Nellie #2 (AKA Bean) Black Labrador Retriever Female 6-7 Years Old ID #2661

March 25, 2020

Nellie is still looking for her forever home.

She has completed all of the necessary treatment and is now just waiting for her final clean bill of health. She is due to go back in late April for her final check. She is back to her playful ways and running around with no ill effects.

Nellie did get to vet to have her leg checked out. She has had a limp since coming into the rescue that really did not seem to bother her much. Due to her other health issues, she did not get her leg checked out until just a week ago. The farmer said she broke it a long time ago. Our vet x-rayed and found no fracture. He felt it was a problem she was probably born with and there is no pain involved. She has been put on Cosequin to help with any arthritis that may be present.

Nellie has become much better at being left alone. Her anxiety has improved since we started fostering her, but she still has some jumping issues when we return home. She is learning though.

Nellie is also getting better on a leash. She is still a little wild, but now that we can get her out walking, she is learning how great it is to get out walking.

She still needs her spay. Our vet would not do it until she is recovered from her heartworm treatment.

January 15, 2020

Nellie is ready to find her forever Labrador Retriever with antlers on

Nellie, AKA Bean, is a very petite 65 lbs. black Lab. She is currently living with her foster family that consists of her Foster Dad, Mom and step sisters Hope and Gracie, both Brookline farm girl rescues. Both of our resident dogs have taught her some great dog habits but she is ready to learn more with the help of her forever home.

 Our vet thinks Nellie is a 9  year-old unaltered female. You know how records are with the farm girls. More about why she is unaltered later. Unfortunately, when Nellie came to us she was heartworm positive.  I guess that the people that used her to make puppies did not do such a good job with medications. She has spent the last six months or so with us under vet care. When Nellie first arrived, just walking around would tire her out and her breathing looked as if she just ran a marathon. Fortunately, with the vets help, her treatment for heartworm has worked, and as of now is baby worm free. This means that the existing worms are not having little ones and her treatment is going in the right direction. She still has a little way to go and should have her final blood tests at the beginning of April.  She is still getting medication that should kill the little worms. This is why she has not been spayed as of yet. The vet she is seeing does not want her to be spayed until she is mostly heartworm negative. Bean can be adopted but will need a spay agreement, which states she MUST be spayed after the treatments as part of the adoption agreement. This is not to say that she does not have other issues, but after spending her entire life in a cage with a concrete floor only to have puppies, who wouldn’t?

She loves to cuddle, get pet on as much as possible, and play outside. Nellie will follow you around the house and likes to stay near. By near I mean right at your side. She can be sleeping and snoring like a champ, but if you get up to go into another room, she is suddenly at your side. She had a tough life before coming to Brookline, but has really blossomed into a great dog. Nellie likes to sleep on the sofa, or if the sofa is taken, a chair.

She just likes to be able to see where you are at all times.  Bean just wants to please and be loved on. She is not a face-licker, so if you get down to her level, you will never have a wet face, just a dog that wants to be loved.


Nellie has learned sit and takes treats gently. She comes when called, even if she is chasing a squirrel or trying to meet the neighbor’s dog. She has learned to sit for her food. Nellie is very food motivated. We did get her a slow-feeder bowl which has forced her to slow her eating down. Bean used to just scarf it down in about 15 seconds. Now she is the last dog finished eating. She is a table and/or counter surfer. She has no trouble with stairs, can even turn around in the middle of them. Bean could use some more training on basic commands. She will be easily trainable as she is eager to please.
Nellie walks on a leash fairly well. She pulls a bit at first but then settles in and enjoys her walk. She does not always walk in a straight line; she zigs and she zags while enjoying the new smells. Due to her heartworm treatment, she has not had a great deal of leash training, but she loves to be outside with you and should really come around. Do not let her doggy good looks fool you!  She will bark if she hears noises outside. Not much of a problem when we are home and her mind is occupied with what I have to do to get pet. But when we are upstairs sleeping, and she hears that noise, you would think that your house is being attacked. She will bark, not softly either, for a wee bit. The barking never really lasts long unless the kid across the street comes home with his friends and they decide to talk for a while outside. 
Nellie is still a little hesitant about riding in the car. No trouble getting her in or out, but she is uncomfortable with the ride. She may get up if you stop, but she will lie right back down when you start to go.
Nellie is not the perfect dog. She does come with some separation anxiety too. Some days she will be fine, other days we will come home to stuffing from her dog bed.We have learned to keep things out of her grasp, but we do not always  remember. She is fine when somebody is home to keep her out of trouble, but she still can get into some kind of mischief. She is a very smart dog. Maybe this behavior will quiet down after she is spayed? Because of this, we feel she may be better in a home with someone that will be with her most, if not all, of the day to help train her better.
Nellie is not timid around strangers. She loves people and people really seem to love her. She gets the run of the house while we are gone. She is “potty trained.”  Other than the very first day in our house, she has not had an accident in the house. 

