Pepper Black Labrador Retriever Male 9 Months Old

March 21, 2019

I have been really working hard and learning how to be a good boy so that I can go to my furever home. I haven’t had any accidents in the house for about a week! I happily go into my crate now. I am walking pretty good on a leash. I love playing with my foster siblings/family. AND, I am now so much more confident – I am free to act like the puppy that has always been there, deep inside!

March 10, 2019

1.5 year old black lab PepperHello everyone! Well, it has been a good weekend! FM and FD have been home almost the entire weekend and I have really been enjoying their company! In fact, I am quite comfortable with them…..I am now rolling over on my back to let them run my belly from time-to-time….I LIVE when they pet my head and rub my ears, too!

I am learning that sit means to bring my butt to the ground and sometimes I lie on the ground when they tell me “down”; I come inside when they say my name and “come” with a whistle…they give me treats for all of these things and I have really learnt to enjoy those! When I go outside to do my business, they give me treats for that, too! They don’t seem to like when I forget to hold it until I go outside and they don’t give me treats when I do that…..hmmmm…..
Rusty, one of my foster brothers, left the house for a while the other day and when he came back, he wasn’t feeling well. Also, he had a bunch of bandages on his paw. I have been being a very good boy and I have been giving him some space while he recovers. Also, when we try to start to play a little and FM/FD stop us, I listen because I don’t want to hurt him!
Oh, last night, I met some little people, 7 and 5 years old….boy were they fun! I really loved playing with them and I stayed close to them while they were here! I sure was tired after playing with them! I was a bit reluctant at times when meeting some of the other people but FD and FM think that maybe it was just too many of them for me all at one time…..they think I will become more comfortable with all of that excitement with time.
FD and FM say that I will probably soon be ready to meet my furever family……
Pepper 💙

March 7, 2019

Hi everyone, Pepper here again.1.5 year old black lab Pepper

Well, I am now hanging out quite confidently here at this new place! I really enjoy snuggling and playing (tug of war, chewing on antlers) with my foster siblings. And, I am really loving FM and FD……especially FM – she keeps describing me as a “velcro dog” and I am not sure what that means, but I am sure that I LOVE to be near her!
They got me a new crate… that keeps me feeling very safe, and I go in there now all on my own!
I am starting to understand that I need to go outside to go potty but every now and then I forget that I am not outside and that I can’t go whenever I want to……oops… day!
I think that’s it for now.
Oh – wait – FM and FD said that we’re having a family dinner here on Saturday and I will get to meet more people, including some little ones! I will let you know what I think of them next time…..
Tail wags,
Pepper 🐶

March 3, 2019

Hello everyone. 1.5 year old black lab Pepper

I had a really tough night in the crate last night. FM and FD left for a bit earlier to go grocery shopping and it didn’t go well then, either. In fact, I need a new one now because I ruined the other one (oops). FM and FD said that they’re going to try a different type of crate that I can’t ruin, or risk hurting myself while I am in it…..they put it into their bedroom so that I can sleep with them and my furry foster siblings  – please pray that this goes better for me!
For now, I am resting comfortably (snoring on the couch). I really love snuggling with everyone in this new place, especially FM and my new furry foster siblings!
Please pray for me to find peace and  comfort as I continue on this new journey, especially in the crate…..
Sweet dreams (hopefully),


March 2, 2019

1.5 year old black lab PepperI am trying to adjust to this new place but it’s been a little tough. I finally decided to start eating my food yesterday. And, I am starting to learn how to play with my new foster brothers and sister…they sure are fun! I really enjoy chewing on antlers, too!
I don’t quite understand why Foster Mom keeps stopping me when I start to pee, or isn’t happy when I poop….it never was an issue before. I always went whenever I wanted to, wherever I wanted to, and it wasn’t a problem. I will have to try to figure that one out.
Foster Dad and Foster Mom have been taking that big round thing off of my head most of the time. But they make me wear it when I am in my crate. Speaking of that…
I like to go in there most of the time, and sometimes I sleep in there in my own for naps. Today, FM left for a while and I ripped up my blanket….she wasn’t too happy. And, I am not too happy about going in there at night. I cry a lot and try to get out…..we will see if this gets better for me as I try to adjust to all of these changes – and boy are there ever a lot of them for me right now and it sure is tough…..

February 27, 2019

Hi everyone, this is Pepper checking in!9 month old black lab Pepper

I am new to all of this and when I say all of this, I mean EVERYTHING!

I have this awful thing around my head, I don’t know who these humans are, or anything about this HUGE pen that they put me….boy is my life VERY different than the one I am used to. And, I walk on this slippery surface in some areas of the HUGE pen and other areas, well, they’re really soft on my paws!
9 month old black lab PepperThere are 3 other furry friends in this place with me and I was happy to meet them, but the humans keep me in an area separate from them and they say that I can be with them in a couple of days but not quite yet (because of this thing around my head). I am already starting to like these new humans….I stay close to them and I  have tried to give them kisses a few times. I like to lean against them when they pet me.
I am trying to drink but I haven’t wanted to eat much….you see, I am a little too nervous with all of these big changes that are happening to me. I did eat a morsel or two of some extra yummy stuff but I haven’t been too interested is what is in my bowl….maybe tomorrow. These humans keep telling me that everything is going to be ok and that they’ll teach me what to do with this new life……we will see about all of that.
I am exhausted so until next time (pray for me, please)…..

February 25, 2019

Meet Pepper who got off the farm and into rescue today. He is approximately 9 months old and weighs 60lbs. He was a good boy in the car and for the vet. He will need to be neutered and learn about life inside of a house. His transporter washed the dirt off his nose from digging holes. What a handsome boy he is!  Stay tuned for updates.   9 month old black lab 9 month old black lab

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