Pepper, Black Labrador Retriever Female, 1.5 years old


March 12, 2018

Two Black Labrador Retriever sitting on the floor in the back seat of a carPepper slept almost all the way through the night in her crate.  Some time around 4:30 she started whining, so, not Black Labrador Retriever sitting looking upknowing her schedule, I thought she had to go out.  False alarm.  We brought her upstairs with us and it was about 20 minutes later she finally settled and went back to sleep in our bed.  She was up at 6:30, just a bundle of energy, not really knowing what to do with herself.  Pacing around the house, rough housing with our resident dog, Ozzie, just non stop motion.  We spent 30 minutes outside playing ball and stick, but then we had to leave for a family function.  She was crated, as was Ozzie, for 4.5 hours.  When we let her out of her crate, again it was just non stop motion, not being able to settle.  We took both dogs to the tennis courts next to our house to run, chase and play ball, then took a short walk.  When we got back to the house, it was as if a switch had been flipped and she was able to sit for at least a couple minutes at a time.  Within an hour, we were all napping on the couch!  It was a minor miracle to see her able to relax and not just a bundle of nerves.  Unfortunately, all that hard play took a toll on her rear paw pads and one pad on each paw suffered minor wear & tear, but nothing a little TLC won’t take care of.  Anyway, since our group nap she has been much calmer and is able to settle and enjoy the comforts of couch.

She has not had an accident in the house, has a healthy appetite and has started settling in nicely.  On our walks shepulls some, but for the most part has shown good leash manners.  She knows SIT

and PAW for sure, so we will work on her recall and STAY.  She is a very sweet dog and loves to give big sloppy licks.  We are looking forward to seeing more of her personality when she becomes more comfortable with us.

March 11, 2018

Black Labrador Retriever sitting looking seriousPepper is an energetic 1.5 YO spayed black lab, whose first day with us was Saturday,  March 10th.  .  She is coming from a home where she was crated for many hours a day and received very little exercise.  A very special thank you to Autumn and Nelson for picking her up at the surrendering owners home and driving her all the way to our house, and spending over an hour helping her through the transition.

She has been a non-stop ball of energy since she arrived.  We took her and our resident dog, Ozzie, over to the tennis courts next to our house to burn off some of her energy.  This did little to lessen her energy level and we eventually had to separate them so Ozzie could get some rest.  She has popped 3 tennis balls and cracked a red Kong in about 30 seconds.  We are wishing there was a pause switch Black Labrador Retriever laying on a brown wood floor on her, as she has not remained still for more than 4 seconds.

She has had no accidents in the house and happily ate her kibble.  On our walk, she pulled some on the leash, but was easily corrected.  She will sit and give paw when asked to do so, but that is the extent of her vocabulary at this point.  She is also a big jumper.  We will start working with her on commands and her jumping when she gets more comfortable with us.  For now, we are hoping she is able to settle and get some sleep tonight.

March 10, 2018

Black Labrador Retriever laying with her head tilted in the back seat of a carMeet Pepper, a gorgeous one and a half year old black lab who will be available soon.  Pepper was living with a couple in Philadelphia who just didn’t have the time that a young active lab deserves so they made the tough decision to re-home her so she can live the life she deserves to live.  Here she is on her ride to her foster family. Check back for updates on this beauty.

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