Molly #25 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old ID#3030

July 4, 2022

Hi Everybody!

Happy Independence Day!  I’m celebrating my Independence, too – Independence from Puppies!  All my puppies have gone to their wonderful new homes.  So now I get to be the center of attention again!  YAY!chocolate labrador retriever

My FM’s said it’s time to look for MY forever family.  So, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what I’m looking for.

I love people!  Obviously, my forever family will have people.  But I’d like it to have people who love having me around – because I like to stick close to my people.  I follow my FM around and always want to check out what she’s doing.  FM says I have a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out).  Maybe I do.  I always like to see what’s going on!

I’m great with other dogs.  FM says I’m more people focused than dog-focused, but I like to share a dog bed with Rubble and use his butt as a pillow.  It’s nice having Rubble and Floyd around for company.  But if my new family doesn’t have another dog, that’s okay, too.  As long as I have my human buddies to hang out with, I’m good.  Besides, humans can throw tennis balls.  Dogs can’t.

Yeah, I LOVE tennis balls.  I love to chase them… jump in the water after them… carry them around… I hope my new family has a big supply of tennis balls!

I want a family that will be patient with me and understand that, even though I’m five years old, I just started learning stuff a few months ago.  Before that I had run of a farm and didn’t have to follow any rules or commands.  I’ve learned some things while at my foster home.  At least that is what my FM’s think.  They are so proud of me for learning “SIT”.  I don’t want to tell them I’ve been sitting all my life.  But it makes them happy and I get a treat for it, so it’s cool.  They are working to teach me other things, like “WAIT” and “STAY”.  But apparently, I’m a “work in progress”.  So, I need a family who is cool with that.

FM says I need to be spayed so that I won’t have any more puppies.  I can’t have that done for another month, so I need a family who will take care of that when it’s time.  FM says I’m “shrinking up” nicely now that I’m done nursing my puppies.

chocolate labrador retriever

FM says I’ll be posted soon so I sure hope my forever family is ready for me!  ❤

Love, Molly

June 28. 2022

Well gang, this is it… the final “pupdate”.  Four of Molly’s puppies will leave us tomorrow to join their forever families.  (Mac will hang out with us until Saturday.)  We will really miss these beautiful pups.  We won’t miss the incredibly smelly mess they make in the puppy pen!  LOL But we will miss them.  😊

Today we weighed the puppies and gave them their last dose of dewormer.  Those of you who have met the puppies will be surprised to know that Pete is not the biggest puppy!  Mac, Arthur, and Andre (who was the smallest puppy at birth, even smaller than Billie Jean) are the biggest pups weighing in at 12.2 lbs.  Pete is 11.6 lbs. and sweet, petite Billie Jean is 10.6 lbs.

We have introduced the puppies to many new things while they were here – different rooms in the house, the back yard and the front lawn, concrete patio and grass, – in an attempt to broaden their worlds and build their confidence.  They have been very well socialized with people, from toddlers to seniors and everything in between.  Thanks to everyone who helped with that!  😊 They have been socialized with other dogs.  Yesterday and today each puppy got a chance to “explore” the yard on their own, one at a time.  I stuck close to the puppy, but Andre still managed to fall into the pool. 😯 I scooped him right out and he didn’t seem to be upset about it.  In fact, prior to falling in the pool, Andre was moving slowly and timidly.  After falling in the pool, he was bouncing around, wagging his tail, and looking more confident.  I thought that was interesting!

Tomorrow, Andre, Billie Jean, Pete, and Arthur will head home with their very lucky forever families.  Mac will go home with his lucky family on Saturday.  We look forward to wonderful updates on the puppies.  We know they will bring their families much joy, just as they have for us.

