Queenie Silver Labrador Retriever Female 3 Years Old

April 6, 2019

3 year old silver lab QueenieLast week my dad took me to the vets office to get spayed. I am not sure what that means, but all I know was that I felt really sick afterwards! I threw up twice and wouldn’t drink or eat so I wouldn’t take pain meds. My foster family was very worried about me and gave me lots of love and watched me closely. Luckily, the next day I had a little water and small bites of ID dog food which the resident dogs told me was filled with the pain meds. It’s been five days since I was at the vets and am feeling a LOT better. I don’t lick my incisions so I don’t have to wear that stupid cone- yippee! Thankfully, as the resident dogs said “It’s all fun and games until you end up in a cone!” Anyway, I went to baseball practice with my foster dad and foster human brother. My foster human brother is 13 years old and so there were parents there to watch the kids practice. I saw this one dad and he looked like a friendly chap, so I leaned into him for pets and scratches. He said that if his wife had been there, they would taken me home. When that dad left, I saw a lady who looked nice and smelled of labs. I decided to lean into her and she melted like butter! My fur is soft so people like to pet me! When she stopped petting me, I leaned in harder to remind her to continue to pet me! What can I say? I am smart and know what I like! 3 year old silver lab QueenieI am really getting into the routine in my foster home. The resident beagle runs the show, and I like the show! He’s taught me to run to the kitchen cabinet after I do my business for a treat! That’s the word I am learning- “treat”! I am learning my name, but it sounds like the female resident lab, “Sweetie”. It’s okay if I get my name mixed up as I typically just go with the flow and do what the other dogs do! I also am learning to “get in the crate” when my foster family leaves the house. For good measure they give me a treat when I go into the crate! I know that I am not to be on the couch or bed, but I can’t help it! I sneak up on the furniture when the resident dogs do and I slide in quietly, so my foster parents don’t even notice! I have been known to sit on the resident dogs’ bodies just so I can squeeze in, but they are nice to me and don’t mind. What can I say? I am adorable! 3 year old silver lab QueenieI heard my foster parents say that they were going to “post” me soon, whatever that means. My foster mom said that I am a keeper and if they could, they would adopt me. I am not hyper and I take treats gently, unlike the resident dogs, so I guess I am pretty special. My foster mom says that I will only go to a loving home as that is what I truly deserve! Other tidbits about me: I weigh 65 pounds so I am not too big! And I am not too tall (like the resident dog whose name is Tank-they call him lanky tanky!) I do occasionally give kisses, but I don’t give them out like candy, as that’s not becoming of a dog named Queenie! I am patient and my foster mom says that I have a beautiful soul. I’ll give an update later as I heard my foster mom say that it’s time to work on the Saturday morning “Honey-Do” list. Peace-out!

March 29, 2019

Queenie is blending right in at her foster home! She loves the resident dogs and they love her too! The female resident dog (lab) really wants Queenie to play with her and she “pokes” Queenie with her nose in an attempt to get things started! So far, Queenie has been reserved, but we think she wants to play with our female resident dog and will soon join in on the action. Because she enjoys being with the other dogs, we are hopeful that Queenie’s forever home has another dog. As she becomes more comfortable with her surroundings, we have noticed that Queenie has enjoyed stealing socks left on the floor which have been worn by our teenage son. Overall though, Queenie does not seem to be high energy, so she wouldn’t necessarily need to be with a family who would take her for walks each day. Since the temperature has been in the 40’s during the day and I have the sliding glass door to the deck opened, Queenie continues to alternate between sunbathing on the deck and sleeping in the office while I work. Although she is only the third dog we will have successfully fostered (we failed with 2 others), she is by far the sweetest! Queenie has a gentle nature and if we had the room, we would probably flunk again. So we are truly hoping that she goes to a very loving family that will treat her exceptionally well! We have only heard her bark on two occasions when ambulances have gone by our house. Even when someone comes to our house and the resident dogs bark, Queenie remains quite although she is beside the resident dogs looking out the window to see who has come for a visit! Queenie is scheduled to be spayed next week an once she’s healed she will be available.

March 16, 2019

3 year old Silver Labrador RetrieverMeet Queenie who we just picked up from the farm.  Queenie has had several litters, 3 year old Silver Labrador Retrieverbut her breeding days are over and she is so excited to be coming into Brookline who will be looking to place this sweet girl into a loving home.  Queenie is quite calm and social and has no fear of people and introduced beautifully to the three resident dogs in her foster home.  She also went right up and right back down a full set of stairs without any coaxing, which is pretty unusual for these farm dogs.  And she couldn’t get enough loving from her new foster mom.   Queenie needs to get spayed but then should be available for adoption.  Stay tuned for updates from her foster home.Silver Labrador Retriever and women 3 year old Silver Labrador Retriever 3 year old Silver Labrador Retriever beagle

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