Tucker, 5 month old male Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Tucker is now avail for adoption….
August 29, 2018
chocolate Labrador Retriever in a fruit boxNext week We will have our last week of tm and laser with re-eval on Friday (9/4, 9/6 and 9/7) I’m hoping Dr. HS will say he’s made progress,and is doing well enough to be placed with a new family of his own.
August 14, 2018  
Chocolate Labrador Retriever on water treadmill
Water PT

Tucker loves being with his fur brothers in his foster home!

Today we went back to Dr. Howe-Smith for staple and suture removal and to evaluate the success of the surgery. It seems that the leg is straight and in place as it should be. Bearing weight on it and building muscle is now the goal. Doc is pleased with the results and is recommending a series of 6 underwater treadmill therapy sessions and 6 laser treatments (2 sessions/treatments per week a couple of days apart) to build muscle, ease any muscle discomfort and strengthen his legs.


July 25, 2018
Tucker is doing great with his foster home! A little whining last night, but moving his crate in the other room with the three other dogs helped him settled quickly. He is doing his business outside and getting along with the other pups in the household.

Today, Tucker went to the vet to have his broken leg evaluated. After reading the x-rays and doing a full exam the vet feels inserting a pin is the best answer for Tucker. His injury was three weeks ago and his little body has tried to heal itself but there is too much rotation of this broken bone to heal correctly on its’ own.

July 24, 2018
chocolate Labrador Retriever and boyTucker is doing well. He continues to eat well. He had a bit of a restless night, I think he was uncomfortable and itching from the fleas. But I didn’t see any more fleas today so hopefully we’re in the clear. I got up twice overnight in case the restlessness was because he had to pee but that wasn’t the case. Turns out he peed in his crate at some point. Otherwise he’s doing very well with potty training.
July 23, 2018
Tucker had a great 1st night! We went to bed around 10:30 (him in the crate on the first floor and us in our room on the second floor). He cried and was restless about an hour later so I went downstairs to reassure him that he was not alone. I decided to sleep on the couch in the next room from him but turns out that I didn’t need to. He slept through until 6:30!
He’s had 2 pee accidents since yesterday but every other time he’s done his business outside, for which he is lavishly praised.
He settles nicely in the crate, thank goodness because he’s on crate rest while he heals. He’s eating well and is such a lovebug!
I’m going to have Tucker seen ASAP for his broken tibia and fibia, right now he’s got just a splint which is coming apart bit by bit. I’d like another opinion to make sure that’s enough. He also has a very nasty sore on his toe around the nail. Looks like maybe a cut that he was licking. So we’ll get him checked over and make sure he’s on the right track.

 He has an E collar on at all times but we take it off for a few minutes for him to eat/drink on breaks from the crate. (Or for photo ops). Otherwise he catches it on his bowls and we have a water/kibble tsunami.

July 22, 2018

Tucker is a 19 week old chocolate lab puppy. He got his unlucky “break” when he was hit by a horse and buggy on the farm. He is so friendly. Typical puppy! His cast has the Incredibles on it and he certainly is incredible!

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