Pepper #9 Black Labrador Retriever Female 14 Years Old

January 6, 2020

Pepper wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Foster mom reports that she continues to be an 88 lb total lovebug!  She flips onto her side for belly rubs.  Unfortunately, in her previous home, Pepper did not receive much affection and did not even have a bed or any toys to call her own. She has learned how wonderful a soft place to lay is and now absolutely LOVES chew toys, bully sticks, tennis balls, treats,but most of all, stuffed animals. The first toy she received was when one of our wonderful volunteers evaluated Pepper using a stuffed bear. Our volunteer was so touched by how much Pepper loved the bear that she kindly left it with Pepper. She carries it around with her and sleeps with it as well as her other stuffed animals now!

She came to us very sedentary (not having been walked) and overweight. She has since lost 5 lbs with daily walks and a healthier diet. Pepper gets VERY excited when she sees her leash/harness. She is easy to walk with minimal pulling. She has recently begun chasing tennis balls in the yard and can walk almost half a mile.

Pepper is full house-trained, never counter surfs, and does not jump up on people. She currently lives with a cat who she completely ignores. She enjoys the run of the house and should not be crated. She climbs steps with no problem and loves to snuggle on the couch. She does follow her people occasionally but tends to be more independent. She travels well and needs a little boost up and down from the carseat.

Pepper would do well with an elderly couple or calmer family with or without children, dogs. She does enjoy other dogs’ company and is currently living with another dog (puppy) and doing great with him, but does not require this companionship. She will need to be walked daily to keep her healthy as well as to help with her weight loss. She needs a family who will give her the affection she deserves!

December 12, 2019

14 year old black lab Pepper

Hello all!
It’s me, Pepper, the 14 year old wonder! My diet is going well and I’m loving my daily walks. I can go further and longer without tiring or panting.
My bladder issue is getting under great control now that I’m on medicine to help me. My foster mom made me wear antlers today- it really wasn’t too bad especially since she was rubbing my belly before, during, and after! I love my other foster buddy, Hopping Charlie, especially when he hops around the yard chasing his frisbee.
I opened my gift box last night from Carolyn (thank you!) and saw such wonderful stuffed toys and animals! I loved them all!
I have met some new people and am very friendly once I’ve barked at them once or twice. I love treats and am learning to be gently when I take them,
That’s all for now!

14 year old black lab Pepper 14 year old black lab Pepper

December 11, 2019

14 year old black lab Pepper

Pepper has been such a pleasure! She is such a sweet and loving soul. She has really been enjoying her daily walk and LOVED the snow this morning. She torpedoes off the couch when I say “walk” and is very excited. She wags her tail the whole time and is very excited to smell all the new smells and visit the neighborhood. Her diet is going well and she is on much lower-calorie, nutritious food now.

We were able to get Pepper on antibiotics for her urinary tract infection very quickly so there was no
overnight flooding! She received her goodie box from Carolyn (THANK YOU!) but, having just walked in the door from work, it has not been opened yet. I’m sure Charlie will be stealing her toys as soon as she gets them but I know that she will be just thrilled.

She is also loving sleeping in a comfortable dog bed (she has her choice of 3 and rotates) and a soft blanket.
My absolute favorite trait of Pepper’s is that she offers her belly for rubs whenever we even look at her or pass by her. This old lady just wants to be loved.

14 year old black lab Pepper 14 year old black lab Pepper

December 10, 2019

Hello all!
Between the amazing efforts of tow of our volunteers yesterday in the pouring rain, I received 14 year-old Pepper. She is an absolute sweetheart. No one who sees her can believe she is 14. She has no grey in her muzzle at all. She was a little nervous at first with the hopping bunny that is Charlie (9 month old chocolate male lab), but she settled in nicely and after an hour or two, they were great friends. She LOVES her stuffed animals and carries them around. Now, for the first time in her life, she has many toys  to play with! She loves to be hugged and petted and , wheneverI come near her, she flips onto her side and raises a paw for belly rubs.

She was shy meeting my husband and son and barked a little but quickly responded nicely to affection.
She loved being around us all evening and slept quietly with Charlie downstairs in a dog bed. Unfortunately, she had an accident in the dog bed as well as on the family room rug and the throw rug by the back door. We will be checking her for a urinary tract infection.

Lizzy Boot Camp begins today- Pepper will be getting new food gradually in smaller amounts at regular times with a daily walk. She needs to shed about 30 lbs. She is a petite lab with small paws and huge barrel for a belly. She waddles when she walks and does not like to move around too much as I’m sure it’s difficult to move that much weight. She weighed in at 92 lbs yesterday! She is UTD on all her shots!

14 year old black lab Pepper

December 9, 2019

Welcome Miss Pepper to Brookline.  Pepper’s owner was forced to surrender her when she moved and the landlord said Pepper couldn’t stay.  So Pepper had a checkup and then was transported to her foster home. The first report from foster mom is that she is already in love with her and that Pepper is a real sweetheart.  Pepper is in remarkably good shape aside from the fact that she has a lot of weight to lose, but we’re hoping with the right food and some nice walks, the pounds will begin to melt off.  Stay tuned for updates.14 year od Pepper's rescue ride

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