Pepper #10 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID#3368

Yellow Labrador RetrieverMeet Pepper!  Pepper is a sweet breeder Mama fresh off the farm.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her journey in foster care.


October 14, 2023

Today is Pepper’s big day!  She is officially posted as “Available Now.”  What a bittersweet day it is for FM and FD. Pepper is our first foster.  For those in the Brookline network, some who have fostered over 100 dogs, we are in awe.  We have adopted Brookline rescues in the past and believed that fostering was an important next step for us. Having twice benefited from the generous spirit of a Brookline foster family, we wanted to pay it forward.  While Pepper has learned so much on this seven-week journey from farm to family, it is FM and FD who have learned the most. Yellow Labrador RetrieverWe have learned that trust takes time and feeling safe is an important first step in learning to trust. We learned that some things can’t be rushed and that trust comes in small steps.  We learned that Pepper’s gaining confidence often took three steps forward and two steps back.  We learned that, given time, she made up for those lost steps. We learned how much dogs learn from other dogs and how our own former farm girls gave Pepper the time and space she needed, while always being close by to guide her.  It’s as if they knew her past as they, too, had lived it.Yellow Labrador RetrieverWe also learned about the human spirit of the Brookline volunteers who selflessly give of their time and talents to rescue these beautiful dogs. From transporting dogs across states, to evaluating shelter dogs, to coordinating events to raise much-needed funds, we feel blessed to have played this small role in the tremendous work of Brookline. Will we foster again?  We hope so. There are so many dogs that deserve a real dog’s life. For now, FD and FM have the most important task of all and that is to find the perfect forever home for our Pep.  Yellow Labrador RetrieverWhomever Pepper is matched with, we will always be available should you or Pepper need us. As she makes this final transition to life as a real dog, in a real forever home, just know that adjusting to her new life may take Pep some time and patience, but we can say without hesitation that Pep is well worth the investment.  Yellow Labrador RetrieverThank you to everyone who played a part in rescuing Pepper and supporting her on her journey to becoming a real dog.  We love you Pep!

September 30, 2023

Pepper’s spay surgery went perfectly! Pepper came home the same day and she was VERY happy to see us and to be back home. She immediately settled in, Abby stayed close by, and Pepper slept soundly through the night – of course with FD right by her side.  Except for her shaved belly, you would never know Pepper had surgery. These farm girls are physically tough but, as we know, they can also be emotionally fragile. It is our goal that Pepper settle in just as easily in her forever home, and live the long, happy and healthy life she deserves.

Pepper’s transition from the farm to our home, at first, wasn’t an easy one for her. Having never lived outside her pen, everything she encountered was new and it was overwhelming to her.  She panted and paced for days on end.  She cowered when we approached her, wouldn’t let anyone pet her, and she trusted no one – except FD. FD was always one to take it slowly with her, one day at a time. He said it best when he said, “she just wants to be a real dog.” Today, Pepper actively seeks pets and even hugs, and she easily offers dog kisses. Mornings are her favorite time of day. She is so excited to wake up, eat, run in the yard, go for a walk and then settle in for a long nap. She loves her fur sisters, our routines, and the comforts of home. She does still enjoy her safe space in the bend of our L-shaped sofa, but ventures about the house more freely and with more confidence. She has learned so much in a relatively short time and she has so much more to learn about living a dog’s life. We know there is the perfect family out there with the patience and love to guide her through this final transition in a forever home. Speaking of…Yellow Labrador RetrieverNext week, FD and FM will be starting the paperwork that will help find the perfect forever home for Pepper. Once she is 100% healed from her surgery and ready for adoption, her Brookline status will go from “Available Soon” to “Available Now.” One of many things we admire about Brookline is the time and effort they place on designing a process that will ensure success for the dogs in their care.  When potential adopters read Pepper’s foster evaluation form, we want them to know Pepper as we do. We will certainly paint an accurate picture of where Pepper was when we got her, where she is today, and the dog we believe she can become if placed in the perfect forever home. Believe me, we have talked about flunking fostering and keeping her, but we honestly feel that Pepper would be the one to miss out.  We absolutely love her!  And, because we love her, we will let her go. We currently have two old Brookline former farm girls: Daisy is 12 and has degenerative neuropathy, and Abby, whom Pepper has taken to, is 9 and enjoys doing as little as possible (unless it involves food).  Pepper is too young to be in an “old dogs home.” She is of that age and time in her life when she can go on long walks, enjoy a game of toy keep away, play fetch a thousand times over, and then just as easily settle and snooze away – cool in the summer and warm in the winter – at the feet of her people. After spending 6 years confined in the outdoors, she deserves all of the comforts a forever home can provide.Yellow Labrador RetrieverThey say that you never choose a dog; a dog chooses you.  We are so grateful that Pepper (and Katie) chose us as her FD and FM. Whomever is chosen as Pepper’s forever family, we want so much for it to be the perfect match. Yes, farm girls may be physically tough, but years of confinement and isolation take an emotional toll on farm girls. Pepper’s forever home will be one where she can continue to be surrounded by people who give her time, patience, a safe space, lots of walks and new adventures and, most importantly, love. It is time for Pepper to live out her life as a real dog.  We will miss you Pep!

