Reddy Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID#3082

yellow labrador retrieverReddy is a sweet, and pretty gal who just turned six years old, and is ready to start her new life off the farm.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.


January 18, 2023

Reddy spent time over the holiday with a few visiting pups and got along wonderfully with both of them. She is very sweet and enjoys being around other dogs and they helped to teach her that some things don’t need to be scary and she was able to follow their lead nicely! Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe loved having more people in the house with college kids home and meeting their visiting friends. She learned to look forward to visitors and be less “on guard”.

Her holiday ended with her spay appointment.Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe is healing well and back to walking and enjoying the fresh air and local parks. She has really grown over the past few weeks and is learning to trust her environment and connect with us even more.Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe is seeking us out for cuddles on the couch and getting cozy and snuggling in which is such a treat!!  She is now greeting us at the door with excitement and lots of tail wagging. So much growth for this girl which warms my heart.  She is almost ready to find her forever home once fully healed from her surgery.Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe will do great in a home with other pets but also does fine when it’s just her. I don’t have a cat but she doesn’t seem to be triggered by any of the animals we pass in walks as she doesn’t seem to have a strong prey drive. She also does well when being told “no” and wants to please.  We mostly take her on walks and she leash walks well with minimal pulling and keeps a loose lead with minimal corrections. She may be triggered by a fear from time to time so you need to be on guard but her fears Are triggered less often as time goes on and less common when walking a familiar path/route. She is turning into a real bundle of love ❤️

November 28, 2022

Happy Holidays everyone! It has been a total joy fostering Reddy and so heartwarming to see her progress as she gets used to the new experience of living in a home and adjusting to all the new sights and sounds.

yellow labrador retrieverReddy is doing great although still timid when encountering new things.  We go on several walks a day and she is getting used to the trail we take and loving every minute of it!  Every now and then something will startle her and make her jump. You never know when it is coming so I make sure to keep a good hold on her leash the whole time.  She will usually stop pulling away when I tell her “no!”.  One of her biggest hurdles was the mailbox units in my neighborhood.  She is now able to pass by them without rerouting — she just stays as far away as she can get.  She doesn’t bark on our walks and always enjoys seeing & meeting other dogs. When given the chance, she really likes to run a bit on leash too!yellow labrador retrieverAs far as commands go, she is learning “come”,  “leave it” and “go potty”.  She has not had any accidents in the house, so I am not currently using the crate.  I did use it when she first arrived and she adjusted to it very well as it provided a safe haven for her.  She has now found a new favorite spot which is on the landing of my steps.
She has visited my mom/sister’s dogs and was able to run around their fenced yard.  She behaved well with her “cousins”, two of which are still at puppy stages.  She did give a warning bark/growl if the puppies got too excited but otherwise she is a quiet house guest.  She doesn’t bark at people walking outside or noises, ie, door knocking.
She has not shown interest in the toys that we have and this is something we are currently working on.  We were able to stir some interest in a tennis ball which I thought was a great success!  We will keep trying to engage her in offering different toys!yellow labrador retrieverShe has turned out to be a total cuddle bug.  Knowing she needed to trust humans, we brought her up on the couch and bed at nighttime so she bonds and knows homes are safe places she can trust.  She definitely learned to trust my daughter while she was home for her college break!!

November 3, 2022

Reddy is still unwinding and getting used to her surroundings.  Today we conquered leaves which make really loud and strange noises when we walked on them!yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverWe took our walk and had many opportunities to get used to the sounds and enjoy the fresh air. She continues to do really well walking on the leash!yellow labrador retrieverThe golden hour really shows off her pretty red coat.yellow labrador retriever

November 1, 2022

Reddy had a long trip on Monday but kept wagging her tail through it all! She was pulled from the farm Monday morning and then met another volunteer who drove her to King of Prussia where I picked her up and brought her to NJ. Although she was a little unsure of all the new people, sights, sounds and smells her personality shone through and her tail kept wagging at each leg.yellow labrador retrieverShe got a bath ate some food and then settled in for snuggles and love on the couch. She did great in the crate all night and learned to walk nicely on a leash this morning.yellow labrador retrieverShe is very smart and is picking it up quickly! She still gets startled by all the new things around her but is learning how much fun walks can be!