Princess #6 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 7 Years Old ID #3035

May 21, 2022

Princess continues to do well in our home. 😊 She is settled into our routine. She has not had an accident in several days. She has adjusted to the kids coming home from college and the activity level in the house increasing somewhat. She is staying home alone for longer and longer periods of time. Her on-leash walking has improved tremendously. And, most importantly, she is still sweet as can be!yellow Labrador Retriever

We did get a surprise this week – Princess went into heat. Unfortunately, this means that we had to cancel her spay for next week. She will now need to stay in her foster home until she is done with her heat cycle. Since the spay will not be for 2 months or more, Princess will be looking for an adopter who is willing to sign a spay contract.yellow Labrador Retriever

She has been a good sport, letting us put diapers on her and wipe her every so often. The Lucky and Tucker (both neutered) have also been good around her and don’t really seem interested. (Although, given the chance, I am sure Lucky would chew the diapers up in a second!) Today I went out and bought her some nice washable panties in a pretty turquoise blue to boost her spirits. 😉yellow Labrador Retriever

Princess is a great dog. She is going to make a wonderful addition to a lucky family. Stay tuned for her posting soon!

May 12, 2022yellow Labrador Retriever

Miss Princess is an absolute love! She just trots along after me all day with her tail wagging and a tennis ball in her mouth. She is happy to meet everyone – human and dog alike. Fetch continues to be her favorite activity but she also likes chewing on bones and snuggling up beside us.

She had a few outings this past week. She went to the local pet store where she made many friends and got to smell all sorts of new scents. She also visited the vet and was a wonderful patient. The vet said she looks great and just needed to clean her ears and clear up a mild ear infection. She is scheduled for a spay at the end of May. Another day we went to the bank and CVS – she just sleeps in the backseat, content to be along for the ride.

Since my last post, Princess has decided that being crated at night is not the life for her! She had started barking more frequently after her first 2 or 3 nights with us. We tried a few different things, but after 2 nights of me sleeping on the sofa, we gave in and let her sleep in our bedroom. The other 2 dogs sleep in our room so I guess she felt left out. Anyhow, she sleeps through the night on her mat right beside my side of the bed. She snores when she first falls asleep. 😊

Princess has not improved her leash skills since my last update. 😂 She likes her walk, but is all over the place. There is a lot to sniff and look at! We have been using a harness, but plan to try the gentle leader next. She stayed home alone for two hours while I was at work on Tuesday and did well. I left her again on Wednesday and she was asleep near Lucky when I got home, unfortunately, she had an accident too. These things happen – we will keep working on it!

May 9, 2022

Princess is doing very well! She has learned so much in the past 2 days. She quickly learned to go up and down the stairs. She learned that sleeping on the mats instead of the floor is more comfortable. She also learned that living with us is exhausting! Poor girl is snoring beside me as I type – and can she ever snore! 😊yellow Labrador Retriever

Princess traveled with us on Sunday to see our daughter compete in a track meet. She did great! She travels well in the car; hops right in and sleeps the whole time. She was more than happy to meet all the college kids who miss their dogs at home and lavish her with attention. She just sat beside us quietly as we watched our daughter throw.yellow Labrador Retriever

Around the house, she has not had any accidents since the first 2 hours we had her in the house. She loves to play fetch outside and is never caught without a tennis ball in her mouth or close by. She eats well and takes treats nicely. She greets people politely and hasn’t jumped up on anything – people, furniture, or counters.yellow Labrador Retriever

In the evening, Princess is spending more time out of her crate snuggling with us and definitely getting more comfortable with our routine and in the house. She is sleeping through the night in her crate. She still doesn’t let us out of her sight, but that’s to be expected at this point.

Stay tuned for more updates on this good girl!

May 7, 2022

Meet Princess! This sweet, friendly girl is a 7-year-old breeder momma who is excited to start her new life!yellow Labrador Retriever

Princess rode very well in the car, but was in desperate need of a bath so we stopped at the local pet store on the way home and had a mini spa day. She was quiet and cooperative and had the attention of the entire staff which she loved. 😊yellow Labrador Retriever

When we got home, we let Princess outside to explore the yard. The first thing she did was pick up a tennis ball and start running around – she must be related to Molly! yellow Labrador RetrieverThe rain didn’t seem to bother this farm girl, she took her time sniffing and doing her business, sniffing more and doing the rest of her business. Then I let the boys, 2-year-old resident dog (Tucker) and 8-year-old permanent foster (Lucky), outside so Princess could check out the first floor of our house. While she did sniff around a little, she was more interested in the basket of dog toys in the living room. And, you guessed it, she found a tennis ball to carry around in the house.

Meetings with the boys went very well. Princess and Lucky have the same happy lab disposition. Tucker wants to play with her, but she hasn’t shown an interest in playing with him yet. She did, however, run around the house a little tossing a bone up in the air and wagging her tail. It was very cute. Tucker just watched. I’m sure he will get her to play eventually… he always does!

Princess went in the crate right away when she was checking things out. We didn’t even need to show it to her. What a good girl! We also discovered quickly that Princess is a collector – by the end of the night she had 7 bones, 4 balls, and 1 slipper in her crate (she did not get to keep the slipper!) 😂 She followed me around the house most of the day (we didn’t venture upstairs yet) but when I would sit on the sofa (next to her crate), she would go in her crate and settle down. She did the same thing in the evening when we watched a movie – she just hung out in her crate, snoring from her long day!

Princess slept in her crate from 11pm-6:30am. She ate well and is practicing “sit”. She is super friendly and loves attention but is not pesty about it. This girl is total love!

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