Oopa Black Labrador Retriever Male 13 Years Old ID#2943


Hi, my name is Oopa and I have had a tough time lately. For all of my 13 years, I lived with a family in a bustling home of kids, cats, ferrets, and other dogs. I was so happy and it was all I knew, but then my family moved and took me to the shelter.
Black Labrador RetrieverIt’s been such a confusing time ever since, and I’m not sure really where I am or what is expected of me. I am happy to be involved with Brookline, but I’m not really sure what that means or where I’m going next. Overall, I just really need some assurance that everything is going to be OK and a nice family to help me through the mourning process of losing my family. I know I will find happiness again, and I know it is out there somewhere.
Black Labrador RetrieverI am a nice older boy of 13 years, I’m looking for a home with no other dogs where I can decompress and feel loved and reassured. I like having a cat companion or another small animal. I really feel the need to be the only dog right now and maybe forever. I have met some other dogs and some of them I like and some of them I don’t so it’s probably better if I’m just on my own for now with my people and and possibly a cat buddy.
Black Labrador RetrieverThe people at Brookline have been pretty impressed that I am still energetic and I really love my walks. I also really love to be around older kids and would love a family that will take care of me and just give me all the love that I need so I can feel safe.
Black Labrador RetrieverIf you are interested in knowing more about me, please email the volunteer handling me at info@Brooklinelabrescue.org

April 13, 2023

Greetings from Oopa!

Black labrador retrieverAt 13 years young, Oopa is living the good life.  Food, short walks, sleep, pets  and treats seem to be what he enjoys most.  He is doing really well – he has free roam of the house day and night and never any issues. He has his routine down and likes to be consistent.

Oopa is looking for a home to call his own. Could it be yours?

Enjoy the video of Oopa taking a morning stroll. What a face!!

March 31, 2023

Hello from Oopa!

Slow and steady for this sweet gentleman 13 years young.  Oopa really is amazing – sometimes I wonder if he is really 13!  He goes up and down the stairs with no problem- he just is cautious and usually takes his time.  He enjoys his walks morning and evening – and looks forward to some sniffing outside in the backyard during the day.  Though he mostly likes to nap during the afternoon.

He LOVES to ride in the car!black labrador retrieverOopa spent time in a shelter when his family dropped him off.  He did well with other dogs there.  He also lived with cats with his previous foster. He seems to enjoy being an only dog and getting all the attention but he might do well with the right fur sibling.

He nudges for pets and is always looking for some touch.black labrador retrieverOopa has free roam of the house.

Look at that face – he has so much love to give!  This guy just wants to find a loving home to call his own!

March 13, 2023

Greetings from Oopa!

Oopa has settled into his new foster home and is doing well!  He enjoys his people around and is not too far away from them EVER!

Oopa has mastered the stairs and is doing quite well for a young man of 13.  He sleeps all night and has free roam.  His days are spent patrolling the backyard and reporting on any activity in the neighborhood- he sees and hears everything!  Oopa has free roam all day, even when left alone.

Oopa is enjoying being an only dog at this time.  He was left at a shelter after living with his family for 13 years so he is trying to figure things out.  He wants to be loved and will give lots of love in return.

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