Nola Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 4 Months Old ID #3150

May 20, 2024

The rain delays this week really started to throw Nola off her game.  Luckily, the Brookline goodie box kept her in the groove.  Black Labrador RetrieverThe Zippy Cola can is her favorite and she carries it around with her.  Nola was quick to share with the resident dogs, especially Gus, who likes to play tug with her.

She’s absolutely mastered the stairs and doesn’t balk at all when going up and down.  In fact, one of her favorite pastimes is dropping a toy down the stairs and then chasing it down to start all over again.  Walks are also a highlight for her.  Although she throws a few curves, for the most part she is right down the pike.  She enjoys meeting the neighbors and giving “pawtographs” as we go by.

Nola is an absolute Phanatic when it comes to playing in the yard.  She loves to show off her speed and pick off the resident dogs as they try to play.  She’s not afraid to get into the middle of the melee despite being the smallest of them.  Nola knows there’s nothing like a good old fashioned (but playful) rhubarb to clear the benches and have a blast!

Although she continues to make progress, Nola is still very much a puppy.  She will need her new family to keep up her potty training.  Right now, Nola rings the bell to go out with so much gusto, she’d make Phil & Phyllis proud (FM is really showing her age) but she also still has some accidents.   This week has been a game changer, as she has gone from shed to home and is really blossoming.  With some gentle coaching, she will be a hall of fame addition to some lucky family!

May 13, 2024

Nola took the mound…and all the toys…and all the beds….and some sneakers…

Let’s just say this girl loves to have fun. She really has her bursts of energy but also settles well and works as my officemate for a good bit of the day. She knows her name and comes when called.  Nola almost pitched a perfect game, but FM committed an error, missing all of the signals, and one slipped by in the infield.  Aside from that, she’s been an absolute ace!

Nola is fitting in nicely with the rest of the veteran rotation.  Gus catches whatever she throws his way and plays with her as well as makes sure she is within her comfort zone.  When she needs a little backup, she seeks out Dolly.  Rigatoni, of course, coaches her on things she shouldn’t do when near a grump.Black Labrador Retriever

Walks are something that Nola has come to learn are not such a bad thing.  She is a little scattered but really tries to stay with the pack.  Her walks do tire her out and she will usually nap for a while after returning to the dugout. Black Labrador Retriever Good to know when FM needs to be on a Zoom call!

Nola does like to take things that are not puppy items, but she is easily redirected.  The counter is clearly within her strike zone, but again, she is responsive to a firm “off” and redirection.  It’s obvious she is teething as she gnaws on all of the Nylabones and tough toys.  She will be working on adding a few more pitches to her routine.  Nola gets “sit” and “come” but we will be working on more.  She’s obviously bright as it doesn’t take her long to get the playbook.

After a nice ride in the back seat, she had her initial vet visit yesterday and was a complete hit with the office staff. Black Labrador Retriever She certainly stole hearts and was a great patient.  Vet said she’s a champ, but FM knew that already.

Stay tuned for more stats on this little girl!

May 12, 2024Black Labrador Mix

STTTTTRIKingly pretty, this little girl will no doubt be a fan favorite!  Sprung from a shed with her equally-famous brothers, Wheeler and Soto, Nola was not at all happy to be in the back of the car in a crate for the ride home.  However, once she got to sit with Miss Dee in the backseat, that quickly changed to snuggles and kisses.Black Labrador Mix

Once we made it to our home turf, Nola got to meet the rest of the line up, including the weekend guest ringer.  We all spent some time exploring the outfield and finding hidden toys that FM missed when cleaning up. Black Labrador Mix Nola is a very curious pup and eagerly perused the various plants and helped find scattered sticks.  Apparently, she likes the lawnmower and much to FM’s concern, really wants to follow it along.

At the threshold of the house, she hesitated a whole 30 seconds before prancing right in.  Nola took a tour of the first floor with the resident dogs in tow. The multiple walking surfaces didn’t faze her at all.  The steps were a swing and a miss.  She’s only made it up the first three so far.  Soon enough, she’ll be a closer on that, too.

Nola is quickly acclimating to homelife.  She runs into the kitchen for the door when she needs to go out.  She has done very well with going outside to do her business.  She eats with dizzying speed and is already using a slow feeder.

By the end of the night, she was ready for her relief and found a place on the couch.  Black Labrador MixTook her about 5 seconds to figure that one out.  When it was time for lights out, she put up a slight fuss being relegated to the bullpen, but FM and fur sibs spent the night on the couch so she wouldn’t be alone.  She settled down after 5 minutes and slept soundly until 6:30AM.  She promptly barked to let FM know it was time to get up and go outside.  It was a winning first night!

Stay tuned for more progress on Nola and her E.R.A. (Eventual Readiness for Adoption)!

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