Pippin #2 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 2.5 Months Old ID#2811

November 3, 2020

black labrador retriever mix Pippin is making herself quite comfortable here at our house. She enjoys playing with her stuffed animals, squeaky toys and puppy bone. She loves laying on the dog beds and of course being picked up, held and petted. She tries to get on the couch or a soft chair but she is a bit too small to jump on these things. Give her time though. My 3 resident dogs have started to accept Pippin into the pack. Our male resident dog doesn’t like change and some would say has a bit of an attitude problem and he is even starting to play and enjoy Pippin’s company. The resident dogs do correct her if they dont like what she is doing. Overall I think everyone is doing well and behaving themselves. Pippin still loves kids and enjoys them immensely.

black labrador retriever mixPippin still does not like the new pink collar I got her. She is fine with it most of the time except when she is running in the yard. She will stop in her tracks and start scratching her neck. It’s quite cute when she does this. As time goes on she’ll get more and more used to it but it is adorable to watch while we have the opportunity! So far she has done very well on a leash and doesn’t seem bothered by it. She does try to grab the leash with her mouth periodically but when I correct her she stops trying to get the leash. I’m assuming her first weeks were spent fighting for food so she is definitely a gobbler of her meals.  She was one of seven puppies! She has already started realizing she isn’t competing with anyone anymore. I am still working on some commands.  She is learning sit, stay and down but definitely seems to have learned no, outside and her name.  She hasn’t had an accident since Saturday. Yay for Pippin!

black labrador retriever mixPippin likes to be around her humans when she can be.  She will spend time outside with the other dogs but loves to curl up next to a human. On Sunday night I slept on the couch for the night and she settled down nicely and didn’t make a sound for the whole night. So on Monday night I didn’t sleep on the couch and Pippin had a hard time settling down. She whined, yapped and cried throughout the night. I did let her out around 2am and that helped a bit. I plan on bringing her crate upstairs tonight and hopefully this will calm her down at night and reassure her that everything is okay.

She is a sweet and fun little puppy and we’re enjoying her company immensely.  We look forward to finding a great forever home for her!

November 1, 2020

black labrador retriever mixMiss Pippin comes to us from Mississippi this past Friday. She is one of seven in the litter.

black labrador retriever mixI picked her up on Friday evening from our volunteer home. Thank you for keeping her until I could pick her up! My mom and daughter came with me to pick her up. She sat in the back with them and enjoyed all the attention she was receiving. Pippin loved the blanket she was wrapped in because she was cold and a bit scared.

black labrador retriever mixPippin was introduced to our 3 residents dog and the rest of the family…over all it went well with the other dogs. My son fell in love with Pippin and I think she felt the same way. Pippin definitely loves kids.

black labrador retriever mixPippin is a very chill little lady. She loves to be cuddled. Pippin loves to sleep anywhere that is soft like a dog bed or a couch. She loves her meal time but we are working on her slowing down on how fast she eats and of course she loves training treats! She has only had a couple of small accidents so far. We take her outside every 1.5-2 hours to make sure she learns the concept of going outside to use the bathroom.

black labrador retriever mixWe are working on sitting, stay and learning her name and most of the time she responds to her name. She doesn’t mind her crate, especially during the day. She loves squeaky toys. Pippin does not like her new collar at all! Something new for her.

black labrador retriever mixWe have a vet appointment the middle of November and then she will be ready to find her forever home soon after!

black labrador retriever mix

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