Rainbow Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 5 Years Old ID #3194

March 22, 2023

Week two in my foster home, and I feel like I’m really settling in. I like my dog bed inside my crate and I’m not afraid to go take a nap. I’m content in the morning waiting for my foster parents to let me out for potty and breakfast. I like to sit in the sunroom and watch people going by. The resident dog and I alert my foster parents if somebody is getting a little too close to the house.

I also love sunning on the back deck and have spent a good amount of time snoozing out there.Black Labrador Mix

I’ve learned a lot of yummy action seems to happen in the kitchen and I like joining in and being present for cooking and meal time. I am not a fan of carrots or strawberries unlike my foster brother.

I’ve finally came around to playing with a chew toy and a stuffed dragon. I also learned that my foster sisters stuffed animals are not for me to play with, those are human toys.

My foster mom says my zoomies have gotten less on our walks and I’ve been walking pretty good even when my foster sister is pinballing back and forth on our walks to school.Black Labrador Mix My tail does not stop wagging when all the kids come up and give me head scratches.Black Labrador Mix

My foster parents say that I should be ready soon from my forever home, so keep a lookout.

March 16, 2023Black Labrador Mix

Well, the last two days I have been settling in a bit more. I have been tagging along for my Foster sister’s walk to school. It is a little nerve-racking but each day I seem a bit more relaxed. The crossing guards are so nice and have treats for all the dogs walking their humans to school.

My Foster mom says I walk the best when it’s just me and her. I don’t know how to keep pace when there are multiple humans in my group. She also says that I would be pretty good to jog with because I don’t constantly need to pee on everything like my Foster fur brother.

I have learned what exactly happens in the kitchen and have begun to spend a bit more time in there. Not much more but I like to cruise through and see what is going on.

I also discovered there is a whole second story to the house. I followed my fur brother up there and it blew my mind. I was a little hesitant to go down the stairs but my foster mom coaxed me down with a yummy treat. Now I go up and down fearlessly. She did shut the gate at the top of the stairs on me because I might have tried to stay in my foster sister’s room after bedtime tuck in. I just didn’t want to leave anyone behind when it was time to go downstairs.

Sometimes in the afternoon, I like to lay in a patch of sun on the back porch. I clearly miss the heat of the South and can’t wait for summer. I think I’d make a great companion down at the shore (or on a sunny picnic in the park).

March 14, 2023

Day two in my foster house. It has been a rainy, lazy day.

I’ve gotten cozy in my kennel, at the foot of my foster parent’s bed (on the floor), and on the one chair that smells strongly of dog. My foster mom didn’t scold me when I sniffed and jumped up. I think it’s where the resident dog likes to nap so it’s fair game for doggies. I know the rest of the couches and beds are for humans only and don’t climb onto those.

My foster mom thinks I’m funny. I’m Velcro when we are outside but inside, she says I seem to like my space and don’t need to be right on top of her while she’s cooking, eating, or doing work. I don’t know if it’s because I was living on my own for so long that I know I can’t get separated from my people in a house but outside I stick close by so I don’t lose them.

One lab trait I don’t seem to have is begging for snacks.

March 12, 2023

Hi I’m Rainbow, a relaxed 5-year-old lady, and what an adventure my last 24 hours have been. I took a long pet transport from Mississippi to meet my foster family. My Foster mom said I rode really well in her car after our introduction.  I don’t really remember much because after she strapped me into my doggy seat belt post some hello kisses, I laid down right away and took a nap on the final 45 mins of my journey.

When I got to my foster home, my foster dad, daughter, and resident dog Oakley all came out progressively to meet me.  There were lots of pets and tail wags all around.

Resident dog Oakley and I co-exist pretty nicely. Neither of us is one for high-energy play or big toy lovers so that’s nice.

My foster family says I’m learning the house boundaries super well, avoiding climbing on furniture and not picking up the little human’s toys. I’ve let them know when I’d like to go potty or sniff in the backyard by sitting at the back door and that earned me some praise and pets. I like my kennel with a canopy sheet and a comfy bed. I’ve excused myself for a nap and can be easily directed to it for the nighttime snoozes.Black Labrador Mix

I love the little Human, she’s 6 and a good height for giving me head scratches, and in return she likes my gentle nuzzles and kisses.Black Labrador Mix

I really like quietly looking out the window and taking in the neighborhood.Black Labrador Mix

I showed off my ability to sit and shake on command and everyone was very impressed.

My foster family says I’m adjusting great to being back in a family/home setting and will make a furever family really happy.

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