Since this is the final pupdate, I decided to share the puppy pics and video in a more animated way!  Enjoy three minutes of puppy heaven. ❤

June 19, 2022

Molly’s puppies are doing great!  They grow bigger – and, if possible, cuter – every day.  They turned 6 weeks old on June 14th.  They got another dose of dewormer meds which meant it was weigh-in day.yellow Labrador Retriever

Uh-oh guys … I think we need a bigger scale!  They puppies have outgrown the postal scale.

yellow Labrador RetrieverMy, how they have grown!  The 4 boys are the same weight (11.6 pounds) and Billie Jean about 1 pound less.

On Thursday, the puppies went to the vet for their first vaccinations.  Taking five puppies to the vet requires a few extra “tools”!

Before weighing each puppy, Dr. Holmsten tried to guess the pup’s weight.  He was sure that some of the boys were bigger than the other.  But he got the same results we did – all 4 boys were the same weight and Billie Jean was a pound less.  He was really surprised because Pete and Arthur look bigger than the other boys.

yellow Labrador Retriever
The official weigh-in!

Dr. Holmsten said the puppies look great and he agrees that they look like purebred Labs.  We’ll never know, since Molly’s not talking, but it sure looks like daddy is a Lab.

The puppies will go to their forever homes starting June 28th.  When I’m cleaning their (very messy and stinky) puppy pen, I’m ready for them to go!  But the rest of the time I want time to stand still so we can snuggle them forever.  ❤  They are so sweet and so beautiful.  Their forever families are very lucky!Labrador Retriever puppies

June 18, 2022

Hi Everybody!

It’s me, Molly!

chocolate labrador retriever

I know it’s been a minute since I emailed.  I’ve been busy being a mom to FIVE babies…and, more importantly, swimming in the cement pond!

My babies turned 6 weeks old on Tuesday.  They are getting big.  They had lots of visitors last week.  It was pretty cool because all the visitors gave me some loving, too, and told me what a good mommy I am.

Now that my puppies are eating puppy food, they are not supposed to nurse anymore.  But every time I’m near them, they latch on.  So, my FM’s got me a “suitical” to wear around my puppies.   What do you think?chocolate labrador retriever

My puppies didn’t know what to do!

With that problem solved, I decided to focus on another important task.chocolate labrador retriever

You guessed it!  Retrieving tennis balls from the cement pond!  I’ve been working on my diving skills.


chocolate labrador retriever

Pretty good, huh?  I even get two balls sometimes!

FM says my puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes soon and that means I’ll be able to go to my forever home, too.  If you’re looking for a super sweet girl who is the best-ever tennis ball retriever, I may be your girl!

Love, Molly

June 16, 2022

Just a quick “pupdate” so you can see how Molly’s puppies have grown!  The puppies turned 6 weeks old yesterday.  They are not-so-little bundles of crazy energy, needle teeth, and puppy cuteness!

black Labrador Retriever

More to come when I have a few free minutes!  😉

May 31, 2022

The puppies had their first taste of (liquified) puppy food. It was a rough start for Mac. 😂

But they eventually got the hang of it!

They still prefer nursing and get very excited anytime Mommy is near. But Molly is ready to hand over some feedings to us!  She doesn’t nurse for as long as she used to. Can’t blame her – the puppies have teeth now!  They have started to chew on Molly, each other, and us with those little needle teeth!  Nursing is also more difficult now because it’s harder for all the pups to fit!chocolate labrador retriever

Molly is enjoying more free time to chase tennis balls and swim in the “cement pond”. She is obsessed with chasing tennis balls!  By evening, she’s ready for a nap. So is Rubble. But they would both jump up and race to the door if we went towards it. 😂 I wish I had their energy.yellow and chocolate labrador retriever

May 20, 2022

Hi Everybody!

Guess what?  The cement pond is opened!  I was the first one in!  My FMs threw tennis balls in the pond and I jumped in and got them.  I took turns with Floyd and Rubble.  They love the cement pond, too.  FM said we still have to fill up the pond and clean it.  But us kids think it’s just fine the way it is.  It was nice to have some “me” time.  My puppies have been keeping me really busy.  I try my best to be a really good mommy.  But sometimes, you just need to be a pup yourself, ya know?

