Polly Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 3 Years Old BLRR# 2733

yellow labrador retriever

There is a new kid on the block – a 3 yr. old yellow beauty with lots of energy, but also lots of love to give! Her name is Polly and she was left all alone in an apartment when her owner was evicted.  Thankfully it wasn’t for long.  Please read her story starting from the bottom.

February 16, 2020

Polly has come far in learning good manners, thanks to her wonderful trainer.  She no longer jumps when she greets new people, which is a challenge, since she LOVES people!  She will happily demonstrate sit and down, especially if you have a treat in your hand.  She is doing well on the Gentle Leader, and will “wait” when a door is open before going through.  Polly delights in chasing balls and playing with toys. Another one of her favorite past times is chewing things like bones, and antlers.  She will happily entertain herself with these delectable items. Polly has gotten very good at listening to other dogs’ corrections.  When a dog lets her know that they need some space, she happily goes off and plays by herself.  Good girl, Polly! She has become a favorite with everyone she meets.  Now she needs a family to make her THEIR favorite!

January 24, 2020

yellow labrador retriever Polly has been doing very well and having lots of fun running and playing ball. I have been taking her for walks with different dogs each day. She does very well on the walks, although she is still learning her manners with other dogs. She often gets very excited when she has a chance to play and needs to learn they don’t appreciate it when she jumps on them. I keep a long leash on her and pull her off each time. After a bunch of tries, she does it less and less. We”ll keep working on it!

Polly did better today. She tried to jump on Takoda and he gave her a stern, but appropriate correction. She listened and was much better after that. Progress! yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever

January 17, 2020

It seems like Polly didn’t get a lot of time being taught manners, so she has developed some bad habits – pulling like a freight train, jumping, being a bit mouthy when excited.  Polly has started working with a trainer to help her learn to channel her energy and learn some manners.  Well, in just a few short days, it’s working!

yellow labrador retriever

Here is what the trainer had to say:

Pretty Miss Polly is a joyful ray of sunshine! She is so happy to meet everyone and go anywhere. She loves, loves, loves to run and has been thoroughly enjoying her time in the big yard. She loves to explore and try new things and is a stellar retriever, fetching whatever you throw for her and enthusiastically bringing it back. She has been meeting other dogs (both male and female) through a fence and gates and seems very friendly with all of them, without barking or lunging at any. I took her for a walk with another dog and she was very sweet, wanting to sniff and rub up against the other dog.

yellow labrador retrieveryellow labrador retriever

I have had to hose her off and towel dry her several times and she is very good about it.  I imagine that she’ll love water and swimming!

She does jump and mouth a little and very gently, but mainly when she is extra excited. She stopped it very quickly when I said “No”. She responds to her name and comes reasonably well. She also sits on cue and stays still to get her gentle leader put on. She walks well on the leader, but would probably pull on a regular collar/leash.

yellow labrador retriever

She is great in the run, relaxed and quiet most of the time.

Polly will do best with a fenced in yard or someone that loves to run every day. I imagine she will get a new home quickly. What a lovey!

yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever

  Stay tuned – this sweet girl will be up for adoption in no time!

yellow labrador retriever


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