Peach Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Female 11 Weeks Old ID #2871

August 1, 2021

Peach the Puppy is waiting (impatiently) to be introduced to her matched family.  If they don’t have a chair like Peach’s favorite in the photo, they’d be wise to consider buying one.  She does love to snuggle and nap within in its feet.yellow Labrador Retriever mix

Today Peach had her first bath (see post-bath photo, drying off on the patio), at least the first one in this house. yellow Labrador Retriever Mix She was calm, stood patiently, and cooperated until it was over.  Just kidding– she cried, wriggled, made numerous escape attempts from the kitchen sink, and splashed water everywhere.

She’s been doing pretty well with house-breaking, although still uneven–one day no accidents, the next day–oops.  This morning she had only her second #2 accident here, and it was my fault!  I rushed her through her post-breakfast potty break in order to get the big dogs to the park before it rained and stuffed her in her crate without waiting for her slow-in-happening part deux.  ‘Crate in haste, repent at leisure’.

Peach has started going to the door to signal her urges–not consistently each time, but that is real progress!

We continue to work on the basic commands, and she’s now very good with ‘sit’ and ‘shake’, and getting there with ‘down’.  Doesn’t do them for very long, but she’s doing them, sometimes even without treats.  Definitely needs much work on the whole ‘off’ thing–she jumps a lot trying to get at things she wants.  Her incidents of nipping are slowing a bit, but she continues to be a dedicated chewer of whatever she can get.  A tired puppy is a good puppy!

Resident dog Henry & Peach play constantly when she’s not napping.  He’ll definitely miss her terribly when she’s gone.  As will I–that puppy snuggling and little mewing sounds she utters when she’s sleepy, and her little foxlike leaping attacks on ‘prey’ (like Henry) makes all the other frustrations fly away.

July 21, 2021

July 20, 2021

The little Mississippi Peach is now available and eager for adoption!

This beautiful girl is ready to find her furever family. She’s 11 weeks old, so still working on good manners and house-breaking. But Peach is smart and food-motivated, knows her name (Peach/Peachie/Peachie Pie) and how to ‘sit’ and ‘shake’. She sleeps quietly all night in her crate, and cuddles up to watch TV after dark.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

While she has the typical puppy behavior (an accident or two a day, chewing inappropriate items, etc.), Peach is so adorable and saucy that you just have to laugh. She is very playful with my friendly 60 lbs. resident dog, and isn’t afraid to get in there and throw her weight (15 lbs.) around. She loves tugging, toys– the squeakier the better, and loves ripping and eating the stuffing if not watched.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

She will do very well with a moderately active family with children over 5 (or no children) that are experienced in puppy behavior, and able to put in the time, training and exercise she needs.  Peach should have another calm, confident, playful dog to expend her energy, keep her company, and help instruct her in appropriate dog behavior.  At this stage, she needs a human home most of the time to get her outside for frequent potty breaks after her long naps and brief bouts of playtime until she’s reliably house-trained.

Peach has been vetted and pronounced in fine shape, and is up-to-date on her initial puppy vaccinations.  She did test positive for giardia, but is asymptomatic, and started her 7-day course of medication to eliminate it.  The introduction to an adopting family can take place before she finishes her treatment, or they can opt to wait until she completes it.

July 14, 20012 yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

Third night in a row for sleeping quietly all night and holding in all excretory functions. Yay, Peach!  Foster sib Henry was packed off to daycare today after playing a furious game post-breakfast of who-can-nip-who’s-ankles-while-galloping that left Peach yipping and limping to me for comfort and cuddles. With playmate Henry absent, she napped soundly a good deal of the day under my desk chair. After the second long nap, the limp had disappeared. When they play in the house, she’s learned to dash under the dining room chairs to protect herself from Henry’s over-enthusiasm.

Today’s goal was to reduce in-house accidents. Up until four o’clock, she was perfect, thanks to all the napping. Then with Henry back in the house and stirring things up, Peach decided to have three in a row within half an hour (after going outside twice!).  She gives a good indication that she needs to poo, but she’s a stealth tinkler. Apparently hard surfaces that are easy to clean are off-limits, and only the few area rugs or dog beds are suitable accident venues.

