Molly Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 8 years old

April 24, 2019

8 year old chocolate lab MollyHey everyone,  it’s me again, Miss Molly!  I had the “spay” that foster dad seemed to say would be so fun…  well,  he fibbed.  My belly is chilly from missing all of my soft brown fur.  Oh well, summer’s almost here.  The joke was on foster dad though; the whole time I was recovering, he was too, from a knee surgery.  I stayed right by his side every day,  just in case he needed me. Both of us are doing fantastic! Foster mom said something about BOTH of us being put up for adoption! I thought it was funny, foster dad not so much. 😁8 year old chocolate lab Molly
Since spring is here, my foster family has been taking me to baseball and softball games.  I love meeting all of the new people, and especially all the dogs!  My foster boy’s team has a BUNCH of Labradors that also come to games. So I’ve shared my story with all sorts of people, and everyone is so happy to see me, and pet me!
Foster dad says that very shortly I will be “ready to go”… I dont know where that is, but it sounds like fun!  I love going for car rides.
8 year old chocolate lab Molly 8 year old chocolate lab Molly8 year old chocolate lab Molly

March 27, 2019

chocolate Labrador Retriever sittingHello to all my adoring fans, Chocolate Molly checking in!

I’ve been in my foster home for just over 2 weeks now, and FM & FD said I’m doing fantastic.   They keep saying that I’m such. good girl, and am learning so much.  FD was telling some other Brookline people about me, and they said I am not like most farm dogs, that I’m sooooo much better at being a family dog.
FD has been taking me for CAR RIDES,  and I love them.  Especially when I stick my nose out the window and feel the wind beneath my gums. 😀.  One of our trips, we went to chocolate Labrador Retriever laying down nose upmeet this nice lady who said she’s going to take care of me, and my days of being a momma will be over soon.  Whewwwww.  Those days were rough, I’m glad they’re behind me!  This nice lady said I’m getting spayed  ( again, I have NO CLUE what that means, but it sounds fun!). This nice lady also said I looked good everywhere, inside, outside, and even underneath.  She said my ear was itchy & yucky, but FD has been giving me these “treats” every day, and I feel so much better already, plus I don’t shake my head all the time anymore.
A few days ago, it was really nice outside, and I got to spend a lot of time running around the back yard and deck with this other guy that looks just like me.  We’ve become really good friends.  I haven’t met any dog that I didn’t like, but I like my new buddy, they call him Dutch.  Rabbits and squirrels….  those guys…. they smell nice. I think I’d like to try and get close and lick one… but FD says NO! every time I try.  Oh well.
Today FD took me to one of his friends house.  We met this very nice little girl.  She told me she was 8, and would love a puppy just like me.  So I sat there as nice as can be, and let her pet and pet and pet me.    These little people are just as nice as the big ones! After we left there, we went to the tall boy that lives in the house, baseball game.  I met LOTS of people, and kids, and everyone kept saying how pretty I am.  So I just sat there next to FD, and let everyone love on me.
That’s all for now, I’m going to go take a nap,  all these car rides and people petting me have me tuckered out.
Peace, Love, And Doggie treats

March 13, 2019

Chocolate Labrador Retriever curled in a ballHey everyone,  it’s me, Molly, one of the newer Brookline doggos.  I’m an 8 year old Chocolate girl. FD said I’ve had a few puppies over the years, and that might explain why I’m so tired.  You try giving birth at least once a  year, and tell me how you’d feel.  But this place that FM & FD have me now is weird.  Its warm, has this weird soft and squishy stuff everywhere under my feet, and I’m wearing this funky necklace.  But it’s nice.  Real nice.  I’m warm, and my belly is always full.   Since I never did a whole lot before besides having puppies, FM & FD are teaching me all sorts of things….  like SIT, OFF, and NO. It seems like the NO word always happens when I’m doing fun stuff.  Oh well.

After this nice lady picked me up from the farm, I met a really nice guy, but he put needles in me, and said this will keep me safe, and that I’m such a good girl.  I almost fell asleep when he was looking at me.  After meeting that man, we got in this big thing that zoomed all around.   I got to see and smell all sorts of things.  I really enjoyed doing that.  I think they called it CAR RIDE? it was really fun.  I definately like car rides!  After that, we went to this place with all of these yummy smells.  FD kept saying no, that those weren’t mine.  He doesn’t know I licked one or two, before I got in this wet box that made me smell like flowers instead of cows.  It made me feel SOOOO good.
Chocolate Labrador Retreiver profileOnce we left there, we got to this place that FD calls HOME.  I met FM , and these 2 boys.  Everyone seemed happy to meet me.  There was this other guy, he looks just like me – he didn’t seemed thrilled to meet me, but we went for as walk and smelled each other.  I’m going to make him be my best friend soon.
FD did mention something about getting spayed? I don’t know what that is, but he said I get to go for a car ride AND be a cone head – sounds like fun to me!
Well that’s all for now, its time for dinner!

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