Pansy #2 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 4 Months Old ID #3400

September 23, 2023

It’s the White Out!  Pansy spent her first college football Saturday in Happy Valley.  We have a house full of people and she loves them all.  She just wants to be part of the action and she was a big hit.  This was also the first time that she slept through the night, probably because we were up late.  It was a rainy day here so not so much time outside, but she was happy to play with the kids and resident dogs while keeping an eye on College Game Day. Yellow Labrador RetrieverYellow Labrador RetrieverAn important first today was that she voluntarily went into her crate to hang out.  Yay!  We made a concerted effort to get her outside to go potty frequently, but in spite of that she did pee in the house twice.  But she has not done THE BIG ONE inside, only outside.  She is still a puppy and there are things that scare her like the wind, the dark, and people jumping up and cheering, but we can see where she is becoming more confident each day. Yellow Labrador RetrieverAnd now she is crashed in front of the tv watching Penn State beat the Hawkeyes.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day, so she’ll learn about Sunday brunch, the NFL, and the Eagles.

September 22, 2023

It was a very big day 2 for Pansy, aka Little P.  After another great night sleep, we started with coffee and a walk around the field.  We suspect that this young lady has some hound in her.  Her nose is always to the ground, and she lifts her paw and kind of points, but what do we know.  We know she is a beautiful young pup, just like the flower she is name after.  After breakfast she was happy to hang out in the back yard with our resident male labs, soaking in the sun.  She loves being part of a gang!  Later in the day, she helped FD cut the grass, she met some guy named Johne Deere, and was just so joyous about being outside in the sunshine.  After all the hard work, she went along with everyone else for a last swim of summer in the pool.  Not yet to the point where she’ll go in on her own but definitely likes it once she is in.  And now, the best part of all, she is crashed on the floor.  Another great day for this sweet girl living in Happy Valley.

September 21, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever

Well, it has been quite a 24-hours for Pansy, or as we call her, Little P.  She came from a breeder farm yesterday.  Once we got her home she got a couple of baths, but most importantly she got a good romp in the field with our three Labs.  It was pure joy to watch, and confirmation why we do this work.  Our goal yesterday was to make sure she was safe and that she knows she is loved.  Mission accomplished!

Today after a good night’s sleep, she had a fun filled day outside with our resident dogs running through our fields, and at times just hanging out on the front porch.Yellow Labrador Retriever

This little gem is easy to have around.  She’s not intimidated by our three big lags, nor by Mr. Vacuum Cleaner.  It seems that the only thing she is afraid of is a bath!

She has not yet been in the main house, so we don’t know about house training, but she slept through the night with one break to go potty at 3:00 AM.  Today, she went potty out in the field with all the big dogs, so I suspect getting her house trained will not be an issue.   And so, her story unfolds.

But as we figure out all of these other things with Little P, the thing that keeps us in love with her, is her total joy!  This girl is just happy to be alive and is looking forward to living her best life with her furever family.

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