Myrtle Silver Labrador Retriever Female 7 Years Old ID#3141

silver Labrador retrieverMeet Myrtle!  She is a big, beautiful 7 year old silver Labrador retriever who will be going into breeder retirement off the farm!

April 12, 2023

Myrtle has been with us for 2 weeks and has come so far as she settles into life off the farm. She has yet
to spend much time in a dog bed but loves the couch and the hassock for napping. What we have learned about
Myrtle is that she would LOVE to live with another dog. She loves to play with other dogs but also and independently plays nicely with toys, flipping them and chasing them.Silver Labrador Retriever

She is unknown with cats but is a gentle soul overall. She loves to take walks and sniff the outdoors and all the dogs she meets along the way. She is getting much better on a front-clip harness but will need more leash training.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe would love a home where her humans don’t leave her for too long. She pines, looks out the windows, and patiently awaits for their return. This girl absolutely LOVES to snuggle. She is the queen of snuggling and just gives a big sigh and relaxes when with her family.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe currently sleeps downstairs with another dog very peacefully. She would love a fenced yard but it’s not required. She is an absolute dream in the car.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe has mastered the sit command nicely. She takes treats gently and is so very easy to love. Myrtle will be going for her spay on 4/25 and will be available for adoption shortly after that.

April 1, 2023

Myrtle was peaceful last night as long as someone slept downstairs on the couch so she knew she wasn’t alone. She still hasn’t learned that a dog bed is a wonderful place to sleep but hopefully she will discover this soon! She did sleep on the full-length hassock rather than on the floor, though so that’s an encouraging start.

Myrtle ate her breakfast nicely this morning and then ran right to the back door to go outside to make her deposit. This was really encouraging  that she recognized where to go rather than in the house despite the pouring rain. She is still nervous and pacing but it will take some time for her to adjust to life off the farm and to decompress.

One thing I learned last night. Myrtle is petrified of horses.  I was watching a show that had horses (Myrtle watches TV and seems to like it very much) and she shook and ran out of the room. This also happened the night before. Any sound or sight of horses sets her off. She will not be go to a home where there are horses.

Myrtle has done well with every dog and person she’s met. She is growing accustomed to men being kind to her. We will have to wait for the rain to stop today before attempting a walk.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Myrtle The Magnificent!

March 31, 2023

Myrtle is doing really well and is slowly decompressing. She was very nervous, panting and pacing last night at bedtime when we went upstairs so I decided to sleep on the couch until she gets her bearings and feels safe, loved, and comfortable in our home. Poor girl has never lived in a house before and is very confused. She settled nicely once she knew I wasn’t leaving her. I woke up to noise at 2 am. Myrtle had emptied all of the toys from the (very large) toy box and she was flipping and squeaking the crinkly toys and the squeaky toys! She kept this up for at least an hour. It was like she was celebrating her new life.

Myrtle ate her breakfast nicely this morning and was so happy to go out with her buddy, Boomer. She did her business with no coaxing and has not had an accident in the house once.  She loves to be talked to, petted, have her ears stroked, and enjoys any affection. She now loves my husband and will sit in front of him until he pets her.

I was finally able to get a close up picture of Myrtle’s very beautiful light eyes.Silver Labrador RetrieverWe will be working on some commands and leash training tomorrow- stay tuned!!

March 30, 2023

Myrtle the Magnificent was rescued from the farm today where she has spent her life being bred. She is a beautiful 6 year-old silver lab with the most gorgeous light eyes. She was friendly, docile, and shy and allowed me to handle her and help her into the car.  Myrtle was incredibly stinky and very dirty with long overgrown nails. She was calm for the car ride. At the vets, she had her nails trimmed, was microchipped, got her rabies and all other immunizations. She is heartworm and Lyme negative!  She weighed in at 84 lbs and was tolerant with everything.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe met resident dog, Boomer, with tail wagging and they played and ran in the yard together. She responded nicely to the tennis ball and even played fetch once or twice. Once in the house, she got a drink and started pacing. She ate her dinner, took treats somewhat gently, and had a bath. She even showed interest in toys and ran around with a squeaky toy and some stuffed toys. She has gone outside twice to do her business and, so far, no accidents in the house.Silver Labrador Retriever

She will begin her harness/leash training tomorrow as she starts to decompress. Myrtle has been very hesitant to trust the 3 men in my household but I’m sure they will charm their way into her heart soon.

The farmer said that Myrtle was great with kids and all dogs. Cats are unknown.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Miss Myrtle in the days to come!


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