Penny, Black Labrador Retriever Female, 4 years old

June 15, 2018

She has been very sweet with everyone (people and dogs, female and male) at our facility. She walks pretty well on a leash on a regular flat collar. She only pulls when she sees a squirrel. She’s only 52 pounds, so she’s very manageable. I walk her alone or with other dogs.
She loves running around and sniffing all of the smells in our large yard. She plays with toys a little, but prefers sniffing and exploring or just getting petted. She likes to play tug though and sometimes grabs her leash to try to get me to play. She lets it go if I say, “no, drop it” and refuse to play.
She plays well with my foster dog, Zion and another young male dog, Buddy, that she met last week. I do not leave toys out when they play, since supposedly, she is toy aggressive with other dogs. I can feed them treats, without either reacting.
She’s food motivated and will sit, lay down, paw and come unless there is something nearby that she is more interested in checking out. She does jump up a little when she likes a person. If I’m sitting down, she likes to have her front paws and legs in my lap, if I let her. She’s so sweet and cuddly!
I haven’t had the opportunity to see how she is with children. She has met our resident cat, who is used to and doesn’t run from dogs. Penny was very cute, sniffing the cat, then just walked away sniffing other things.

June 14, 2018

Penny is still being kenneled but she is adjusting well. The staff is impressed with her. They recorded a video of her meeting a resident cat.

She has also been having visits from one of our other foster dogs Zion and they have been playing and enjoying the visits.

two black Labrador Retrievers playing in grass
Penny standing Zion laying down

May 28, 2018

black Labrador Retriever standing tongue outMeet Penny, a petite little lady who is patiently awaiting a FOSTER or FOSTER TO ADOPT home.  This girl was pulled from a shelter where she came in as a stray.  She was scared and confused, but once she got more comfortable, she became a staff favorite.  She loved her walks and she loved all the people she met, and she even dog and cat tested well.  However, since the shelter was so crowded, they reached out to Brookline to see if we could help.  She evaluated well for us so we got her approved and into one of our foster homes that has two older male labs.  However once there, we learned that once Penny gets comfortable, she much prefers to be an only dog.  She got very possessive of the toys (and they were all hers in her opinion) and she didn’t want to share her people either.  We had no foster homes open without dogs and kids, so we were forced to move her to a kennel where she has been residing for two weeks now.

While we would love to have her in a home, being in a kennel with a trainer working with her has proven to be a good thing. black Labrador Retriever standingWe have gotten to learn so much about her, and the trainer is confident that this girl is going to thrive in a home where she gets to be the center of attention (no other pets and dogs).  She has been nothing but happy and good with all the staff there.  She loves being out in the one acre fenced area (she could sniff all day if given the opportunity), and she is walking well on a leash with a flat collar (no harness necessary).  Most importantly she has been dog-tested with dogs outside and on walks, and she is having no issues with other dogs in these settings, even when they have been kind of nosy!  That means that whoever ends up with her can confidently take her on walks and not have to worry.  This behavior is consistent with the dog testing the shelter did.  She has no problem being around other dogs.  She just shouldn’t live with Labrador Retriever sitting

Penny so deserves a happy ending.  Since coming to Brookline, the original owner came forward and admitted she had a relative turn her in as a stray because she didn’t want to tell them that Penny had been getting jealous of the new baby in the household.  While she was trying to protect Penny, her plan backfired because if we had known that she had these jealous tendencies, we never would have placed her in the foster home we did.   We are lucky that the foster family did not have kids.  We also learned that Penny went from being the baby of the house to an afterthought.  Everyone knows how much life changes when a newborn comes along.  Dogs are not immune to the stresses from the changes, and Penny, who had had no training or rules in her life to date, didn’t  adjust well.

Black Labrador Retriever nose in the grass
Penny loves to sniff!

Penny is ready to go back in the right home.   We’re therefore looking for a foster or a foster to adopt (FTA) home.  In foster, you provide the love, exercise and safe environment, and Brookline covers the rest.  In the case of the latter (FTA), the intention is that you want to adopt her, but you will be supported by Brookline until you do so.  So if you feel she needs further training Brookline will cover that.  Penny will make a wonderful companion, gardening buddy, and couch snuggler for a single person or couple.  Since she loves the outdoors so much, a fenced yard would be a bonus but it isn’t a requirement.

black Labrador Retriever standingIf you are interested and live close enough (she is in northern Bucks County, PA),  we can arrange for you to meet Penny.  If you live too far away but are in our coverage area, we’ll put you in touch with her trainer.  We’re sure you’ll fall for her.  If you have any questions, please email

Black Labrador Retriever face profile
Profile photo of Penny

black Labrador Retriever face tongue out





Penny playing

Penny getting some TLC


Pretty girl




Penny on a walk ignoring the other dog (who is interested in her)

Penny on her second walk when other dog was allowed closer:


Penny with her new best friend, showing that not only can she be with other dogs outside, she in fact, likes it!  This is Penny with Zion.  Check out his blog page as well!


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