Molly Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 8 Years Old

December 28, 2019

black Labrador Retriever mix with sign

December 15, 2019

Happy Holidays. I helped foster Mom with the tree and spent some time with foster grandma too. Grandma always makes me smile and so does Grandpa. My foster mom says I would love to be adopted by an older human or someone who needs an affectionate and loving best buddy. I have so much love to give. I did great with  spay surgery and I am healing well. Please check me out! I am hoping to find my New Years Labrador Retriever mix

November 24, 2019

I had my teeth and ears cleaned and x-rays of my hip. My x-rays didn’t show any problem with my hips. It runs out that I was already spayed but not mark with to show that I was. I am back with my foster mom resting.

November 19, 2019

black Labrador Retriever mix sittingI have been with my Foster Mom for 2 weeks now. She says I am a very good girl. She leaves in the morning at 6:30 am and I see her again around 3:30pm. I guard her home by sitting at the front door and doing some occasional barking. I am very excited to see my Foster Grandma mid-day to take me for a pee pee break. The days go fast because I am usually sleeping.
I am still  settling in to this new place. I can get nervous sometimes, like when my Foster Mommy dries her hair, if I see young dogs, or my rump is touched. Sitting up on the couch makes me uncomfortable too. When my person is sitting on the couch I just give hugs with my back legs on the ground. I love to push my head into your hand so you can rub me. I love to show you my belly for rubs.
At night, Foster Mom lets me chose to sleep in my crate or on a dog bed. Most of the time I chose the crate. I feel safe in there. I can climb stairs but it makes me nervous so I often lay at the bottom. I love being outside sniffing little critters but my favorite thing is just loving on my person. I can’t wait to find my furever best friend.
Foster Mom says that this Friday I am going to get my lady parts out and some x-rays, so stay tuned!

November 11, 2019

They tell me my name is Molly. I tried to tell them my real name but humans aren’t the smartest. So my story starts in Rittenhouse Square park. I was wondering and looking for someone to help me. I was hungry and very itchy from what humans call fleas. I just wanted people to pet me and talk to me. Next thing I know, a human put me in a moving doghouse and takes me to a very scary and noisy place with cages. I was very nervous but I saw a doctor and my ichies felt so much better. Humans told me I had tick diseases too. I stayed in that cage for 5 days and humans put me on the Philly Urgent list. I loved the girls who would walk me and they loved it when I rubbed my head into them for pets. They even got me a blanket for my cage. It wasn’t so bad as long as I was being pet and loved by the girls. Unexpectedly I was taken out of the cage and put in another moving doghouse. I was nervous. Where am I going? What is happening? I was taken to another place. It was warm and the lady had very soft beds. The beds felt so good on my elbow pressure sores. It was quiet and she pet me so gently. It wasn’t long before I let out a long exhale and fell asleep on her. She gave me a cage too. I don’t mind the cage because it has soft blankets and pillows. When she leaves, I howl softly trying to call her back. I am lonely without a human. But I know to be a good girl and curl up to sleep and wait for her return. I was so good she let me chose between staying in the cage and walking around when she left. I chose to walk around and lay by the door.

My new human is called Foster Mom. She says I need to get my lady parts taken care of, whatever that means. I also need to take my medicine so I stop the infection. I am not sure what I think of other dogs. I can stand a distance from them but get very nervous. Sometimes, I just tremble and look away. When another pup is too crazy, I warn them to stay back. It hurts when they jump on me. My Foster Mom says I am going to get some x-rays.

So that’s my story. They tell me I am 8 years old. I love going for walks and I don’t pull my human around so much. But my favorite thing ever is just being with a human. I just want to be close and to love you.Black Labrador Retriever Mix

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