Molly #27 Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Female 1.5 Years Old ID #3076

September 7, 2022

Hey y’all! I had such an exciting holiday weekend. Foster mom took me to DC to meet my puppy cousins. She keeps telling me that car rides are fun and they take me to places that I like. I’m starting to think she’s right!yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

After my car ride, I got to play with lots of other dogs – big and small! I had so much fun playing with dogs that are around my size. I also enjoyed meeting my foster aunts and uncles. They gave me treats and told me I was a very good girl. I was pretty tired after all that play time. Once we got home, I tucked myself into bed.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

Foster mom says we’re still practicing car rides. She keeps taking me to different places to show me that car rides are fun! Today, we went to IKEA and the dog park.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix I had so much and did such a great job in the car. We’re making progress everyday so I’m ready for my forever home.

August 25, 2022

Hi friends! Foster mom checking in for Molly. She had quite the adventure this past week. After staying with her friends Liz and Boomer (thank you so much!!), we went for a visit back home. She did fairly well in the car, although we’re still working on manners while driving. I would highly recommend a doggy seatbelt or a divider between the front and back seat if you plan on traveling a bit with her. Once we arrived, Molly was introduced to my parents’ labs. They were quite the trio! Once they warmed up to each other, it was a real party! They played until they slept and woke up and did it again!

This is great news for potential adopters that already have pets.

She did pretty well throughout the duration of the trip. We’re still working on improving our leash skills and our inside voice, though. Before we left, I let her go to my grandparent’s farm and run around so she would be tired for the car ride. Let me tell you, she loved the open space! She took off running and kept a steady pace for about 20 minutes. She got a little too excited in her journey and found herself in the creek. This was her first time in water and she seemed to love it. After she found her way out of the creek, she pleasantly got into the car and drove with me back to Philadelphia. She did very well on this ride on account she was asleep for nearly the entire trip.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

She was so happy to get home and get settled this afternoon. However, I couldn’t let her get too comfortable without a bath. After a little hesitation, she jumped in the tub and let me scrub her down. She doesn’t seem too bothered by bath time at all. Although, she may argue that the dip in the creek was not worth the bath.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

She is the sweetest girl, and she is going to make the perfect addition to a very lucky family. As soon as we get those manners down, she will be available for adoption.

August 5, 2022

Hey Friends,

Life in the city is going well. I’m getting more and more comfortable as each day passes. Foster mom says I may be getting too comfortable because I forget my manners sometimes. I say I’m just living large. Foster mom takes me everywhere with her. Today I got to try another one of her favorites – Starbucks! I got my very first pup cup and I will be going back very soon for another.

Foster mom is proud of my progress but says I need to work on a few things before I get to my forever home. I think I’m going to be ready before she knows it! She always tells me how smart I am and I would do anything for treats! Time for me to go enjoy another adventure this weekend! More soon!


August 1, 2022

Hey Friends! I had a very busy weekend, and I’m a little late with this update. Foster mom graduated on Friday, and she brought lots of friends and family for me to meet. I absolutely loved all the attention and socialization. I really love to be around people! Foster mom made me into a tour guide this weekend as she showed her family around the city. I was able to go almost everywhere. Foster mom even let me come to dinner! I see why she likes going out to eat so much. The highlight of my weekend was showing my foster family Independence Hall. They thought I was a real local with my navigation skills! I’m sad I couldn’t go to graduation, but foster mom gave me free roam of her apartment. I was such a good girl. I only chewed on my toys and I was nice and quiet for the neighbors. Foster mom doesn’t think I need a crate anymore which is really exciting! I’m really settling into city life and I’m a very happy girl. More soon!yellow Labrador Retriever Mix


July 27, 2022

Hey Friends,

I’m back in action! Foster mom introduced me to lots of her friends this weekend, and I’m so excited to meet everyone in the family. I’m very friendly and social, but I can be energetic meeting new people. Foster mom keeps treats on her always, and she gives them to me when I sit down. Sometimes, I’ll skip the treat to give hugs to humans, though. I love my hugs! Foster mom says we’re still working on it. It’s been a busy week with foster mom getting ready for graduation. We’ve been running lots errands. I even got to go to Target! I see why foster mom loves it there so much. Foster mom takes me almost everywhere, but sometimes I can’t come – lame! I got to stay in the apartment without going into my crate for the first time, and I loved it. It was the perfect time to sleep without sharing the bed with foster mom! It’s going to be a busy weekend with the rest of my family visiting. I can’t wait to tell you all about. Chat soon!yellow Labrador Retriever Mix



July 25, 2022

Foster mom filling in for Molly! Yesterday was pretty hectic, but I was proud of her behavior. She is a social butterfly and loves meeting new dogs and new people. Molly was pretty worn out today. She spent her Monday napping and helping me out with work. She finds work from home rather boring and would much rather be on a walk. We were on our afternoon walk when it began to storm outside. Molly was unbothered by the rain or the thunder. She is so easy going and is going to make an amazing pet for one very lucky family. We’re hoping Molly will be well rested and ready to chat tomorrow.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

July 25, 2022

Hey Y’all,

Foster mom let me sleep with her last night and I got to show off my snuggling skills. I like to wake up around 7 am and get my day started. Foster mom took me for my morning walk like usual, and I was pretty tired after that. When I was napping, this crazy alarm went off! Foster mom told me it was the fire alarm, and I had to go outside until it was safe. Some really nice humans helped me get down all those stairs and make it outside safely. Foster mom was so proud of me. Everyone wanted to meet me and tell how brave I was! I even got to chat with one of the firefighters. He told me everything was ok and I could go back inside.

I had to walk up all those stairs they carried me down, so it will be an early night for me.

More soon!

XOXO, Molly

July 23, 2022

Hey y’all! My name is Molly and I am a yellow Lab mix that is 45 lbs. of cuteness.  I finally made my long trip from Mississippi to Philly. Foster mom said I was so brave to travel that far. Thankfully, I had some good friends to keep me company during the drive. I was a little shy meeting foster mom, but she seemed really excited to meet me. She even had a bone and a stuffy waiting for me! yellow Labrador Retriever MixI got a little hyper in the car but I was just excited to see the city. I really feel like I was missing out because city life is too fun! I get lots of pats from people on the streets and even made some new friends on my first walk. I’m good with people, but I really like other dogs!! I’m a little overwhelmed adjusting to my new life, but foster mom told me that moving is hard for everyone. Foster mom says I’m the sweetest pup out there, but I need to practice my manners. I’m so excited for more walks through the city with my new easy walk harness – it’s my favorite thing so far!! I’m so excited for my new life up here. More soon!yellow Labrador Retriever Mix


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