Penny Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 7 Years Old


tail wagging Penny chocolate Labrador Retriever

Foster Penny is just the sweetest and calmest dog.  She really just wants to be loved and will get really, really close to you to encourage you to gently pet her.  We say she has 7 years of love to make up for, as she was a breeder mom for her 7 years of life.  She is from an Amish farm in Lancaster county originally.  We were not allowed on the property, so I don’t actually know what her living conditions were, but my past knowledge of these farms tells me that it wasn’t the best of life.  She had multiple broken and cracked teeth, most likely from chewing on her cage.  She also had two very infected and painful ears.  We are in process with treating them and they’re smelling better and they aren’t as painful.  That makes me so happy for her!

Penny 7 yo chocolate Labrador Retriever looking upPenny really wants to lay on soft beds, or the couch if allowed.  She is not a playful dog, but she is a loving dog.  She loves going for sniffy walks. That’s what we call her walks as she likes to sniff everything along the way. She’s pretty good on leash and walks nicely for a dog very new to leash walking. She is very friendly to everyone she meets, men, women, children, and other dogs.  She has no hip or arthritis issues, which is kind of impressive.  The vet was impressed with her range of motion when he manipulated her during her physical.  She never jumps on people, which is so nice.  Maybe she could teach my two leaping labs here that one!

She is doing very well with her house training.  She is crate trained and sleeps the whole night through quietly. She is currently healing from her spay and dental extractions.  It was one week ago today that she had those procedures. She is also being treated for testing Lyme positive.  While she isn’t showing any symptoms, she has a course of antibiotics to treat it to make sure it doesn’t cause any problems for her in the future. If her spay incision heals well and she continues doing as well as she’s been doing, I expect to post her as available for adoption probably in another week.


Penny has been here just over a day now.  She’s had the easiest transition.  She’s so easy going, friendly and low key.  She slid right into our routine.  She crates easily, even with the comfy cone that she has to wear until her spay incision is healed.  Pepper and Colin wore it themselves post surgeries; they can commiserate with her about it.  Penny slept quietly the whole night in the crate with her comfy cone.  No complaints from this girl.

Penny is eating and drinking well, although she’s really good at licking the peanut butter off her pills and spitting the pills back out.  When she had her dental extractions, they pulled her broken incisors (the front teeth).  So she has nothing to stop them from sliding out and she gets some height and distance when spitting them out!  Oh, Penny! 😂  A little more peanut butter followed by one of those yummy treats that she danced for yesterday and they went down. Good girl Penny!

Labrador Retriever Penny on a walk

She’s done all of her potty business outside.  She hadn’t pooped by this morning, so we took her on a short walk.  That did the trick!  Colin and Pepper showed her around the neighborhood.  Pepper tried to show her all the best squirrel trees, but Penny was more interested in the good smells on the ground with Colin.

Penny also met my neighbor’s dog through the fence outback.  She was just as easygoing and friendly with Carmen, my neighbor’s senior female pittie.  They doinked noises and wagged tails.  It was quite cute to see!

This girl is a gem.  She’s going to make some family very happy!!!!

Penny made the trip to her foster home this morning.  rescue ride for chocolate Labrador Retriever PennyAs I’m sure you’re all aware, the weather yesterday was atrocious with snow and sleet and rain and ice.  Smoketown was more than willing to keep her the extra day to allow for safe travels.  So that’s what we did.

Penny was the perfect travel companion in the car on the way home.  She mostly just slept and relaxed.  We came home and she met resident labs, Pepper and Colin, with zero issues.  They all happily sniffed with wagging tails and loose bodies and then went off and did their own things.  Excellent!  chocolate Labrador Retriever being rescued

Penny has sniffed around the kitchen and family rooms, they are the rooms she has access to right now.  She’s drinking a lot, not surprising, which means she gets taken out frequently to go potty too.  Due to her recent surgery, shemust be leash walked for about 2 weeks even to go to the bathroom, but so far, she’s been great about going potty in the back yard.

I gave Pepper and Colin a treat which they happily came running for as soon as they heard the crinkle of the bag.  Penny just continued sniffing around because she does not know the joys of the treat bags yet.  I brought her a treat and she sniffed and gladly accepted it.  Then she did a little bounce and a big tail wag.  We have another treat lover here!!!  Of course, I had to give her another treat.  She deserves to be spoiled!
Penny, 7 yo chocolate Labrador Retriever snoozingShe was spayed and had her broken incisors extracted while at the vet.  She handled the procedures well. While I was doing some work, she found the nice soft dog bed and curled up for a snooze.  That’s where she is now.  Rest well pretty girl. Your new life awaits you!


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