Huey (FKA Pupoo) Black Labrador Retriever Male 1 Year Old ID #3144

January 23, 2023

Huey is now officially one year old! His birthday is 1/23!
He had a great birthday and is ready to spend his next years with his forever family!

January 19. 2023

Huey is fully recovered from his surgery and is more or less back to his old self! He did a great job of not licking his incision. Too bad he has not lost the penchant of licking faces!

Huey has really settled down too. He still likes to play hard, but settles down and falls asleep now. He has learned how to relax. I am sure he just feels more relaxed in his surroundings. He was whisked around through a few families and now feels a part of the family!

Huey has also found that the bed is the best thing since sliced bread. He does usually sleep on the sofa, but when he comes up to our bedroom with us, Huey jumps right up and feels at home.

  1. He eats his food like he will never get another meal ever. We have ordered a slow feed bowl for him.
  2. He needs some obedience training. He is a one-year-old!
  3. Huey is a little mouthy and will grab your shirt sleeves when he is excited. He lets go quickly, but may make some people nervous.
  4. He needs some work with treat taking. He rough.

Huey’s will be turning a year old on 1/23. We are planning a big party for him!

Lastly, Huey will be available real soon. Stay tuned for the news soon!

January 9, 2023Black Labrador Retriever

Huey is really fitting in at our house. He does have puppy energy, but he settles down easily.

Huey is improving every day with leash walking. We found that clipping him in on the front really helps. He will pull when we first go out, but settles in quickly and his pulling is so much better. He really looks forward to our nightly walks.

Huey did get a clean bill of health at the vet last week. Lyme and heart worm negative! Great news. He is going in to get neutered on Tuesday, 1/10/23. Hoping for a quick and easy recovery.

Although Huey is 75 lbs., he thinks that he is a lap dog. He loves to crawl over your lap and try to hug you. He has learned that belly rubs are good too.

Huey is still wearing out his toys. Loves to make them squeak!

He has chewed a few up, but he is very good with the toys. We also learned that socks are his enemy and if he finds one, it is toast!

Stay tuned for more about Huey and his recovery from his surgery.

January 4, 2023

Huey, AKA Puppoo, is a 11-month-old beautiful black male lab. Huey has been in foster care with us since 12/17/2022. He is an owner surrender that was adopted by a family. He was then returned to the rescue due to medical conditions of the adopting family.

Over the past few weeks, we have learned a great deal about Huey. Here is what we have learned so far:Black Labrador Retriever

  1. He is a bundle of energy. We never fostered a dog so young and he loves to play!
  2. Huey loves playing with toys. We usually foster farm girls and have a basket full of toys that have been sitting there since we got them. Huey is surely putting them to great use!
  3. Huey is getting better at walking on the leash. We walk at least once a day and he has improved. He does love to smell around, which makes him walk from side to side. He does not pull as much either. Progress.
  4. Huey gets along pretty well with our resident dog. They have become closer over the last few weeks.Black Labrador Retriever
  5. Huey is a licker! He will smother you if he can.
  6. Huey loves to cuddle. He will lay with me on the sofa in the evening. Also loves to sleep on our ottoman which barely has enough room for him.Black Labrador Retriever
  7. Huey also sits on our ottoman and looks out the window. Likes watching the world pass by outside.
  8. Huey loves to bark at things he does not recognize. These objects include: a kid’s wagon, umbrella, ball in yard, Christmas decorations, guitars, pile of storage tubs, iPad on counter, blankets among others. It is so funny!
  9. If counter surfing was an Olympic sport, Huey would be a gold medalist and world record holder. He is also tall enough to see on our table. He does relax once we start eating though.
  10. Huey loves to play fetch. Our resident dog does too so I need to use two balls. He could play forever.
  11. Huey has not had an accident. House trained.
  12. Huey is crate trained. He goes right in when I leave for work or to bed. He does not like the fact that our resident dog is not crated. He will sometimes growl at her.


Things Huey learned about us:

  1. He gets called girl a lot! We have never fostered a boy and it has been tough. We are learning though!

Huey is a work in progress that is learning day to day. We feel he will make a wonderful family addition.

December 1, 2022

Hi, I’m Pupoo, a 10-month-old purebred Black Lab. I am about 75lbs and still growing.  black labrador retrieverThey think I’m going to be a big boy.  I am a little shy when meeting new people, but once I trust you, I’m a big lovebug. My family is having some changes, so they need to find a new home for me.  I’ve been with them since I was a little puppy (now I’m a big puppy!) so this will be a big change for me.

If you throw my ball for me, I will warm up to you faster and I’m very attentive when you’re holding it. Playing fetch is the best! I like to snuggle with my family on the couch. I check in with my people frequently to make sure they don’t need me to show them affection or chase a ball. Have I mentioned that I love my ball?

I need reminders to keep my paws off the counter sometimes but come on…I am a lab after all!  I am crate trained and house trained too. If you want a loyal, gentle lab who enjoys being with his family, I am what you are looking for.

Adopt Your New Best Friend! 

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