September 24, 2023

We wish we knew more about the past 6 years of Pepper’s life (or maybe we don’t).  For FD, understanding her is really just taking one day at a time. FD is logical, and believes Pepper just needs time and patience, and he is right. What we do know is that Pepper spent her past life penned up outside.  Whatever fears she may have encountered, she was unable to retreat to a place where she felt 100% safe. That has changed. She has found that safe space with us and, as a result, she has more confidence and roams freely around the house. She is so excited in the morning to awake with her fur sisters and be where she is comfortable and loved. She enjoys every opportunity to be outdoors with her family and is great at going for long walks on her leash. In our yard, you can actually see the joy in her heart as she runs freely retrieving her favorite ball or chasing the occasional (unfavorite) rabbit.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Pepper’s foster sister, Mary, visits often. On her visit this week, she took Pepper in the car to the Wissahickon.  Mary fosters for Rescue City in NY and has had many successful fosters.  She understands dogs.  It’s a gift. Getting in and out of the car has been a work in progress for Pepper. With Mary, Pepper finally jumped out without a problem, but needed a boost from Mary to get in.  Pepper is healthy and strong and she is more than capable of jumping in and out of the car.  Maybe not yet trusting that car rides can be fun, this car ride with Mary was, indeed, a fun one and introduced Pepper to a whole new adventure.Yellow Labrador RetrieverWhile hiking along the Forbidden Drive path, Pepper came in contact with many new sights, sounds and smells. She even met a Golden Retriever and a three-year old girl and both were very inquisitive about Pepper.  Pepper isn’t one to seek out other dogs, but she will gladly interact perfectly if they approach her. This was the same with the three-year old girl.  Pepper was an angel. She LOVED stopping and sniffy-ing everything. It is wonderful to see her explore and be free to do what real dogs should do. If given the right dog and the opportunity, I think Pepper would love to run and play with other dogs her age. She walks well with our resident dogs and everyone gets along perfectly. Our two older farm girls, however, aren’t much for running these days. They are, however, perfect at chilling out, teaching Pepper our routines, and letting Pepper just be Pepper, which is exactly what she needs for now.Yellow Labrador RetrieverYellow Labrador Retriever Pepper was one of several Brookline foster stars at the Braxton Harvest Festival in Wayne, PA. Aisle #2 is Pepper’s favorite in Braxton’s!  So many nose-level treats! The weather was damp, but everyone’s spirits were so bright as they encountered Pepper.  Although she can be a bit shy in noisy, unfamiliar places, as always, she was the perfect lady with people, other dogs, and children. This week she is scheduled to be spayed.  No more puppies for Pepper – ever.  The end of her former farm life as we know it.

It is just over four weeks since Brookline rescued Pepper. What a difference in our girl! She has grown to love and trust her foster family, and she has done remarkably well in so many ways. She loves her people – and all people. We now need to encourage Pepper to trust herself completely. Whatever she encounters outside of her foster home and family, we want her to know that everything will be OK. Feeling safe feels good to Pepper and who can blame her?  Life on the farm isn’t easy for breeder dogs, but we sense that Pepper’s past is becoming more and more distant to her. That’s a wonderful thing. FD says she is very smart and that FM need not worry.  Everything will be Okay.