My puppies are doing great.  They’re getting bigger every day.  Pretty soon they won’t need me so much and I’ll get spend all my time in the cement pond!

I know you all like to see how cute my puppies are, so here you go.

FM said it’s going to be really hot this weekend.   See you in the cement pond!

Love, Molly

May 19, 2022

The pups are growing fast!  They are all over 3 pounds. Billie Jean is the smallest. Pete and Arthur are tied for the largest.

Labrador Retriever Puppies
Top to bottom: Mac, Billie Jean, Andre, Arthur, and Pete.


The puppies’ eyes are open now!  Except, of course, when they are sleeping … which is most of the time!


They are starting to walk. They push themselves up, wobble a bit, and fall down again. But they do manage to get around!  Yesterday they all managed to climb out of the plastic tub they are in when they saw and smelled mommy standing beside it!  It’s so much fun to watch them grow and develop. 🥰

May 12, 2022

Molly’s puppies are 1 week old (yesterday).  Time for the 1-week weigh-ins!  Look how much they’ve grown!

Rubble has been dying to get a look at the puppies since he heard the first puppy squeak.  We let him have a peek today.yellow Labrador Retriever

Luckily, Molly didn’t seem to mind a bit!yellow and chocolate labrador retriever

She’s very tolerant of everyone wanting to see her puppies.  But she keeps a close eye on anyone who is visiting!  She’s such a good mommy.

May 10, 2022

Hi Everybody,

Boy, have I had a busy week!  Tomorrow my puppies will be 1 week old.  They have been keeping my busy.  If any of you have had puppies before, you know how much work it is!  My puppies have been eating like crazy and growing like crazy.  Look how big they are already!

FM says I have the cutest puppies.  I think she’s right!

Tonight, I went to see the doctor to have the staples removed from my belly.  I wanted to take my puppies along to show them off.  So, we packed them up and off we went.Labrador Retriever Puppies

Everyone at the doctor’s office was so excited to meet my puppies.  Everyone talks about the funny noises my puppies make.  But you should have heard these humans squealing, ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ when they saw my puppies.  Talk about funny noises!

The doctor said my staples were “sure stretched out” … something about my belly being much bigger than when he put the staples in.  I wasn’t sure if I should be insulted or not, but then he said I’m a really sweet dog and he kept talking about how beautiful my puppies are.  So, I decided not to be insulted.  I figured I would be happy instead.chocolate labrador retriever

Of course, while we were there, my puppies needed another snack.  Sigh.  A mother’s work is never done.Labrador Retrievers

But they sure are cute, aren’t they?

Love, Molly

May 5, 2022

Hi Everybody,

As promised, FM is filling in for Molly today because she is quite busy.  Yes, Molly’s puppies have arrived.  Her first puppy, a yellow boy, was born at 12:00AM on May 3rd, and weighed 15 oz.chocolate labrador retriever

Puppy #2, a black girl, was born at 1:11AM and weighed in at 1lb 2 oz.

Puppy #3, a golden/brown boy, was born at 1:14AM and weighed 1 lb. 4 oz.

Puppy #4, a black boy, was born at 2:40AM and weighed 1 lb. 1 oz.

Puppy #5, a yellow boy, was born at 3:03AM and weighed 1 lb. 3 oz.chocolate labrador retriever

Mommy Molly looked quite pleased…chocolate labrador retriever.and exhausted… …when all was said and done!

Molly and her puppies are doing well.  Molly being such a good mommy.  She’s very attentive to the puppies and spends most of her time with them.  She comes out of the puppy pen to spend some time with “the grown-ups”, but makes frequent trips back to the puppy pen to check on her puppies, nurse them, and snuggle with them.Labrador Retriever puppies

Other than her puppies, Molly’s favorite thing in the world is a tennis ball.  You’ll rarely see her without one in her mouth.  In fact, there’s usually one in with her puppies, too!Labrador Retriever puppies

In honor of Molly’s love of tennis balls, we decided to name her puppies after some famous tennis players.  So, allow me to introduce you to.

yellow Labrador Retriever
Arthur (Ashe)

Stay tuned for updates and pictures of Molly’s beautiful pups as they grow!

