Raven #6 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 4 Months Old ID#2840

December 28, 2020

Hi Lab Lovers:

This is Clifford the beagle.. It’s been three Sunday’s since we first got Raven aka #8 (as she is the eight foster my family has put me threw!) I’ve done what I could to train #8 and she has mastered the fine art of pre-dishwasher plate licking, she knows how to race into the kitchen when mom goes out there, and barks at cars and people when they near our house.

black labrador retriever mixThis “bundle of joy” likes to play with my sister and brother and when left out in our fenced in yard, she can be found ripping around or sniffing the grass. Raven has big ears and sometimes they are turned outwards. I laugh because I think she looks silly, but my humans think it’s precious->insert double eye roll!

Number 8 is about 90% house trained, with just a few pee accidents. Like other puppies, you have to keep an eye on her and take her out to do her business. She is a cuddle bunny and loves to be close to humans. Raven still chews a lot and my mom found two of her teeth which are now sitting on our kitchen windowsill. She needs to work on her “I didn’t do it” look a little better as when she is caught doing something she shouldn’t, her face totally gives it away (again, silly puppy).

black labrador retriever mixRaven blends right in with the rest of us. She thinks she is a card carrying member of this pack and wants to please and get along with others. She needs to learn to not jump up to kiss people on the face upon meeting them.

I can’t wait until January 4, 2021 (8 days, but who is counting?!) when Brookline reopens so we can post #8 because this momma’s boy has had enough.

Kisses and tail wags,


December 12, 2020

Raven has been with us for almost a week now. She continues to be a bundle of joy! We believe that she is finally catching on that when the word “Raven” is said, we are talking to her!

Raven loves to cuddle and when sleeping, is often found lying by one of the resident dogs during the day and between foster mom and foster dad at night. Since foster mom works from home, Raven is rarely crated, however when she is crated, when it’s just the dogs home alone, it’s quite clear that she doesn’t like it!

Raven has lost a baby tooth which is sitting on our kitchen sink. Loosing the tooth wasn’t a surprise to us as she has been chewing toys. Raven doesn’t know that my glasses left on the coffee table are not toys, so you have to ensure that items are out of reach. She also gets very excited to see people and will jump on their laps and kiss and nibble their chins and noses!

We’ve had two unseasonably warm days and so the sliding glass door has been open for the dogs to play in the yard. Raven enjoys running around with the resident dogs chasing them and being chased by them! She doesn’t seem to mind that she is a very tiny lab compared to the resident labs and perhaps that is due to her still being a pup. Clearly Raven is mixed with another breed or two, so she will be a nice “smaller size” dog. Foster mom calls Raven a “pocket sized” lab.

Raven has noticed the resident dogs have dug a few holes in the yard. She seemed to learn that quite quickly!

Like every foster we have had, we don’t teach them anything except what it’s like to be loved. She has received a few mean barks from Clifford, as he doesn’t want to be bothered with her nonsense—hoping up on him and trying to sneak in between him and foster mom.

We will be taking Raven for her first walk this afternoon so we are excited to see how she does, however, it’s taking her some time to get used to her collar.

More to come about this lovable lab!

December 9, 2020

Hi Lab Lovers!

My name is Clifford and I am the 15 year old beagle at this foster household. You may remember me from my previous updates about the other labs who have come to stay with us. If you remember me, then you will also remember that I don’t want these fosters, but, hey, what am I going to do?black labrador retriever mixLate Sunday evening, Raven came to our house. She is an outgoing girl and loves all people and all dogs. Raven is a good name for her because she flies up on the couch or bed to kiss and crawl on whichever human she sees. She doesn’t know her name yet, so perhaps the place she came from didn’t call her by her name. At any rate, I think she will soon learn it because she has learned to follow mom out to the kitchen like the rest of us doggos do! Another example of this pup being a newbie here is how she barks in the mirror at herself! LOL! What a crack-up! She also barks at the TV, at her reflection on the sliding glass door and stove! Silly pup!
black labrador retriever mixWe have a fenced in yard and today she was running around like crazy! It was fun to watch the pip-squeak! Like all other pups, she does chew some, but not too bad.

My mom works from home, not just due to COVID, but all the time. We like that because we get to go outside and eat whenever we want. I think Raven likes the set up we have going here too, and although today was the first day without dad and man-cub (the 15 year old boy who lives here) and she did quite well. She pretty much hangs with the pack, doing what we do.

black labrador retriever mixRaven likes to snuggle and has been napping beside me and the other resident dogs. At bedtime she is crated and does pretty good with just a few whimpers.

Dog kisses and tail wags,

PS- we will soon teach her how to lick ice-cream bowls out before they go into the dishwasher!

December 7, 2020

black labrador retriever mixRaven came to our household late Sunday evening. She greeted the resident dogs with much excitement. She is full energy and not shy at all. Must have been first time watching tv because when foster dad turned the tv on, Raven started barking at the screen.

black labrador retriever mixShe has no problem with steps after following the resident dogs up and down a few times. She has a good good appetite, inhaling her food in typical lab fashion.

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