September 17, 2023

Have we told you lately just how smart Pepper is?  Amazing, but she has insisted on writing her own blog entry this week. Here goes:

Pepper here. Life with FD and FM is wonderful. We eat, we sleep, we nap, we garden, we cheer for the Phillies and the Eagles, and we like to sit on the front porch and watch the world go by.  We take walks through the neighborhood and we meet new people and new fur friends. Then we do it all again.  My life is pretty darn awesome these days. Yellow Labrador RetrieverFM says I am still a work in progress. (She says the same about FD so I am in good company.) For example, for some reason I am hesitant to walk through doorways. From the foster blogs I read I’ve learned that other farm girls can have this same fear. Fortunately, Daisy, Abby and I are very comfortable snoozing in the living room, which is actually perfect for me since my safe space is here. We do get gated in the living room at night as I heard FM remind FD that she doesn’t want my two older fur sisters wandering the whole house at night. It seems that Abby once peed in the dining room and Daisy once did the other thing and FM was not very happy. As for me, I have been the perfect house guest and never once had an accident in the house. FM says that is amazing!Yellow Labrador RetrieverI have my morning routine down pat; although there have been a few days when I wanted to start my morning routine at 3:00AM. FM was quick to remind me to “settle.”  This is a word that FM uses when it’s time for us to settle down.  It works! I can get VERY excited in the morning to see my FM and to know that it’s time for breakfast. I love eating.

After breakfast Abby and I take every toy out of our toybox.  (I don’t understand why FM bothers to put them all back, but who can understand humans?) When I first came to live with FM and FD, I didn’t know what a toy was.  I have learned that toys can be fun, especially when I share them.  Playing “keep away” and “tug-o-war” with Abby are my favorite games.

The cooler weather has arrived and we all spend a lot more time in the garden.  I love being outside with my family, but am still worried about being left outside for good.  FM reassures me all the time, but these things take time.  My human foster sister is coming home from NY this week and FM tells me we are going to go for long walks in the Wissahickon.  Sounds like fun.  I can’t wait.  Yellow Labrador RetrieverNext Sunday, September 24th, I will be with Brookline at Braxton’s Annual Harvest Festival on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, PA.  I love meeting new people and, although I am in an amazing foster home, FM and FD said they have more labs like me to help rescue. I’m sure I will find the perfect family interested in being my forever home. Fingers crossed.



September 9, 2023

Pepper’s bloodwork came back perfect. Pepper’s heartworm test was negative and we immediately started her Heartgard regimen. Once the weather breaks, we plan to go on longer walks hoping to get a few pounds off of her before her spay the end of this month. Thank you Pennridge Animal Hospital for your tender care of our foster farm girl.

With the weather so terribly hot, Pepper and our resident dogs want no part of being outdoors other than the time it takes them to do their business.  Pepper still gets anxious at the thought of somehow being left outside for good. After 6 years of being outdoors, something as simple as this can take time to overcome. She will happily stay out with her people, and she enjoys walking the grounds with her fur sisters. Once inside, however, she heads to her safe space in the bend of our L-shaped sofa: a space where she can fully relax and where the air conditioning keeps her cool and comfortable.Yellow Labrador RetrieverThis weekend, she met our daughter’s foster dog for the first time.  He is a young pup who loves every dog he meets, but he can tend to be a bit too energetic. Pepper was not impressed with his exuberance and told him so with a few good barks and growls. After years of being confined with litter after litter of puppies, we can understand Pepper’s low tolerance to playful young pups. She’s had a tough career and deserves a quiet retirement. Pepper is, however, curious and very good with all the dogs we meet on our walks. She loves the company of her two fur sisters – never any food or toy aggression at all. In her forever home, we think Pepper would do best in a household that was a bit more laid back, possibly with an older resident dog or dogs.