May 2, 2022

Hi Everybody,

Molly here!  Just checking in to let everyone know how things are going at Camp McGee.chocolate labrador retriever

FM says I’m starting to look pregnant.  What do you think?chocolate labrador retriever

Here’s another view.  I got my belly shaved when I went to the doctor to get fixed.  But then Doc noticed my puppies and stopped.  So I guess I’m still broken.chocolate labrador retriever

FM has been checking my temperature every day to see if my puppies will arrive soon.  Yesterday my temp went down by one degree. So, it might be soon. But then again, it might not.  FM has been reading stuff on the internet, but there’s conflicting information so FM doesn’t know what it right.  I told her my puppies will come out when they’re done cookin’ and there’s nothing, we can do to make them cook faster!

Last night I was panting a bunch and FM said my puppies were having a dance party in my belly.  But no puppies yet.  FM set up a cozy spot for me in the office.  She said I might want to have my puppies there.  Rubble had to try it out first.yellow and chocolate labrador retriever

He gave it two paws up.  So I gave it a try. chocolate labrador retriever

It is very comfy.  But I kept getting up and sleeping on the cool floor instead.  I’m not used so much warmth.  I’ve been an outside girl all my life!  I love being outside.  Even when I’m inside, I like to look outside!yellow and chocolate Labrador Retriever

Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy being inside, too – especially when I’m with my foster moms.  I like to be wherever they are.  But my most favorite thing is when it’s warm and sunny outside and we all spend time outside!

Did I mention that I love to chase tennis balls?  That’s probably my favorite thing to do.  FM says I don’t act pregnant, running after tennis balls like I do.  I don’t know what that means.  But I don’t know how anyone can resist chasing a tennis ball – pregnant or not!

Well, that’s the scoop from here – just hanging outside, enjoying the sunshine and tennis balls, and waiting for my puppies to be ready.  FM said she’ll let everyone know when it’s puppy time.  I’ll be kind of busy so I might not be able to write!chocolate labrador retriever

Love, Molly

April 23, 2022

Hi Everybody!

Molly here! chocolate labrador retriever

It’s been a minute since I updated you and I have a lot to tell you.  So, hang on!  I have some big news.  I promise it will be worth the wait!


chocolate labrador retriever

I loved the warm weather we had last week.  I love being outside – especially when I’m outside, with my FM, and with tennis balls!

After chasing tennis balls in yard, I love to cool off in the cement pond.  Floyd and Rubble said I might get to swim in the cement pond if I’m still around this summer.  (Guess what – I will be!  Stay tuned!)

FM says don’t worry – the cover on the cement pond is strapped on securely and is strong enough to hold an elephant!

FM calls me Velcro because I follow her everywhere.  Yep, even into the bathroom.  She likes having a shadow, though.  She says I’m a nudge when she’s trying to tie her shoes and I’m sticking my nose under her hands.  But she laughs, too, so I know she likes it.

FM thinks I’m catching on to this housebreaking thing.  I haven’t had an oopsie in the house in over a week.  They still keep a close eye on me and take me outside often.  But the other day, FM opened the office gate to go into the other room and I came out of the office, went down the hall all by myself, and went through the doggie door to go outside.  FM looked out the window and saw me going potty in the yard.  She was so proud of me.

