Nova Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male 4 Years Old

December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas everyone!  I had a great day. My fur brother and sisters and I got new “babies” from Santa. You can see by my picture how much I love mine!Chocolate Labrador Retriever play with stuff toy

I also helped FM make stuffing. I thought she had too much bread so I did a fly by and ate some of it. She was NOT happy…but I did hear her laugh a little!

I had a little mishap with my FB yesterday. I was in motion to get somewhere and unfortunately he got in my way and he hit the floor. I should mention he’s a grown up and 6’4” tall. I think he should have said sorry for blocking me. Don’t you agree?  So now FM says that I need a family without little kids even though I like them. I would feel bad if I knocked a little one down.


We had lots of people at our house yesterday and I even met 2 new fur friends. I got along great with everyone and I even got down on my belly to interact with a mini dachshund. I’m a good boy💕


I hope Santa was as good to everyone as he was to me!



December 14, 2018

Hi everyone!  Guess who?

This week we did lots of fun things. I went to see the doctor for my last shot. He checked me all over and I wasn’t scared. I like when people pet me!Chocolate Labrador Retriever laying on back

We also got to go to the cookie store. FM said we needed new cookies because she came home the other day and somehow all the cookie bags were on the floor, ripped open and the cookies were missing😳. We told FM that we were robbed but she didn’t believe us. Truth is, all the other “kids” told me to do it. They said if I wanted to join their gang I’d have to prove myself!!!  So I did it!!!  Got them all off the counter and we had a party!!!  FM has all the treats locked up now…so sad for us. But Dahlia and I got to go for a ride to the cookie store!  Oh yeah, someone at the cookie store who said we can call her grandma (she’s the owner’s mom) gave us treats too. I take my treats gently too. It was a good day and I’m a good dog💕


Have a great day everyone!

December 11, 2018

Hi everyone, have you missed me?  It’s been a few days since my last email but I’ve been busy learning things.

FM and FD have taught me to sit. And when I do, I gently offer my paw. Isn’t that sweet!!  I’m a good boy💕

We’re working on a few things yet though. FM tried crating me…nu uh, no way, that was not on my bucket list. So FM has started feeding me breakfast and dinner in there and I happily run in and wait. But I want out as soon as I’m done. FM says I have to be patient and sit nicely before she’ll let me out. I think she’s the one who has to be patient!  Hehehe. But we’re working on it.

We’re also working on “stay”. I don’t like that very much. I really want to be with my people so I try to push my way out the door with them. FM is not happy with this cuz she says I’m teaching Dahlia and Teddy bad habits and with the 3 of us trying to go along, she says it’s like “herding cats”. I’m not sure why FM wants me to stay home sometimes. It’s more fun to go for car rides!

I met some fun people tonight. Grandpa Bob and Grandma Judy came for a visit. They’re really nice and I got lots of treats. I really like them!  They can visit anytime!

I’ll send an update later this week.  I have a visit with the doctor Wednesday to get my last shot, whatever that means. At least I’ll get to go for a ride in the car!Chocolate Labrador Retriever laying down

G’nite everyone!



December 5, 2018

Hi everyone!  Nova here again. I’m having a super fun time here. I’m finally relaxing enough to play with toys and even my fur sibling.

Ok, FM says I have to share the not so great stuff too. She says you all can’t think I’m adorable and perfect. So I do a couple things that are frowned on. First is counter surfing. My question is how does a dog see what’s going on up there if he doesn’t look???  Hehehe. But apparently I’m not supposed to. And I’m not supposed to eat FM’s sandwich bread either. When I did that, my fursister, Lily, couldn’t get away from me fast enough!!!  She wasn’t going to be associated with a criminal!  Ok, so FM is working on this.

The other thing I’m not supposed to do is jump up on people. But I only weigh 90#, so I’m not sure what the issue is. But, add it to the list, we’re working on this too. Not sure what that means since I already know how to do it!  Hehehe

So I’m saving the best for last. I love my people so much that I want to go everywhere they go. I especially love car rides and I ride nicely, no jumping around back there. FM also doesn’t think I have much of a prey drive. Me, Dahlia and Teddy went for a ride to the barn so FM could see her horses. We all really love to go bye-bye except Lily so she stays home (I heard she only like to go in the car if she’s going to Peggy’s and Mary’s house for a pool party!). There were these things walking around FM’s car. Dahlia told me they were cats. Both Dahlia and Teddy were barking and carrying on about those cats. But not me!!!  I didn’t pay any attention to them!  I’m a good boy💕Chocolate Labrador Retriever laying down

I’ve been sleeping through the night and no accidents except for the first day when FM wasn’t paying attention to me.  So not my fault. I’m a good boy💕

I’ll update everyone again soon!💕

December 4, 2018
Hi everyone!  I’m finally starting to relax here. I’m playing with toys a little and hanging out in the yard with my fur siblings. I think they like me because I’m not pushy with any of them and always listen to what they tell me.Yellow and chocolate Labrador Retriever

I listen to FM too. I’ve been hearing a lot of “eh-eh”. Apparently things like counter surfing and trash picking are frowned on here! So when I hear that, I immediately stop doing it. I’m a good boy💕

I slept better last night too. FM and FD decided to let me sleep on a dog bed in the bedroom. I settled pretty quickly and only got up once to go potty and then I went right back to sleep. I’m a good boy💕. Well, it’s time to go to bed…good night everyone, sleep tight.

December 2, 2018
Hi everyone, Nova here. Today some nice people from Brookline rescued me from a shelter. It was a nice enough place but I was pretty scared listening to all the dogs barking. My original family just couldn’t take care of me properly so they did the right thing and set me on my path to finding my furever home.

FM, FD and FB came to meet me with their three fur babies. I liked everyone and was very respectful of all of them. We didn’t interact a lot. I’m not quite sure of what to do. FM thinks that when I settle in and relax, I’ll be more playful.

I did great on my ride home. I jumped right into the car and snuggled up with FB.

I didn’t realize it at the time but life was going to get even better. Guess what???  We got to stop at a “cookie store” and I got to take a bath!!!  I love getting a bath!!!  Now when FM takes a shower I try to sneak into the shower with her😊

My first night was a little rough. We practiced going into my kennel but when I had to go in for “real” I wasn’t happy. I cried and bounced around and, I’m sorry Brookline, but I bent up FM’s crate. Did I mention I was sorry??? I am but I really don’t like it. FM says we’re going to work on it. So FM, me and my fur sister Dahlia slept in the living room. I got up a couple times to go potty but I didn’t potty in the house. I’m a good bo

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