Saturday, Pepper was the Brookline foster star at Petapalooza in Chestnut Hill, PA!  The Brookline booth was well visited and many people inquired about fostering – which is an ongoing need.  The more fosters we have, the more girls like Pepper we can rescue. Pepper went on several walks with interested adopters (and a Brookline volunteer) and on one walk Pepper had an adorable interaction with a young girl. It is our understanding that there were children on the farm where Pepper was kept and she was good with kids. It was wonderful to know that people came out just to meet her, and heartening to see the tender way in which everyone who knew her story interacted with her. FD went on and on about what a good girl she is. (He loves to brag about her!)Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverWe’ve learned that Pepper does not like thunder.  This isn’t unusual as our other farm girls are also spooked by thunderstorms. Pepper and Abby curled up together in Pepper’s safe space and weathered this storm together. Something for interested adopters to keep in mind – thunderstorms will be a work in progress.

Pepper will be spayed the end of the month. If all goes well, she will be available for adoption a few weeks after her spay. For now –  Pepper is still learning how to be a real dog and she is a great student. We are so happy to be her teachers. Stay tuned for updates.

September 6, 2023

In just two short weeks, Pepper has successfully made the transition from farm to family. We are so proud of her! Once confined and resigned to life as it was, she is a different dog today. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these photos – just two weeks apart – are worth a million!Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverPepper has quickly blossomed into the loving Labrador she was meant to be. To her credit, she has done everything right.  She is smart, she is curious, and she is loving.  She sleeps through the night, walks well on a leash, has learned to trust, eats all her food (and then some), and always does her business outside. She is content to be with her people and takes great direction from her two fur siblings, Abby and Daisy. Both are former farm girls, themselves, and rescued by Brookline. Pepper loves the air-conditioned comforts of a real home and, from all indications, she feels very safe. So, then, is this a happy ending? Well, not just yet, anyway.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Life on the farm isn’t easy for breeder girls.  They are confined, left outside in extreme heat and cold, and they are often void of human contact. Being with people is the one thing (along with food) that Labradors crave. In a very short time, Pepper has made a successful transition from her former life to this new, interim, one. Along the way, she has learned so much from her foster family-both humans and dogs. In turn, her family has learned a lot from her. Despite her past life, Pepper holds no grudges. She appreciates everything we do for her. She listens, she wants to please, and she takes each new person she meets for who they are and each new situation for what it is.  Her tail is always wagging like a propeller: a sign of a happy dog.Yellow Labrador RetrieverFor FD, he has learned what it is like to be adored and trusted by a dog in need. From the very first day, Pepper put all of her trust in him. He didn’t let her down. His goal from the start was to prepare her to leave us.  Pepper and FD have become besties; kindred spirits. FM has learned patience. She has come to see that while routines and structure can be reassuring to Pepper, wanting to control a situation for her is futile. Pepper needs time to work through things at her own pace and she has. As much as we love these girls, there are some things you just can’t rush. You need to give them time, let a situation play out and trust that it will resolve itself.Yellow Labrador RetrieverAs just one small example, after dinner each night, we enjoy sitting on our comfy front porch. The dogs will join us as we watch the world go by. While the dogs have plenty of room to roam around in our fenced yard, they prefer to lay close by and snooze away.  Initially, Pepper would only lay in a small space between a table and the porch door. Now, she freely wanders the yard, runs down to the fence line if she sees a dog walker, and rests out in the open by FD’s chair.  The physical change in her body language and overall appearance is remarkable. She went from an frightened, defeated pup, ears down, sad eyes, to a confident and happy dog with a bright glow. Her triangle-shaped ears are now always up and out in true lab style.  FD describes her as – “Labradorable.”  That she is.Yellow Labrador RetrieverSo what’s next for Pepper?  This week she saw a vet for the first time. Pepper is now up to date on vaccines and microchipping. Her bloodwork will be back soon and all indications say that her health is great.  She has no joint issues and her heart and lungs are perfect.  She is scheduled to be spayed later this month. Pepper weighed in at over 80 pounds. The constant breeding and lack of quality exercise and nutritional food can often add weight to farm girls. I know from our two adopted breeder moms that regular exercise and a quality diet will help shed unwanted pounds. We will be working hard to help Pepper make this happen. Pepper LOVES her leash walks and would go ten times a day if she could.

