Phantom Silver Labrador Retriever Female 5.5 Years Old ID#2998

Silver Labrador RetrieverPhantom is a 5.5 year  old silver Labrador retriever who just arrived from a farm, where she was well treated and therefore loves all people. She is reported to be very loving and friendly, great with little kids and other dogs.  Phantom is now relaxing in her foster home.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

August 30, 2021

After Phantom’s busy and fun filled first weekend, her Monday was much more relaxing! Her foster sisters got on the bus in the morning and she went on a 40 min leash walk on a wooded trail. She’s excited to walk and pulls a bit. She’s getting better jumping in and out of the back of the SUV, and she’s very comfortable riding in the car!

Foster mom worked outside of the home most of the day. Foster dad was in and out for work, checking on her. She was completely comfortable spending a few hours at a time alone, with free run of the house, and zero accidents or chewing!Silver Labrador RetrieverShe enjoys switching between laying on her dog bed and the couch. And she’s really getting the hang of playing fetch! And she LOVES people. Her tails wags non-stop to greet everyone.

August 29, 2021

Silver Labrador RetrieverPhantom (or Phanny as we sometimes call her affectionally) is setting in wonderfully! She is eating and drinking well. We took a half hour walk, through a neighborhood playground full of little kids, this morning. She is okay on a leash, and we will continue to work on her with that.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe is incredibly gentle with her little foster sisters. She enjoys relaxing on her dog bed and the couch.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe hasn’t tried to come up the hardwood stairs yet. She slept alone on the first floor and was very well behaved. She’s had no accidents indoors. She went potty around 9pm right before we went to bed. She did bark once to wake us up around 5:30, went outside to go potty, and then went right back to bed. She has had free run of the first floor with no issues. We even left her home alone for almost an hour today.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe doesn’t have much interest in any dog toys yet, but she certainly has fun with the tennis ball outback, and is slowly learning to play fetch.Silver Labrador RetrieverWe took her to the local clinic for some of her vet needs this afternoon. and she was so well behaved and not anxious at all in the store with a lot of other dogs around.

August 28, 2021

Silver Labrador RetrieverMeet Phantom!

This 5.5 year old Silver Lab beauty was rescued from an Amish farm this morning and is officially now a retired breeding mama! Silver Labrador RetrieverShe’s already gotten a bath, taken a walk around the block, and even made her first TikTok video (curtesy of her human foster sisters). She LOVES being pet and any type of human affection. Silver Labrador RetrieverWe look forward to getting to know this gentle and curious soul over the next few weeks. She seems to be interested in playing fetch and all the smells of her new foster backyard! She takes treats nicely and seems to know a few basic commands with some encouragement.Silver Labrador Retriever

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