January 7, 2020

Nellie has completed all of her heartworm treatment and is now heartworm free.

Nellie is a very good dog, but does have some separation anxiety that has really increased over her time with us. Nellie will do best with a family that is home most of the day. All she wants to do is be with humans. She does really well if not left alone for too long.

December 11, 2019

Nellie has completed her heartworm treatment and will be ready to be adopted soon.

August 23, 2019

Black Labrador Nellie wearing her calming collarSorry that Nellie’s blog has not been updated recently, but we have good news and bad news. You will see why her blog has been slow to be updated.

Well, let’s start with the bad news. Nellie’s heartworm test she received after Brookline rescued her was positive. However, this condition can be treated and Nellie should be able to live a normal life after treatment. Her first foster home had some young dogs that liked to run and play, and it was decided that Nellie should be in a quieter environment. She was then moved to our house, Camp Foster, to aid in her recovery. She now lives with two former Brookline farm dog rescues that are older and not really playful. Nellie fits right in.

Nellie has started her treatment for the heartworm and is recovering nicely. She has finished with her meds and is now waiting to get her first shot. She still has a couple of months of recovery but is getting very good vet care. The other bad news is that she will then have to be spayed. After that, she should be ready to find her new forever home.

The good news is that Nellie is an awesome pup that will make a great pet after her recovery. Her name could possibly have been Shadow because she is always at my feet. She follows me wherever I go. She does have some separation anxiety we hopefully pray that she will lose.

She is a picky eater and likes to graze. She eats at her own pace. Lucky for her, our two resident dogs will not eat her food. I know, three Labs that are not very food motivated, who would have thunk it!  She takes treats gently since she has had a lot of practice with all the medication she needed.

She does sleep a lot but that is expected. That is great for her recovery.

Well, that is all for now. We will let you know how her treatment is going and when she will be ready for adoption.

July 13, 2019

Today is the second day Sheila has been at our house. She has a beautiful face (nice nose and head) with some graying on her muzzle. Occasionally, Sheila walks with a limp which may be from a previous old fracture. It does not seem to cause her any pain, but she will get it checked out by a vet to make sure.

Shelia likes to be around our resident dogs (two labs and a beagle) and they seem to have accepted her into our home as well. The resident dogs like to be around the resident mom and/or resident dad and Sheila does too.

Sheila loves rubs and scratches! She’s not much of a kisser but is definitely sweet and affectionate.

News break:  Sheila is not food motivated. Yes, you read that correctly, she is not much of an eater! I know, right?! It’s crazy- a lab not thinking it’s always hungry?!  When Sheila takes treats she is very gentle but it’s surprising that she has turned down treats—maybe she is a food snob?!

We filled our 8 inch kiddy pool in the backyard and Shelia enjoyed getting in the pool and splashing about. She even splashed around in the dog bowl water dish.

Although Sheila is nine, she doesn’t act like it, and she keeps up with the pack and enjoys being outside in the fenced in yard.

Sheila will be an awesome addition to a loving family.

July 11, 2019

black Labrador RetrieverMeet Sheila! She is a lovely 9 year old lady who was just sprung from the farm. She is now officially retired from her breeding days. As you can see, she is quite photogenic and everyone at the vet’s office just loved her temperament. Welcome to your new life Sheila!!!  And stay tuned for updates as she settles into her foster home.

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