FD and FM have grown to love her. We made a pact, however, that Pepper would be our first of many fosters.  We want to help more dogs take their own rescue ride. Pepper is still transitioning to life off the farm – and that is a good thing.  She can still be spooked by quick motions and unusual noises; things our adopted girls still deal with. She will want a forever home that allows her the time she needs to finally settle into permanent routines – no more transitions. We know she will quickly catch on. She loves her people around her and will easily take cues from a resident dog or dogs.

Pepper came to us with a lot of understandable baggage. We cherish our time with her as we build her trust and confidence. From the start, our goal was to help her become a real dog – to get her ready to leave us. Pepper will soon be ready to settle into her forever home – the final leg of her journey – where she can simply be a dog.

The happy ending for all of us who foster comes when these amazing dogs are adopted into loving and caring homes.  For FD and FM, our own happy ending will be bittersweet as one day soon we will be saying goodbye to our beautiful Pepper. She will leave us to begin a new life: a life this “Labradorable” girl so richly deserves.

August 30, 2023

Fostering is patience.  FM has little; FD has a lot.  For FM, this one-week journey with Pepper has been humbling.  For FD it has been simply what needs to be done.  In the words of FD, “We need to get Pepper ready to leave us.”

As we mentioned in a previous post, Pepper has a “safe space” in our living room.  While she will, now, easily wander through the house with FD, FM and her fur sisters, should anything startle her, she quickly retreats to that space.  Safe is good for Pepper and knowing she is safe has allowed her to take more risks.

Pepper’s confidence has grown by leaps and bounds. This is not only the work of a patient FD, but of a fur sister named Abby who came to us just a few short months ago through Brookline. Abby is 9 years old.  Another former farm girl. She is the Lab we all wish we could clone. Pepper has taken to her.  Pepper’s once anxiety is repeatedly soothed by Abby’s calm and loving demeanor and by showing Pepper that, in any new situation, everything will be just fine.

As I write, a new situation for Pepper is to be locked in our sunporch while a cleaning crew is working in the rest of the house.  With three yellow labs, this is a necessary luxury for FM.  Pepper is not alone, however, as Abby, Daisy and FM will remain with her until the job is done.  This is a regular routine, but a new situation for Pepper. She is closed off from her safe space for now.  At first she paced, then she finally laid down, now she is sound asleep.Yellow Labrador RetrieverThis morning was another wonderful breakthrough for Pepper, thanks to Abby. Most farm girls will come into Brookline having little, if any, understanding of dog toys.  Daisy is 12 and has never shown any interest in any toy, ever. On the farm, just the basics are provided. Pepper, however, was always a bit curious when it came to squeaky toys.  This morning, she discovered Abby’s very favorite toy: a “stuffie” tree trunk that houses 6 small squirrels that squeak. As Abby would take the squirrels from the trunk, Pepper would run over and grab them and then run to her safe spot.  This game between Abby and Pepper went on for more than 15 minutes.  Each time Abby would retake the squirrels and Pepper would retake them from Abby.

Next Abby brought out her “stuffie” lamb that also squeaks.  Pepper was quick to run from her safe space to play tug-o-war with Abby.  Never once was there any sign of fear, or toy aggression, just pure unscripted dog play.Yellow Labrador Retriever

FM is learning that teaching a dog like Pepper how to be a real dog can be challenging for a human.  FM is one of routines, lots of love, and taking care of the necessities. For a dog like Abby, however, teaching Pepper how to be a dog is child’s play.  If Abby could talk, I think she would simply say, “It’s just what needs to be done.” When she is ready for adoption, should you be interested in providing a forever home for Pepper, one thing you can know for certain is that she is learning how to be a real dog from the very best, most patient dog we know.

Wish us luck as next week as Pepper will see the vet for the first time.  We are hoping for a good report on her health and to set up an appointment to spay her.  No more puppies.  Hopefully Pepper will heal quickly and well and, in the time she is with us, will learn even more ways to be a real dog.  So far, so good. She is truly a joy to foster. It will be hard for us all to let her go.

