Poppy Black Labrador Retriever Male 7- 10 Years Old

October 30, 2018

The vet appointment went very well for Poppy yesterday! His leg is stable and the vet was so happy to see Poppy bearing full weight on his hind left leg and walking so nicely. We are to continue with leash walks around the yard but can also venture out onto the street starting with 1/2 block and working our way up from there. It is amazing how well he is doing at only 4 weeks post-op! He keeps trying to get me to throw the ball for him so he can chase it. I’ve been hiding the ball in my coat pocket and he keeps bringing out more balls to play with! Such a goofy boy.

Our neighbors two little girls came to visit last night. Poppy laid down on the floor with them and was so gentle. He gave them all his toys to look at.

October 26, 2018

Poppy continues to heal nicely after his ACL repair. He is walking with a slight limp but is in no apparent pain with it. We see the vet on Monday for his 2 week checkup since his cast removal. We will continue to leash walk him so that he continues to walk on 4 rather than hop on 3 legs as the vet recommended. He will be ready to be put up for adoption in 4 more weeks! He has been doing all sorts of goofy things like sleeping on all his toys and balls at the same time and flipping his 2 beds around on top of him and peeking out from under them. He loves our lab Katie and gravitates towards children always. He is the most affectionate loving dog!

October 16, 2018
Poppy had his cast removed yesterday! He is now walking with full weight on his left hind leg and I am leash walking him around the yard to keep him from going too fast. He will need to be leash walked for the next 8 weeks.
October 11, 2018
Good morning all from Poppy!
We go to see the vet tonight for a quick cast check and then only 4 more days before the cast comes off! Two weeks of leash walking around the yard and then Poppy should be medically cleared. He has been the model patient and has continued to play with his toys and his beloved balls.black Labrador Retriever with tennis ball
He is able to get up on his own and has been walking around the house on his cast with no sign of any pain. Out in the yard, it’s all I can do to keep him from chasing his favorite bunny friend! He is the sweetest, most affectionate boy ever and LOVES belly rubs.
October 8, 2018
Poppy is the sweetest dog ever! He has charmed everyone who has met him including the staff at the vet’s office. He is always good-tempered and is not aggressive with toys, food, treats, etc. He has a special bond with children, seeking them out for affection. He has been amazing with our autistic son and they lay together all the time.
He is recuperating nicely from ACL surgery and has shown his true gentle nature. He seems to appreciate all the care we are giving him and licks our hand whenever we help him with something. He is walking nicely and will have his cast removed in less than a week! After that, he will be leash-walked and will be available for adoption a few weeks after that!
September 28, 2018
Meet Poppy!
Poppy fka Falcon is a 98lb black lab that came to us after he was abandoned in a outdoor kennel run by his owner at ACCT-Philly.  Thankfully, a volunteer found him laying out there in the pouring rain and brought him inside and quickly realized what a sweet boy he is.
Next thing you know… he is on the fast track to euthanasia due to space in an overcrowded shelter, his age and health issues (suspected cruciate tear, suspected hip dysplasia, suspected thyroid issues, fatty masses, etc).
A wonderful Brookline foster agreed to take him into their home and see him through the surgery needed so he can walk/run pain free.  Knowing the expense of that type of surgery since we JUST saw another lab thru it we had to ask for help raising funds so he can get the best care possible.  We were overwhelmed to see so many generous people donated and followed his story ~ it was truly heartwarming and we are so very grateful!!!
Today Poppy visited the vet to get a thorough examination ~ as expected he needs to have his cruciate repaired.  In addition to that he has some skin related issues that require medication, topicals and weekly medicated baths to get his fur all filled in and shiny! His senior bloodwork came back perfect and he is scheduled for surgery next Friday, October 5th so please send him well wishes for a speedy recovery!
In the meantime, he will be taking it easy and his foster mom will do her best to limit his obsession with squeaky toys and balls ! Even in pain, he wants to go..go ..go .  The Dr estimated him to be in the 7-10 age range so he has many good years to spend with his forever family once he gets heals.
Poppy does beautifully in the car- he lays down and is very calm and quiet. He is a dream when riding. No anxiety. Also, even with a torn ACL, he has been using his front paws to climb in (with only a little help) and is able to gingerly step out himself. He is still taking walks and putting full weight on his left leg with just an occasional little limp. He is playful and very happy!

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