Nicholl Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID #2995

November 17, 2021

Nicholl continues to blossom in foster care! Every day she shows a new side of her true personality. Nikki just loves to be loved on and returns that love times ten.

If a dog can be Velcro, Nicholl is super Velcro! She will be by your side at all times. I never have to find her in the house because she is right at your side.

Nicholl loves to cuddle next to you on the sofa. She will put her head on your lap and then be snoring away.

Nicholl has the run of the house when we are away with no issues. She does not chew on stuff, table surf, or get in the trash. She is very trustworthy on her own.

As I said before, she is great on the leash. She does get excited if she sees another dog, but is easily redirected.

Nicholl was spayed last week and is recovering nicely. She is still in her cone, but gets freed soon. She bumbles her way through the house. Funny!

Nicholl will be ready for adoption really soon. She is a wonderful dog and will make a family very happy!

More to come real soon!

November 1, 2021

Nicholl, AKA Nikki, is really getting acquainted with her new lifestyle. When she came to us a couple of weeks ago, she was scared and really out of sorts. She was domineering and could not settle. Today, Nikki has really settled and has become a very loving and kind dog. She loves to be loved on and gives it right back. Nikki gets along really well with our other foster dog now too! We are amazed at the transformation she has made.

Nikki has really improved on her manners. She does less jumping up, but that is still a work in progress. She does like to paw at you for your attention.

We found out this weekend that she is great with children. Our grandchildren 4 and 5 were at our house for the weekend and Nikki was awesome with them. Nikki is so good walking on her leash that our 5-year-old grandson walked her!

She loves our walks and will be at your side the entire time. Well, as long as she does not see a squirrel or find a smell!

We feel Nikki will be a very good addition to any family. She loves to play ball and run.

She did see the vet and her checkup went well. She does have a bum back leg that the vet thinks is old and will require that she be on some supplements for her joints. The vet also found that she had an older case of Lymes, but are rechecking her to make sure it is not still an issue. We will follow up on that when we get the results. She also has a date to get her spay, so that will officially retire her from mommy duties!chocolate labrador retriever

More to come as Nikki adjusts to her new life!

October 18, 2021

Nicholl is starting to settle into her new life. The first night was not so good for her, she was really out of sorts. The second night was much, much better. No more heavy panting and she was able to relax and sleep. We all were able to sleep!

Nikki is great on a leash too. We walk three times a day and I can walk both dogs with no issues. Nikki walks right beside me the entire time. No pulling at and chocolate labrador retriever She does like to smell around, but it does not really disturb her walking. Nikki also goes up and down the stairs with no problems. The first day she would go up, but was hesitant on the down part. She can now go up and down.

Nikki is also Velcro. Wherever I go, she goes. I now have two dogs following me everywhere. I Guess I can have worse problems! Nikki also really likes to cuddle up close and has discovered the comfort of laying on the sofa.

The only issues we have found so far for Nikki is she has a right rear leg that bothers her and she has a habit of jumping up on you. She sometimes limps on it when she gets up from sleeping, but it is really noticeable when she runs. She will play fetch, and when she runs, her leg does not flex well. She has really overcome this issue, so no telling how long it has been bothering her. As far as the jumping, we are working on and chocolate labrador retriever

More to come as Nikki settles in better and lets her true personality shine!

October 15, 2021

Nicholl, AKA Nikki, is a 6-year-old chocolate medium sized female. She just retired as a breeder mom.chocolate labrador retriever

Nikki was very anxious on the ride home. She did spend a great deal on time in the car. She really did not like the drive, and it took her a long time to quiet down. Nikki was not at all comfortable the entire night. She did sleep some, but was up quite a bit throughout the night. Hopefully she will settle into her new surroundings as her life changes for the better.

Nikki is in heat. I am not positive when her last litter was, but maybe this is a factor in her anxiousness. She is a dominant dog and has been very pushy around our other foster dog, Gracie. We are hoping she will grow out of this as her life changes for the better.

Stayed tuned for more about Nikki as she settles into her new life and home!

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