We will keep you updated.

August 28, 2023

Pepper is our first foster.  Our goal in fostering is to foster again.  That may sound strange, but there are so many dogs in need of a safe place to transition from what they have known to be their life, to what their life can become and where that forever home can be. Fostering provides that “safe house” so-to-speak where, as in the case of Pepper, FD said it best.  “She just wants to learn how to be a real dog.”

Just four days ago, Pepper came off the farm.  She was frightened, dirty and most likely resigned to what she thought was her life. Life outside, in a concrete and steel pen covered in cow stink. One thing about Labrador Retrievers is that they love people and, especially, their people.  They want to be near you. But, when they finally venture off a bit and you see them learn to trust that you will be there when they return, you know that what was once their past life is starting to fade. It’s a beautiful thing.

As our blog reads, at first, FD spent a few nights on the sofa, with Pepper so close to him that if he moved his hand from her head, she would awaken.  After a few nights, Pepper ventured upstairs and slept through the night at the bedside of FD.  Last night she wanted to remain in our living room – the safe space she has come to love – where she slept through the entire night with her two foster fur sisters.

Our routine in the morning is that all the girls go out front in the yard for a quick potty, if needed, while FM makes their breakfast.  After breakfast, the girls go in the back yard to do their business, while FM makes coffee.  Once the coffee has brewed, the girls come in through the sunroom door where they get a treat.  Pepper has quickly caught on to this routine and, along with Abby and Daisy, waits patiently to come back in to her safe space. Yellow Labrador RetrieverClearly Pepper loves her people, but she also wants to be part of the pack. It is such a wonderful thing to witness. Pepper is learning how to be a real dog.

August 27, 2023

Pepper slept through the night again; this time, upstairs by the bedside of her FD.  FM is an early morning person and is the one to get up, let the girls out, feed them, and then take them out on “poop pickup patrol.” (Job security, for sure.) Pepper is very food motivated and loves breakfast time. As for treats, she prefers the softer, peanut butter ones.  Her teeth will need some attention, which will be addressed during her spay.

Pepper has started showing her true personality!  We think she finally understands that she is off the farm for good, and that she is cared for and loved.  This morning, she was hopping, jumping, tail wagging and giving tons of kisses to her foster dog sisters. She even engaged in a play tug-o-war with Abby. (At 100 pounds, Abby usually wins these games.)  A true sign that Pepper is feeling more confident was as she watched FD leave for work.

To say she is fond of her FD is an understatement. Peeking at him leaving through the fence gate, FD turned and asked her, “Do you want me to come back and pet you goodbye again?”  She stood on her hind legs, front paws up on the gate with her tail wagging like crazy as if she knew what he was asking. He walked back from his truck, leaned over the gate, gave her a quick ear rub and reminded her, “I’ll be back, Pep!”Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe watched him walk away and then immediately came into the house. The past few days, when he would leave, she would frantically run the fence line until he was out of sight. Even then, she would pace and pant inside the house. Her anxiety panting has now subsided significantly. As I write, it is the girls’ nap time and everyone is sound asleep. Pepper’s foster dog sisters have been wonderful.  As a result, Pepper has easily settled in to our routines. We have yet to sense that Pepper is disturbed by any of the sights or sounds of the suburbs. We plan to take her on longer walks and offer more encounters.

When fostering or adopting a former farm girl, you are never sure of their past life and how they were treated.  The personalities of our two former farm girls are worlds apart. Where one came from confinement and isolation, the other came from more of a free-range, farm life. What they do have in common is that they never lived inside a real home, until they were rescued. The same is true of Pepper.  As a result, everything in a home is new to them. The farm girls can also come to us being a bit wary of men. Pepper, however, adores her FD.  Since day one, he has shown great patience with her.  One of our neighbors called him the “dog whisperer.” FD is definitely her bestie. FM will do in a pinch. At this point, we haven’t found anyone, or anything (except maybe the occasional rabbit), that ruffles Pepper’s feathers.

It is just three full days off the farm and what a remarkable difference we are seeing in Pepper.

Stay tuned for more!

