Molly #24 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 2.5 Months Old ID #2645

November 23, 2020

black labrador retriever mixMolly is getting so big!!  We had a great visit at the vet this last week for her vaccinations and an overall check-up.  When she got her shots she was such a champ and looked like she was wondering why someone was poking her in the back leg!

black labrador retriever mixMolly was also the featured guest at an outdoor fitness class at a local park.  She said hi to everyone, joined us for a few downward facing dogs, and sat quietly on a blanket (even as other dogs passed by).

black labrador retriever mixShe’s not exactly potty-trained quite yet, but Molly will let me know when she has to go outside, most of the time.  She’s so incredibly smart and a very fast learner!

November 13, 2020

black labrador retriever mixMolly is such a good pup!  Most of the time, she lets me know when she has to go outside to potty by walking to the back door. It was raining so hard a couple of nights ago, she went outside just far enough, which was on the doormat, peed and came right back in.

black labrador retriever mixWe’re not making a lot of progress with crate training, however, she walked into it all by herself!  As soon as I closed to gate so I could take the older dogs for their morning walk, she started barking and crying.  Fortunately, she calms herself down, but it’s still sad for me to hear.  We’ve been working on Molly being in her crate while everyone’s at home so she starts feeling comfortable in there.  She’s just happiest next to another warm body.


November 10, 2020

black labrador retriever mix Molly is slowly settling into life in New Jersey.  After we picked her up in Landsdale, we made a stop at our cousin’s for breakfast and coffee.  Molly was so sweet and snuggled on everyone’s laps.  Once back in Jersey, she got a nice warm bath and met her two older foster brothers.  Molly is a little shy and definitely did not know if she should be afraid of Marley or play with him as he is 10 times bigger!  After tumbling in the grass a few times, she quickly learned how to hold her own!  She’s definitely not afraid of my bigger dogs and LOVES to be in their faces and chase after them with her little legs.
black labrador retriever mixThank goodness for this amazing weather, we’ve been taking advantage and going outside a lot.  So far, she’s only had one accident in the house.  The first night, I put her in her crate when we went to sleep.  Molly whined for a little bit, then feel asleep.  She did let me know that she had to go out every 2-2.5 hours.  That was brutal.  Then she cried and whined each time I put her back in her crate.  I slept on the floor next to her crate so she could see me until she calmed down.  After the 3rd bathroom trip, I decided we were just going to sleep on the couch together.  Last night, we slept the whole night on the couch.  I did wake her up a couple of times to go outside, but she did not cry all night.  She’s such a cuddler, so I think this was very soothing for her.  We’ll try the crate again in a day or two, I just want to get her to settle in and hopefully decide that she doesn’t have to worry about being in her crate.
black labrador retriever mixI’m thinking Molly is definitely not much of a lab.  Her coloring may give her away, but she definitely has shepard-like ears and paws like a catahoula.  Oh, not to mention that she’s an incredibly finicky eater.  She ate the puppy food for the first two meals, then yesterday decided she didn’t want it.  I mixed in a few pieces of chicken, and still nothing.  She tried to eat some of Marley’s food, so I put some of his large kibble in her bowl.  She had a few pieces, then decided she didn’t want to eat that anymore.  I’ll keep trying and see if I can find the one that’s just right.  Hopefully, she still feels a little unsettled and will start eating regularly soon.

black labrador retriever mix

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