Phoebe #3 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 1.5 Years Old ID#3022


February 8, 2023

Phoebe is still looking for her forever Labrador Retriever mix She loves to play with other dogs and has been making friends while attending doggie daycare twice week. Phoebe running with her friend Moose.

Phoebe is very sweet, takes treats gently, loves other Labrador Retriever mix We have been going for lots of walks which she enjoys. She is definitely an athlete. She loves to run and play ball.

Phoebe does require a fenced in yard and another active dog who likes to wrestle. She still is young and needs to burn some energy. Phoebe never counter surfs or gets in the trash. She never takes items that don’t belong to her. She knows lots if obedience commands and walks well on lead using a gentle leader.

Although she only has one eye it doesn’t slow her down. She gets eye drops 2x a day and sits nicely while giving them. Everyone who meets her thinks she sweet as do I. Please consider Phoebe she really is amazing.

January 30, 2023

Phoebe is still available. She is super sweet and loves to play with other dogs. She met a number of new friends yesterday and was so good. They were all under a year and Phoebe did a good job keeping up. You could see she was tired though. I practice her recalls and she came running back to be. She really listens well.

She was very mellow all night Labrador Retriever Mix

She went to BCK to play with her new friend Max. They had a great time together. two dogs playingPhoebe came home at 12:45 PM, said hello then went to her crate to snooze. It’s 3:20 Pand she is still there. Scout says thanks for the break.

Phoebe really is special. Everyone that meets her says how sweet she is. She loves to play and snuggle. She knows so many commands. She just needs someone who will love her. Please consider Phoebe she is so amazing.

January 25, 2023

Phoebe is having her stiches removed on Friday. She is ready to find her forever home. Phoebe is a 1.5 yrs. old boxer/lab mix with a big personality.

She loves to go for walks and lie in front of the fire on cold evenings. She is very smart and has come a long way since she first arrived at our house. Although Phoebe only has one eye it doesn’t stop her. She has adapted well and never misses anything. Phoebe is a great travel companion; she is super chill in the car. I have taken her to multiple pet store and Home Depot. People flock to her commenting on how calm she is and how beautiful. Most don’t realize she has only one eye.

Phoebe requires a fenced in yard due to her strong prey drive. She needs a confident medium to large sized dog to wrestle with.  She will also need an owner committed to continuing her training. She is basically a puppy brain in a dog’s body. Phoebe is good with kids over 11 but has not been exposed to younger kids. She does get mouthy so that may frighten younger kids.

Phoebe is very sweet and loves to snuggle. She takes treats gently and knows basic obedience commands. She has improved on leash using a gentle leader. Phoebe is a wonderful dog but now it’s time to find her forever home.

January 16, 2023

Phoebe had her spay surgery on Friday and is recovering well. She was very happy to see me when I came to get her. I got big tail wags and some face kisses to boot. She could live without the surgical suit but she does tolerate. She is starting to feel better and wants to play with Scout who likes that idea. So that’s been fun. I am glad she is feeling better.

The vet evaluated her for hip dysplasia since I have noticed that she can get a little lame after chasing the ball. However, going on a long walk does not seem to bother her. She has hip dysplasia in both but her left is worse.  I have her on joint supplements and there is no reason this will affect her quality of life.  She is young and strong. We walk anywhere between 2.5 to 4 miles a few times a week and she does not have any issue. Mostly I see it when she chases the ball.

Once Phoebe has healed, she will be posted for adoption.

I want to highlight her great qualities and not focus on her issues. It’s easy to focus on her hips and eye.

She is sweet and loves to snuggle. She loves to go for car rides and is excellent in the car. She is well behaved; I have taken her to multiple pet stores and Home Depot. She is a hit there. Everyone comments on how chill she is. People don’t even realize she is missing an eye. Neither does she. It has no effect on her other than she zigzags a little when she walks to get a better view of things around her.

She knows multiple obedience commands. She never takes anything that doesn’t belong to her. I can surround her with treats and tell her to leave it. She waits until I say okay. She is completely house trained. She is crate trained but is reliable inside.

She gets drops in her eyes after feeding. She eats runs over to me, sits automatically allows me to put drops in no struggle at all, then she gets a piece a cheese. We do this every day never an issue.

She loves to play with Scout my lab. She has learned how to play face bitey game. She is smart. Scout is too old to get as physical as Phoebe. Phoebe is 1.5 yrs. old she won’t always be that age.

When she plays with her toys, she talks to them. She makes growls sounds and whines. I put my hand right next to her and she only goes after the toys. She is really cute.

I have been using a gentle leader when we walk. She is great. She goes to pull and self corrects immediately. She does want to engage dogs when she sees them on lead. She wants to wrestle. I usually keep her away. She will try to pull but she can’t. I call her back and give her a piece of cheese to distract her. I have her focus on the cheese not the dog. Cheese wins every time.