I got to meet lots of new people last weekend.  First, Lorraine, Gary, and Sam came to meet me because I might go and stay with them if I’m still living here when my FM’s go away in May.  (Guess what – I’ll still be living here!  More on that later!)  I loved meeting them and wasn’t shy at all.  They came with treats.  They know the way to a girl’s heart. chocolate labrador retriever

I got to meet lots more people over the weekend – some were big and some were really little.  The youngest one, a 1-year-old boy, thought I was really cool.  I did great meeting everyone.  Everyone sat around a big table in the dining room to eat dinner.  I wasn’t allowed in because I like to stick my nose on the table to see what’s up there.  I sat in the living room, on the other side of the gate, quietly watching everyone.  FM said I was such a good girl.  Later someone left the gate open and I snuck into the dining room.  I sat beside FM and nudged her elbow a few times, but I didn’t get into any trouble.  FM was very proud of me.

On Wednesday, my FM’s took me to a Vet clinic at a pet store.  I went to one on my first day off the farm.  I was really nervous that day.  Nelson had to carry me into the store and out of the store.  But not this time.  Nope, this time I walked in all by myself!chocolate labrador retriever

Check me out!  I just keep making my foster moms prouder and prouder!

I got a package this week from Brookline!  It had toys and treats and all kinds of really cool stuff!  Can anyone guess what my favorite thing in the box was?

Did you guess tennis ball??  That’s right!  This morning FM took me to the doctor to get “fixed”.  I didn’t feel “broken”, but whatever.  I don’t like getting into the car so FM tossed a tennis ball in…. and I hopped right in after it!chocolate labrador retriever

A little bit later the doctor called FM to say he couldn’t fix me.  Guess I wasn’t broken after all.  He also told FM that I’m pregnant.chocolate labrador retriever

UH – did I neglect to mention that, FM?? Sorry ‘bout that.

But I guess now you know that you should be feeding me more!  I’m eating for a litter of pups, you know!chocolate labrador retriever

My puppies should arrive in 4-5 weeks.  So yeah, I’ll be hanging out at my foster home for a few more months!  How’s that for BIG NEWS?!  I told you this update was worth waiting for!




April 11, 2022


Foster Mom (FM) said I should introduce myself to everyone.  I’m Molly!  I’m a 5-year-old chocolate Lab.  I moved to my foster home a few days ago.  Things are going great.  My yard here isn’t nearly as big as the farm I used to live on.  But at least there is a pond where I can cool off.  It’s a cement pond, but that’s okay.  Floyd says it’s even better in the summertime when they take the cover off.  We never covered the pond on the farm.  I could swim all year long. I guess they do things different in these parts.  It’s too bad because I love to swim.

My first two days here were fun.  I discovered tennis balls.  How did I ever live without them?  At the farm, I played fetch with a pine cone.  I still love pine cones, but tennis balls are so much better!  They roll and bounce.  I race Floyd and Rubble across the yard to see who can get it first.  We take turns winning.

Today FM told me I had to hang out in the office with her because she had to work.  I didn’t know that meant, but I like being with FM so I was happy.  But you know what?  “WORK” is boring.

chocolate labrador retrieverI mean, REALLY BORING.

If anyone ever asks you if you want “WORK”, tell them no thanks.

Do we really have to do this all day?

chocolate labrador retrieverI tried to be patient.  But there was a perfectly good tennis ball just waiting to be thrown.  I tried moving it around, thinking FM would get the message.

chocolate labrador retrieverBut she just kept doing that work thing.  BORING.  I sure hope we don’t ever have to do that again!

FM said the lighting in the office makes my fur look black in these pictures.  But don’t be fooled.  I’m a beautiful chocolate girl!  See – another reason to stay away from that “work” place!

After work, me and FM went next door to see our neighbor, Ma, and her little dog Buster.  I walked right over with FM, but when she opened the door, I got nervous and didn’t want to go inside.  After a little coaxing, I went in.  Then we all went out in the back yard to play.  Buster and I chased tennis balls and I sniffed the whole yard.  When it was time to go back into the house, I pranced right through the door without hesitation.  I got a treat from Ma and then I came back home with FM.  Outside we saw another neighbor and her dog.  I was feeling kind of shy so I didn’t want to get close to them.  Her dog came over to say hello, but the lady didn’t get close.  She could see I didn’t want her to.  FM said it was okay.  I’m still getting settled and there are so many new things to get used to.