August 26, 2023

FD slept on the couch again last night and Pepper slept fine all night right next to him. When he went up the steps this morning to get dressed, she was so focused on keeping him in her sight that she didn’t even realize she had climbed the entire flight of stairs! She was upstairs in an instant. She was able to come down with just a little help from FD. Now that we know that she has mastered going up, tonight we are going to put Pepper’s bed by FD’s side of the bed so that FD can get a good night’s sleep in his own bed.  We will let you know how that goes.

Pepper went out with her fur sisters first thing this morning. She ate and did her business outside. We all went for a nice walk together. The girls do love the AC on days like this and simply prefer to nap.  Since Pepper has never been an inside dog, AC is a real luxury and she is taking full advantage, She is perfectly fine sharing the AC with her fur fosters. No issues at all.

For now, Pepper still prefers her safe place next to the sofa. I’m sure she will venture out soon and begin to hang even closer to the old girls while napping. She really does miss her FD when he is at work and she will wake in a second if she thinks she hears his truck. She loves her people.Yellow Labrador RetrieverIt is so hot and humid, today, but maybe later we will try and get all the girls outside for a few group photos. This indoor photo was taken this morning. Abby is the big girl and a Brookline former farm girl. Abby has been with us for just a few months. Pepper is in the lower corner, asleep, and Daisy is the fawn colored old Brookline farm girl on the bed. Daisy has been with us for 3 years.

We have a special place in our hearts for the farm girls.  Once you get to know Pepper, you will certainly see why we wanted to foster her. As a former farm breeder, Pepper truly does deserve the good life.

August 25, 2023

Pepper is a 6 year 9 month young former breeder mom. Her days on the farm are finally over thanks to Brookline. After her rescue ride this week from two awesome Brookline volunteers, and being very scared and very stinky, Pepper joined FD, Joe and FM, Jean and her two foster dog sisters, Abby and Daisy.  Before the formal introduction, however, Pepper had a much-needed bath from FM’s friend who owns a mobile grooming service. Boy, did Pepper smell like the farm (and specifically, something on the farm)! Thank you Stephanie and Groom and Tails for doing the dirty work!Yellow Labrador RetrieverFoster sisters Abby and Daisy are both Brookline former farm girls, totally laid back. They were very welcoming to Pepper and barely woke up but did sniff her and say, no problem. Her new bestie, however, is FD whom she willingly gives multiple kisses to and lots of tail wags when he comes home from work. For the first few nights, FD slept on the couch to keep Pepper company. She slept well through the night waking up only to remind FD that his hand had to be on her head.
Yellow Labrador RetrieverYellow Labrador RetrieverPepper follows FD everywhere and even brings him her toys, which we are happy she is learning how to enjoy. When FD goes off to work, she quickly reconnects with FM and her foster fur sisters.  She does loves her people. At first, when her sisters would greet FD, Pepper could be a bit overprotective. But after just 24 hours, Pepper learned that sharing FD is a good thing.

Pepper quickly caught on to our daily routines and loves exploring the grounds. She is a GOOD eater. After breakfast, she easily joins her foster sisters and goes outside to do all of her business.  This morning she did both and quickly ran into the kitchen for a treat. Part of the routine that she quickly caught on too. She walks well on a leash and, yesterday, went on a walk around the neighborhood with Abby, whom is the more confident resident dog. We met our neighbors, a few dogs (with lots of tail wags) and Pepper easily went up and down a set of outside stairs without any problems. She loves stopping and smelling the roses. She will follow FD up the inside stairs, but hasn’t yet mastered coming down.

In less than 24 hours, Pepper had a rescue ride, got cleaned up, explored her new grounds, found trust with a new bestie, ate well, and did her business outside and walked well on a leash. She is a clean, not-so-lean, Labrador machine. The not-so-lean we will be working on as foster sister Abby is a bit of a chunker, as well.

Yellow Labrador RetrieverPepper’s vet visit is scheduled for next week. We hope for a clean bill of health, then schedule her spay so that Pepper can begin the next chapter of her puppy-free life in a loving forever home.  She loves life, other dogs, food and people. She deserves the best!

All in all, Pepper has settled in well and her personality is starting to shine through.

More to come!

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