Phoebe is an amazing girl.  She is incredibly loving and smart. She needs a home with a fenced in yard and a confident dog around her size to play with.  I have enjoyed our time together. Even though it will be sad to see her go it’s will be time for her to find her forever home.

January 11, 2023

Phoebe is doing great. Friday she will be spayed. She was the perfect traveler going home from our vacation. She loves to sit between the 2 front seats and watch what’s going on. When she tires of that she goes and lays down. Scout was using her as a pillow for part of the trip.

As I am writing this, she is laying across my lap on the couch. Big snuggle bug.Black Labrador Mix Every morning when she hears me stir, she comes in to our bedroom and puts her paws up and gives me face kisses. Such a sweet girl.

I have noticed when she wrestles with Scout, she has started making the same growls and grunts as Scout does. It’s funny. She still has way too much energy compared to Scout and wants to get more physical. She is a baby and Scout is not. She is not doing anything wrong she is just young. She needs a young dog to wrestle with on her new home.

I have been working on loose lead walking with her. She is so strong and her prey drive is high. Finally, I switched her to a gentle leader. We haven’t switched completely but walked about 10 minutes using it. What a difference. Black Labrador MixI will keep working with her. She is so smart and easy. This was the last thing she needed work on. She will always have prey drive. I can’t change that but this really helps. She gets constant high value treats so she tolerates it.

Phoebe will be posted available when her stiches are out. She is one of the smartest dogs I have ever worked with. She is sweet and loving. I think she is fantastic.

January 1, 2023

Phoebe is doing great. She has adjusted to having only 1 eye. black labrador retriever mixNo problems with going up and down the basement stairs.

Last week we had a playdate with my friend’s golden retrievers. She hit it off with her 4-year-old dog. They had so much fun chasing and wrestling. Phoebe definitely needs a younger dog equal size and energy to hang out with.

My dog has taught her bitey face game which is a little more subdued but can easily escalate.

My lab loves her and asks her to play. My beagle not so much.

I have taken Phoebe to multiple pet stores and Home Depot. She was perfect. We have been working on lose lead walking. She is a great hiking buddy. She will drag you if she sees a squirrel or and prey. So, she needs a fenced in yard. No electric fence I am pretty confident she would bolt after anything. She is very strong.

She has met children over 10 years old and is wonderful with them. I would worry about younger ones since she can get a little rough when playing. She does enjoy using her paws to grab your legs which could take down smaller kids.

She is very sweet and a good girl. She loves to snuggle up. She gives little kisses. She listens well. We have been giving her eye drops to prevent glaucoma in her eye. She comes to me after she eats and sits. I put her drops in then she gets a piece of cheese. She will have to get these drops 2x a day indefinitely. Her eye pressure will have to be monitored throughout her life.

When Phoebe plays with her toys, she makes all kinds of sounds. She cries and growls. She is harmless just very excited. It quite cute.

She is an amazing girl. We love her. Phoebe will be spayed on Jan 13th. After she heals, she will be placed for adoption.

December 11, 2022

Phoebe continues due do well in our house. She is such a great dog. I have been treating her eye with drops 2X a day. This will help prevent glaucoma. Her eye pressure was checked previously and it was normal. She will need to have the eye monitored throughout her life.

We had so much fun today. We went for a 3 mile walk at Peace Valley Park. She is no longer unsure with people. She only barks at dogs of they bark at her.  She really wants to play with them. People were coming up to meet her. She was so good. She sat when they approached.

Then we went to the pet store where she was a big hit. Everyone wanted to pet her. She met a very handsome boy dog and she was very well behaved. All happy tails.

Then we went to Home Depot. She continued to be the star there. Everyone that met her, said how chill she was. She is a perfect travel companion. Two couples fell madly in love with her.

She is learning to play gently with Scout.  She still pounces on her at times but has improved a lot. She is such a sweet dog and so smart. She just wants to please. She really needs a home that has another dog she can wrestle with. She is a puppy still and needs a home where she can be a puppy.

December 7, 2022

The biopsy results are back for Phoebe’s eye. It looks like the glaucoma was not due to an injury.  It was due to a congenital defect, of a ligament dysplasia. The ophthalmologist also said that even though this happened to her left eye, it doesn’t necessarily mean that her right eye would be at risk. When she saw the ophthalmologist initially, he did measure her right eye pressure and everything was normal.

However, there is medicine, called Cosopt, she can take that can delay or possibly prevent the onset of glaucoma. He does feel that treating her with Cosopt would be the way to go, as a preventative measure.

Phoebe is a happy playful girl. Since we are winding down for the year, I will post her available after she is spayed.

December 1, 2022

Phoebe gets her stiches out on Friday. Her removed eye was sent out for biopsy. As soon as the results are back, she will be available for adoption.

