was a little anxious for the first hour or so but it really didn’t take long to calm down. He immediately jumped into the toy basket and has been carrying poor Tigger around ever since. I have to convince him that Tigger does NOT need to go potty too!! He has a very loud bark but only seems to use it when he gets excited, and being 12 he runs out of steam very quickly 🙂
chocolate labrador retriever sleeping on his backMo is on several medications (kennel cough, lyme disease) and doesn’t have much of an appetite, and has been sleeping a lot since we brought him home. He’s got a mean snore!! He doesn’t do well with stairs (mine are hardwood) and I was worried about him trying to navigate them overnight so I babygated him in the kitchen. He never made a sound all night long, and when I got up at 6am to let him out, he refused and went back to sleep 🙂 He seems to know some commands but is selective about when he chooses to follow them 🙂 He met our cat by accident. I had planned to keep them separated for a few days but the cat’s curiosity bumped up that timeline! They did fine!! Mo was very interested but not enough to put any energy into investigating 🙂
Looking forward to seeing how he changes as he gets more comfortable and starts feeling better!!

July 21, 2018

Mojo is a 12 year old male who was surrendered to the York SPCA. He is very sweet and submissive, has lived with another dog and cats, and is extremely playful and puppy-like. He loves everyone and enjoys playing with his Kong and other toys. Welcome to the Brookline family, Mojo

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