She’s catching onto the whole ‘sit’ thing.  It helps to have Henry & Nina plopping down their posteriors the second the treat bag crinkles. Although she does try to leap up and take their treats out of their mouths.  This is dentally & vocally pointed out as bad manners. When darkness falls, Peach discovers her inner peach pit of sweetness, and cuddles next to me on the couch to watch TV through closed eyelids and gentle snores. This is the well-worn puppy playbook of wiping the slate clean of all the frustrating things they do during the day. That, and puppy breath, and downy puppy fur, and cute little puppy faces with button noses.

The attached video shows Circus Star Peach performing her Will My Head Fit in Henry’s Mouth act.  It’s always a crowd-pleaser.

Peach has now been microchipped, with only minor protest of the needle pinch.  She was much admired by everyone in the pet supply store that hosted the pop-up vet clinic. Then next week is her distemper booster and she’ll be ready to start looking for her furever family!

July 12, 2021

Miss Peach has had an eventful 24 hours since the last update.  She’s displayed numerous talents I would’ve thought far beyond a pup of her tender weeks.  IT Tech Peach decided that my laptop power cord needed to be shortened, thus enabling me to get a brand new one in order to type this update (thanks, Amazon Prime.  Woodcarver Peach tried a little free-tooth engraving on my desk chair leg.  And Yardmaster Peach has done her best to establish herself as top dog of the pack, which residents Nina & Henry are objecting to, strenuously.

I would recommend that whomever adopts this cute bundle gets a DNA test done.  I think they’ll find she’s at least 10% Great White Shark.  I caught her searching my tool box for a file to sharpen her teeth, since they were getting dull from repeated applications to my anatomy.   I described her coat previously as a peachy-fawn color.  Resident diva & fashion expert Nina pointed out my ignorance, and said that Peach is a Natural Ranch Mink color. Nina hasn’t grown any fonder of her since her arrival, and I keep them separate as much as possible.  Peach refuses to believe she isn’t adored by everyone, and keeps extending the paw, and teeth, of aggressive friendship, but Nina is having none of it.  I hold my breath watching friendlier Henry knock this baby around when they play, but she’s a feisty little minx and gives it right back before I (picturing emergency vet bills) swoop in and grab her. Having frequently been on the receiving end myself, I think Henry is at a distinct disadvantage in everything but weight and height.

We started a little training on the sit command today, and I think she may get the hang of it pretty quickly.  We’ve also been walking a little on a leash around the yard, which she’s no fan of, since it prevents her grabbing every icky substance, she can get her mouth on.  A large beetle being the latest intended hors d’oeuvre.  She also slept the whole night again in her crate with no accidents. So, I know she can hold it, she just gets excited a few times a day in the house. Luckily the puddles are small, and it’s only been 2.5 days.  I’m just praying Nina & Henry don’t get the idea that that’s now permissible in the house!  She definitely hates being crated during the day, but she needs it sometimes (and I need it more than she does).  I can’t imagine how I ever raised 5 previous dogs from this puppy stage and worked full-time.  Either I was insane then, or feeble now–or both.2 yellow Labrador Retriever mix

Tomorrow–a little more sit training, and a goal of reducing inhouse accidents by 50%.

July 11, 2021

Peach is 10 weeks old and 14 lbs of puppy.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

The Mississippi Peach has arrived in foster care with Brookline. She’s adorable, peachy/fawn color, high energy and mischievous, like most puppies.  My pipe dream of resident diva Nina being all maternal and mentor-y was dashed in the first 5 seconds of Peach’s introduction.  Nina took an instant dislike to her, and Peach interpreted her growls and snapping as ‘come try to jump on me again’.  Resident dude Henry is much better with her, perhaps because he still hasn’t left puppyhood behind himself.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

The little explorer immediately mastered stair-ascending/descending, couch-climbing, ankle-biting, toy box-raiding, grass-eating, enclosure-escaping, baby pool-splashing and Nina-baiting.  Of course, some liquid accidents occurred during the day, despite trips outside every 30 seconds (or so it seemed).  Peach objects to being crated so far, and makes that known rather forcefully. But thankfully, she was tired enough last night to protest only as long as it took to brush my teeth before the darkness soothed her.  And by some miracle, she slept the whole night (until 5:15 when the other dogs started to move around) and had no accident!

We’ll see what new adventures today brings.


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