She is really a phenomenal dog. She is super sweet, takes treats gently, she is crated trained but is trustworthy. We don’t even use the crate anymore. She knows multiple commands. She has great manners for 1.5-year-old youngster.  She is extremely playful. She is your typical young labrador retriever mix

Phoebe need a fenced-in yard and a confident, playful dog to live with. She is a boxer-lab mix so she loves to use her paws to grab your leg and mouth you; that’s the lab part. She sometimes can get too rough. I tell her easy that reduces her enthusiasm. I would say no kids under 10.

She does well with 1 eye. I have been bringing her with me for walks and to the pet store. She is great to take places. She can be a little skittish when she is outside and hears a noise.

She loves to cuddle. She is really sweet. But she is a little too much for my 13-year-old beagle and 10.5-year-old lab. She loves to go on hikes she loves to play ball as you can see in the video. She is a gem.

November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

Phoebe is doing great. Her eye is healing nicely. Her stiches will come out next Friday.

Phoebe is getting used to all the sounds outside and doesn’t react to runners, leaves blowing or cyclists. They are becoming familiar and aren’t so scary. She only barks at dogs if they bark at her but she responds to leave it. The more we do it the better she gets.

Mostly she wants to play and wrestle with dogs. She attempts to play with my dogs who aren’t at the wrestle stage anymore. She has a lot of good boxer wrestling moves that she has also tried out on my husband and myself. Phoebe needs to go to a home that has a playful resident dog.

She is incredibly sweet. She takes treats gently. She pulls a little on lead. She loves to snuggle.

The other night she was chewing on her bone looked at me and got up and climbed into my lap then put her head against my chest. I think she is so special.

I would love to keep her but I really think she would be happy with a young dog to play with. She is such a good girl. She is adapting well without the eye. She is so smart and wants to please.

November 20, 2022

Phoebe had surgery to remove her eye on Labrador Retriever Mix Everything went well. After numerous ice pack the swelling has gone down completely. She is an excellent patient. In addition to the eye surgery, Phoebe had a rear dew claw removed. It was like a little flipper.

She is lying by our woodstove enjoying the fire. She is an incredibly sweet girl.

Phoebe will need a family to help her feel secure. Sudden noises scare her, leaves rustling, runners, flags whipping in the wind startle her. She can be insecure on lead with dogs if they bark at her. The more she experiences the more comfortable she is. She doesn’t have peripheral vision so steep stairs are scary. Well-lit stairs that are wide are easy. But she can adapt. She has a disability but with someone there to guide her she can do it. It’s all about trust and patience.

She is a puppy in an adult’s body. She can get excited quickly. Like every puppy she gets grabby when excited. She will need someone to help her learn what behavior is not acceptable.

Phoebe needs daily exercise to burn off energy. I have been taking her on 3-mile walks followed by ball playing later in the afternoon. Because she can be skittish with sudden noises Phoebe will need a fenced in yard. She does have prey drive so no cats. Since she is young, she would like a resident dog to play with. That would help her burn off energy.

She can be rough when she plays so no small children.

Phoebe is very smart; she takes treats gently. She loves to snuggle and gives sweet kisses. She will have her stiches out in 2 weeks, then she will go up for adoption with a spay contract. She is a beautiful lab/boxer mix who loves to be near her people. I think she is an amazing girl.

November 16, 2022

Friday is the big day for Phoebe, when her eye will be removed. She should feel better without all that pressure. It should not affect her. She does not see out of the left eye.

She is doing well in our house. We leave the crate door open so she can go in when she wants. We have been giving her free access at bedtime and she has been perfect. She likes to sleep on the heated bed in our family room. That seems to be a popular Labrador Retriever mix

She and Scout have begun to do a tiny amount of supervised playing. She is much better although she likes to do the boxer hug when she gets excited. I have gotten the hug as well and so did a vet walking by at the clinic. She met a number of dogs at Pennridge that are behind the desk. She jumped up and gave them kisses.

Phoebe is not afraid of the vacuum or fireworks. She is very curious about the vacuum. She does get scared of sounds from things she can’t see. Leaves rustling in the wind or flag whipping in the wind. That scares her and she goes into flight mode. When she sees people running toward her, she becomes upset. Makes sense her peripheral vision is impaired not having 2 eyes. She likes to walk on right side because her impaired eye is on the left. She also is nervous on flights of stair and won’t attempt steep stairs, again it’s because of her eye.

She is incredibly sweet, loves to snuggle.

She will lean into me and give gentle kisses. We have been working hard on the obedience skills. She knows sit verbally and as a hand signal. Down is hard because of only having one eye. I have to get the treat close to her nose but she loses sight of it. It is still a work in progress. She knows leave it. I can put a treat in my hand, on her paw, on the floor and say leave it. She won’t touch it until I say okay. She can be pushy when we eat, still a work in progress.

