Quentin Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 1 Year Old ID #2783

January 24, 2021

Quentin got to experience a homemade biscuit for the first time tonight.  My husband and younger son even made “Q”s and “M”s (for our Lab, Meghan).  Quentin and Meghan approved of their special treats.

It was also another cold, sunny afternoon for them to enjoy playing outside.  Our girl just can’t keep up with him.  He’s remarkably fast for only being a year younger.

January 13, 2021

We can’t believe Quentin has been part of our home for two weeks.  He loves being with us.  If one us goes into a room with the door closed, he’ll paw on the door to remind us he’s there.  Quentin loves to cuddle up with us on the floor too.  Due to numerous weekdays Zoom calls, Quentin and Meghan have orchestrated play time sessions amidst the monotony to keep them engaged and learn each other’s limit of tolerance.  Pack plays and rules are in effect, and quarter is giving immediately after a playful nip or tug goes a little too far and a yip or yelp is expressed by either Meghan or Quentin.  He seldom has been left alone, but on Sunday we had to attend a Boy Scout Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  Quentin went into his “house” (crate) with his treat-filled Kong.  He went right in without issue and was still quiet when we arrived home two hours later.

On our walks at various local parks, he gets rave reviews for his demeanor.black Labrador Retriever He interacts well with other dogs, and is great in the car.  He does not pull hardly at all, unless it is to lean towards another dog passing by, so that he may meet them.  He is very inquisitive and interacts well with other dogs.

He had his first bath last week, which had been delayed due to the post neuter 12/24 surgery instructions.  Quentin was a champ in the shower.  He truly loves to please and having human companionship.black Labrador Retriever

January 5, 2021

It’s hard to believe Quentin has been with us a week.  He’s really settled in nicely.  Having raised puppies and young dogs, Quentin is pretty low key for a 1-year-old.  His bursts of energy appear when he sees our Lab.  They love to play and run in the backyard.

Of course, they find a puddle of mud to jump in almost every time.  Our cats like to approach him for attention and Quentin seems to enjoy it.

He exhibits no chase instincts.  When outside he leaves our bird feeding area alone and doesn’t have any interest in going after them.  He is an incredibly gentle and affectionate dog.  When he tries to check out the kitchen counter, we say “no, off” and he gets down immediately and comes to us.  By the third day he was using the bell to indicate when he needed/wanted to go out.

Quentin arrived after Christmas and has not touched the tree.black Labrador Retriever Mix Our teenagers not surprisingly leave their shoes around and thankfully he doesn’t touch them.  He was curious about the vacuum, but is fine with the noise.  All of the fireworks explosions in our area for New Year’s Eve had us concerned, but he was fine. At night he goes in his crate (“house”) to sleep and sleeps until we get up.

He doesn’t bark and is housebroken.  Whimpering for a cat or dog friend happens sometimes, if he sees one of them on the other side of the gate.  His favorite toys are Kongs and rope bones.  He and our Lab share the toys well.

January 3, 2021

Quentin enjoyed the snow this morning and eating it too.

What better than a GI poncho liner to keep a Southern Lab Mix warm after experiencing his first snowfall!

December 31, 2020

By early evening yesterday, Quentin realized the comfort of the dog bed in front of the fireplace.


Also, several times that night he went in his open crate, which has a cover over it to make it den like.   Then he settled down in it and remained asleep when my husband closed the crate door for the night 2 hours later.   We had to wake Quentin up in the morning after he slept for nine hours.   He was so tired from his long trip to Pennsylvania.

He continues to walk well on the leash and is learning commands.  Quentin is a very smart dog and wants to interact we with our Lab. Both their tails wag upon seeing each other through the baby gates and on walks.  We’ve limited their interactions and playful engagements since he is recovering from being neutered last week.

black Labrador Retriever Mix

December 29, 2020

Quentin, 74 pounds and a 1-year-old,  arrived on a transport from Mississippi today.

Fortunately, the arrival location was only 40 minutes from our home, so we were able to pick him up directly.  He settled in nicely with our younger son in the back seat.

Then he took a good walk at a local park and was eager to do his stuff multiple times. black Labrador Retriever He got to see a rare sight of a train moving by on one of the sidings.  The excitement continued when Meghan, our 2-year-old black Lab, arrived.  They interacted playfully and walked together.

Upon arriving at our house Quentin previewed the backyard and first floor of the house.  He has had constant attention from one or more of us.  In fact, our 19- and 13-year-old decided they should watch “The Empire Strikes Back” with him. Quentin is hanging out in the family room and kitchen for now.  black Labrador Retriever He interacted with out 6-year-old tabby cat, Beaker.  They sniffed each other and moved on.  Fingers crossed it remains that way with our two cats.  Attention is his middle name and he wants to please.  We’re working on commands and teaching him very important words like “biscuit,” “out,” and “walk.”  “Sit” he seems loosely familiar with.  We’ll see if we can teach him to ring the bell to go out like Meghan does.   We haven’t heard him bark yet, not even for the UPS truck who delivered his therapeutic bed from Amazon. Quentin was reluctant to use it, however that recently changed when he decided to curl up on it in front of the fireplace.  I’m sure all this is a lot for him to process and he will become accustomed to being in a home.

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