Then we went out to play in our yard with Floyd and Rubble.  I chased tennis balls and cooled off in the cement pond.  So the day was not a complete loss.  But if I never have to do that “work” thing again, it will be too soon!



April 10, 2022

Yesterday we met Autumn and Nelson at Tractor Supply Company to pick up little Miss Molly.  First on the agenda was to get Molly inside TSC for the vet clinic.  Luckily, Autumn and Nelson stuck around to help because Nelson had to carry Molly into the store.  Once in the store, she wagged her tail a few times, but she still would not willingly walk.  We managed to get her to the spot where the vet was set up.  Molly was a very good girl when she got her vaccinations.  Then Nelson scooped her up and carried her outside again.  Not an easy feat considering we had to walk between racks of clothing to get out!  It’s a good thing Molly is a petite girl.

We didn’t notice how stinky Molly was until we got her in the car with all the windows closed.  Good golly, Miss Molly!  You smell like a farm!  Other than the stench, the car ride was a breeze.  She settled into he back seat and only moved when inched forward to nudge my arm with her nose.  She wanted some attention which was a great sign for a girl fresh off the farm!chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverWhen we got home, Mary helped Molly out of the car and got her into the yard.  Then Molly put on the brakes.  She stood just inside the gate and refused to move.  Our neighbor’s dog was in his yard, barking excitedly because there was a “new dog” in our yard.  We’re not sure if that’s what caused Molly to freeze or if it was just the newness of everything.  But she wasn’t moving!chocolate labrador retrieverWe thought she might be willing to come in if she saw other dogs in the yard.  So I let Rubble and Floyd out.  Molly was nervous for about three seconds when the boys greeted her, and then relaxed.  She eventually made her way into the yard and started exploring.chocolate labrador retrieverShe really came alive when I threw a tennis ball.  Molly loves to fetch!  She was a little hesitant chasing the first ball.  But after that she was tearing after the balls with the boys.  She followed them right onto the pool cover without hesitation.

When it was time to come inside, Molly didn’t want to go down the steps to the basement door.  So we tossed a tennis ball down – and down she went.  The girl loves tennis balls and almost always has one in her mouth!chocolate labrador retrieverOnce inside, Molly got a bath.  She was very good for it.  She feels (and smells!) so much better now.chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverMolly has some scars on her face.  We don’t know what they are from.  The farmer who surrendered Molly got her from another farmer 2 years ago. She came to him with the scars and he didn’t know the story behind them.  He had planned to breed Molly, but never got around to it.  Molly had one litter when she was with him.  That was the result of a secret rendezvous Molly had – and she refused to name the baby daddy.  The farmer said Molly had 7 healthy puppies and he found homes for all of them.  After that, he decided breeding wasn’t for him.

Molly is a counter surfer.  She’s short so can’t reach the counters very well.  But a plate of food on a table would not be safe with Molly! She will keep us on our toes.

Molly slept in her crate last night.  She wasn’t too happy about it and complained – whimpering and howling – for about 40 minutes before finally going to sleep.  She woke up around 6AM and Mary took her out to potty.  When they came back inside, Mary let Molly hang out in her room in the hopes that Molly would settle so Mary could go back to sleep.  But… Molly hadn’t taken care of all her business outside.  Oops.  Mary was soon up again cleaning up poop.  Molly has had several accidents.  Housebreaking is our top priority.

Molly met several people today and greeted them happily.  She wasn’t anxious or timid at all.  She’s very comfortable here already.   She was looking out the front door today and wagged her tail when she saw people walking by.  It will be interesting to see how she reacts when we take her someplace new.  Hopefully, her confidence will continue to grow, and each new thing will be a little less scary for her.

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