Phoebe is amazing. She needs someone who can help her feel safe and give her confidence. She needs to live with a playful confident dog. She loves to play. She loves fetch so a fenced in yard is a must. She could get scared and run away, the fence makes her safer. No cats she most likely will chase and also the scratch factor is risky to her good eye. Ideally not too many stairs. She will walk up and down stairs that are not steep and narrow. Again, it the eye thing. I think she will be better with kids over 8, there is the startle factor with kids running at her. Finally, a family that is around most of the time. It’s a long list but I want Phoebe to thrive in her new home.

November 14, 2022

Phoebe is doing great. We have done a few walks together. She pulls a little especially starting off. Work in progress. She got a little scared of a jogger going by. Understandable since she sees out of only 1 eye. She was fine with all other people and dogs we passed.

She reliably sits on command, verbally and with hand signals. She is learning down. She knows leave it, comes when called. Love to play fetch brings the ball back and drops it near you 75% of the time. The remaining time she stands near you with the ball in her mouth.

I think she has boxer in her. She looks like a lab boxer mix. She takes treats so gently. Very sweet girl. She sleeps in her crate at night. She has not had any accidents in the house.

If you want a dog to cuddle with this is your dog. She loves to snuggle. She wants to be close. I mean close if she could sit on your lab she will.

I think she would enjoy a dog in her new home where she could play and wrestle. She is dying to play with Scout. She tries to use her legs to grab Scout’s legs (boxer move).

Her surgery to remove the eye is Friday. This will not hinder her. She can’t see out of the eye. She is a fantastic dog. So loving and sweet. I think she is amazing and I am enjoying our time together.

November 11, 2022

Phoebe is beginning to settle in to our routine. She hasn’t had any accidents since she has arrived. I set up the crate for her the first night and put a dog bed in it. She went in immediately and hung out for 30 minutes. Came out grabbed a stuffed animal and went back in. She spent her night in the crate without any issue. She has been great. She is very well behaved considering she is really a puppy brain in a dog’s body. She wants to play with Scout but she is a little too physically at the moment. We went for a walk yesterday; she was good on the harness. She pulled a little but the biggest challenge is the crisscrossing in front. I can work with her.  She gets a little nervous when she sees people on our walk. She barks and growls a little. I have been gently correcting her and rewarding when she stops. She is improving and its only day 2.

We had our ophthalmology appointment at VRC. Shout out to the fabulous staff there. Phoebe was very good. No barking at anyone and the room was filled with people and dogs. She weighs 66 lbs. which was surprising, I figured she was 55 lbs. I have been wrong on the weight for every foster. The doctor checked her tear production, her reaction to light and numerous tests. She tolerated all the poking like a champ.  Bottom line she does have glaucoma in that eye and the eye has been that way for a while. He believes it isn’t congenital. Most likely due to an injury that was left untreated.  She doesn’t see out of it. The best thing to do is to remove it which is what we will do. She is scheduled Friday the 18th for the procedure at the local vet. I think she will feel better once it is gone. The pressure was high in that eye and it has to be uncomfortable. The doctor has us some eye drops 3X a day. She should adapt well once the wound is healed. She can track a ball being thrown and has adapted well. It won’t slow her down.

She is very sweet and affectionate. She loves to snuggle close to me and get belly rubs. She puts her head against my chest and gives gentle kisses. She really is a great dog. She is young and needs training. That’s the easy part. Once the eye is removed, she will be fine. She will make a wonderful family member for someone.

November 9, 2022

Phoebe has arrived.

Black Labrador MixShe was an excellent passenger in the car. She is a little nervous which is to be expected. She had a lot of energy when we got to my house. She jumped on Scout twice, mostly because she was so wound up. Scout and I both let her know that was not acceptable behavior.Black Labrador MixI threw the ball for about 10 min and that helped get rid of some of her energy. She is an avid fetcher and drops the ball, actually throws the ball at me. That works.Black Labrador MixShe ate dinner with gusto. I put some fish oil in it to help her coat. She spent a good 20 min wandering around the house and has finally laid down.Black Labrador MixShe is squatting a lot in the yard. It just maybe that she is marking. She pooped twice. She is very sweet gives kisses and takes treats gently. Her eye looks terrible. The vet at the shelter believes she has glaucoma. We have an appointment at the vet tomorrow at 2PM. Poor thing she is very stoic.

We need to work on some basic obedience skills. She kind of knows sit but she isn’t reliable. She is beginning to chill a bit. I set up the crate and placed a dog bed inside and she went right in for about 30 minutes. Now she is lying at my feet preforming a squeaker-ectomy from her new toy.

Let’s see what the opthalmologist says tomorrow.

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