Nala and Cosmo, 6 year old black labs, female and male.

May 15, 2018

Nala and Cosmo continue to make progress. Both have not had any accidents in the house and are learning to sit and lay down quite nicely. They both get along great with our resident dogs and Cosmo has started to enjoy chewing toys and bones (don’t think he ever had them before) but he is not territorial and will give them up if any of the ladies want one even if it’s his. He will just go get another. Nala and Cosmo both still really seek out human attention but are less clingy then when they first arrived. Nala does still want to cuddle when your home but will lay down and chill out if prompted, Cosmo is usually content with a toy unless he sees others getting attention then he strolls over for his turn. We couldn’t be happier with their progress and both are super sweet dogs. More leash training this week and hoping they start playing with some sticks and tennis balls a bit more as they seem excited watching ours but haven’t taken to it quite yet. Maybe we will try to take them to the neighbors pond for a swim as we were told they had a pond on their previous property. We are also setting up dates to get them to a meet and greet soon.
Tim and Angie

two black labrador retrievers standing looking up with mouth open    black labrador retrievers standing looking up  black labrador retrievers standing in grass

May 6, 2018 

Nala and Cosmo are both super sweet black Labs.  Both spent most of their 6 years of life living in a shed, so Nala is a bit clingy at first when humans are present – who can blame her?   She loves being with people!  She will settle down after she gets her quota of “pats” and will even grab a bone and lay down on her own and entertain herself.  Cosmo, too, loves his attention, but is not quite as demanding as Nala.  He is a good boy, but does chew a bit and has claimed a blanket and part of his bed so far.

These 2 are great with other dogs.  We have 3 resident dogs and have no issues with any of their interactions.  Cosmo has been a bit “amorous” with our youngest female, but that has gotten much better.  He is content with a bone or rope most of the time if given that choice first.

They are both learning to sit and lay down and have had zero accidents in the house so far, which is amazing since they have not lived in a house.

In the week we have had them, we feel they are making daily progress and really want to please – they are easily corrected and training is going well.  Next week we will start leash training (since they have never been on leash).

Again, both are super sweet dogs and will make someone or some family very happy!

two black labrador retrievers standing looking up with mouth open

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